Wooden Door Prices In Pakistan 2024 Best Types

The most important thing which indicates the interior of a house is a door. There are a large number of varieties of doors available in the market. If you are also looking for the best door for your house, then this article is for you. Wooden doors are considered as the best one for home, offices, and shops. Wooden door prices in Pakistan vary due to many factors.  

Best Wooden Door Price List Today ( Updated )

The rate of wooden doors depends on the quality of wood. The decorating styles and use of best paints also affect the prices. In this forum, we provide you with accurate information about market rates of wooden doors and windows. The latest rates of different types of wooden doors are given in the table. 

Product NameWooden Door Price in PKR
Deodar (Diyar) Wood DoorsRs. 8000 – 8500 per cubic foot
Partal Wood DoorsRs. 3000 – 3600 per cubic foot
Ash Wood DoorsRs. 10000 – 11000 per cubic foot
Poplar Wood DoorsRs. 
Kail Wood DoorsRs. 3600 – 4500 per cubic foot
Oak Wood DoorsRs. 9000 – 10000 per cubic foot
Meranti Wood DoorsRs. 7000 – 7500 per square foot
Walnut Wood DoorsRs. 6000 – 8000 per cubic foot
Pine Wood DoorsRs. 3600 – 4500 per cubic foot
Fiber Plywood DoorsRs. 400 – 600 per square foot
Mahogany wood doorsRs. 8300 – 9000 per cubic foot

Wooden Door Designs

In the field of architecture, many carpenters design beautiful wooden door designs. This is the main option for choosing a wooden door. They apply attractive polish shades to wooden door designs for homes, offices, and shops. Everyone feels comfortable in a beautifully designed home with furniture in multiple color designs. 

Wooden Door Prices In Pakistan 2023 Best Types

The best Wooden Door Designs and colors for Home

If you are looking for the best wooden door or window designs for your home, then go to the carpenter and place an order according to your wishes. The pictures of outstanding designs and styles are available in the wooden door showrooms and warehouses. Do research for a best choice and select the best door designs for your bedroom, drawing room, and dinning rooms. 

Wooden Door Polish Shades

Polish shades of everything in the field of construction are not neglected. It has the most important impact on the beauty of a house. Try to select the paint or polish for your doors that suits the color of the interior surface of your home. Matching walls, furniture, beds, and cupboards with door colors attract the eyes of owners. Some people also select natural wood colors that give a natural look to the house. 

 Benefits of a Solid Wood Door?

There are unlimited benefits of a strong and solid wooden door for your homes. Solid wooden doors enhance the durability of your construction. Some beautiful-looking woods give a natural beauty to the entrance of your home, rooms, and drawing rooms. 

The most valuable aspect of a house is its indoor and outdoor decorative designs and styles. Durability is another amazing effect for the beauty of your houses. Wooden doors work as an insulator. Doors also minimize the noise inside the home, even on a busy street or on a busy road. 

So solid wood doors not only provide a long life to your homes but also provide a stunning look to your buildings. Some woods have high prices due to their multiple advantages. So when you go to buy a wooden door, don’t compromise on quality and the best style. 

Wooden Door Prices In Pakistan 2023 Best Types

How to Select the Best Wooden Door?

If you are going to select a wooden door for your home, office, and shop, You must follow some simple instructions. Don’t use wooden doors if you live in a humid area, or use them with great care. Always use dry wood to manufacture a door. Moisturized wood will contract or wrap and will not remain the same condition for a long time. 

If you have fresh green wood, then go for a suitable drying process. It will provide suitable strength to your doors. In humid regions, polish your doors and windows with high quality paint annually. The best treatment of moisturization makes your doors stronger. 

Select a wood that resists Termite infestation. In humid regions, termite reproduction causes damage to wooden materials. Use some best insecticides to eliminate termite infestation and make your wooden products durable.

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Buying Guides of Wooden Doors

Some significant factors should be considered before buying the best wooden doors. The most important things in this regard are your budget and quality of wooden doors. Some other buying instructions include:

  • Door Type
  • Material
  • Style & Designs
  • Size of the Door
  • Quality of Wooden Door
  • Style & Design
  • Security measures
  • Budget
  • Maintenance & Warranty
  • Installation Procedure
  • Environmental Impacts

All these buying guides help you to select the best wooden door for your house that suits your budget. Once again I suggest don’t compromise on quality or brand. 

What are Different Types of Wooden Doors?

Naturally unlimited types of woods are available in the world. These woods are used for different purposes. A large number of woods are best for the manufacturing of doors and windows. All types of wood have their own benefits and disadvantages. Here is a list of woods used to make doors and window panes.

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  • Kikar Wood Door
  • Diyar Wood Door
  • Accova/Accoya Wood Door
  • Acacia Wood Door
  • African Black Wood Door
  • AgarWood Door
  • Ash Wood Door
  • Balsa Wood Door
  • Beech Wood Door
  • Black Walnut Wood Door
  • Bocote Wood Door
  • Bubinga Wood Door
  • Burma Teak Wood Door
  • Cedar Wood Door
  • Chandan Wood Door
  • Sandal Wood Door
  • Cherry Wood Doo
  • Cocobolo Wood Door
  • Cord of Oak Wood Door
  • Cord of Wood Door
  • Cumaru Wood Door
  • Deck Wood Door
  • Deodar Wood Door
  • Shisham/Sheesham Wood Door
  • Ebony Wood Door
  • Ipe Wood Door
  • Engineered Wood Door
  • Eucalyptus Wood Door
  • Fence Wood Door
  • Flyboard Wood Door
  • Gmelina Wood Door
  • Hickory Wood Door
  • Iroko Wood Door
  • Jackfruit Wood Door
  • Kerala Teak Wood Door
  • Kiaat Wood Door
  • Mahogany Wood Door
  • Maple Wood Door
  • Mango Wood Door
  • MDF Wood Door
  • Meranti Wood Door
  • Neem Wood Door
  • OUD Wood Door
  • Padauk Wood Door
  • Palochina Wood Door
  • Petrified Wood Door

Deodar (Diyar) Wood Doors

Deodar is a special wood for doors and windows. Its second name is Himalayan Cedar, and is extracted from the national tree of Pakistan. Its wood is ideal for both interior and exterior doors, windows, and furniture. The wood of the Deodar tree is very expensive due to its smooth surface and durability.

Advantages of Deodar (Diyar) Wood

Deodar or Diyar Wood is highly sought-after wood in the world. Its fashionable and good-looking designs attract the eyes. Some significant benefits of Deodar wood include:

  • Deodar wood is fine for doors and windows.
  • It has a smooth and uniform surface that allows customized and stylish designs.
  • Most constructors use it due its strength and sturdiness.
  • It is the best choice and very secure for most sensitive areas.
  • Don’t worry about rot even in moisture regions or hot tropical areas.


Despite multiple advantages, Deodar wood also has some demerits.

  • Deodar wood is highly expensive and everyone can afford its cost.
  • Don’t use it in pet residences because pets may cause some scratches on its fine surface.

Partal Wood Doors

Partal Wood is also extracted from Himalayan Spruce trees. It has a uniform and fine surface. Its fine surface makes it ideal for musical instruments. It is also used in designing the interior surface of rooms. Its fresh wood has white color that turns light brown shade with the passage of time.


  • The Partal wood has many benefits and is ideal for sleek and stylish designs. 
  • It is affordable for those who have a limited budget.
  • It has a soft surface.
  • Its wood is ideal for musical instruments.
  • There are no bending and crashing chances on the uniform and plane surface of Partal wood.
  • It is easy to make customized designs on the furniture of Partal wood


Despite many advantages, there are many drawbacks of Partal wood.

  • Its wood is not very strong and durable.
  • There is a great danger of Termite infestation.

AshWood Doors

It is a foreign-imported wood. Ashwood is flexible and ideal for manufacturing sleek-designed furniture. Ashwood has elastic properties with a uniformly tough surface. Initially, it has a creamy brown color. But with the passage of time, its original color changes into a light dark shade. 


  • There are many benefits of this American and Canadian imported wood.
  • It has a strong surface and has a resistance against crushing and bending.
  • There is no danger of its shrink and spoil.
  • It has a long life due to its durable surface.
  • It is the best choice to make the wooden decoration pieces.


Despite many benefits Ashwood also has some disadvantages. Here are its drawbacks.

  • It is highly expensive wood.
  • Not available locally.
  • Dark color shade does not allow any other color schemes

Poplar Wood Doors

Poplar wood is affordable for the people who have a minimum budget. It is widely used for furniture, doors, and windows. It comes in two natural shades. One is greenish yellow and its second natural color is Greyish white. Naturally its oval shaped grains are enclosed within the purple circles. 

It is used in the manufacturing of multiple wooden materials. It is specially used for indoor and outdoor gates, windows, kitchen cabinets, and pallets. 


There are many benefits of Poplar woods for home builders. 

  • Poplar wood has a good insulation property.
  • Absorbs noise and optimizes the inside temperature of the home.
  • Customized painting and staining property. 


Apart from many advantages, Poplar wood also has some cons.

  • It causes minor eye allergies to some extent.
  • Some skin irritation complaints are also found among the users.
  • Only dark color is compatible with Poplar wood.

Local Kail Wood Doors

Local Kail wood is available on a large scale in Pakistan. This white and pale yellow-colored wood is extracted from Pine trees. Pine trees are abundant in the northern areas of Pakistan. Multiple varieties of imported Pine wood are also available in the furniture market. The majority of door manufacturers and carpenters prefer the local Kail wood due to elasticity and durability.


Kail wood has many benefits for interior and exterior furniture. Wooden door prices in Pakistan are affordable due to some local best wood varieties. 

  • Local kail wood is more pretty and ideal for all types of furniture.
  • It is easy to paint and stain with different types of shades.
  • Local kail wood has straight and uniform grains on its beautiful surface.


  • Some minor disadvantages of local Kail woods include:
  • Its wood is not very strong and durable.
  • It is not suitable for exterior use and its soft surface may cause dent and scratches.


Mahogany wood is highly sought after due to its fashionable and stylish designs. It comes in dual natural colors. One is a dark red shade, while its second shade or color is brownish red. Its wood is thick, strong, and durable. This is the reason many people choose its wood for their exclusive designs.


Here are some benefits of Mahogany wood. 

  • It is ideal for humid areas because there is no chance of rot or spoil.
  • Majority of people from rainy areas use it widely.
  • It has a strong and long lasting effect.
  • Its dark color gives a clean and attractive look to the doors and windows.


Despite its many properties Mahogany wood also has some disadvantages.

  • It is highly expensive.
  • Its wood is slightly hard due to this reason it is difficult to make beautiful designs and reshape the furniture

OakWood Doors

Oak Wood is just similar to Ash Wood in different aspects. A wide range of Oakwood varieties are available in the wooden market. It has a thin surface with a fine natural look. Apart from doors, it is also used for the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets and small cupboards. However, it is also used in other domestic fine furniture. It comes in two colors: one is reddish-brown and the second color shade is yellowish-brown. 


Oakwood has many benefits for users. Its wood is sturdy this is why builders use it in the manufacturing of outdoor gates and windows. 

  • Oakwood doors are strong & Sturdy with a fine surface.
  • It has a long life & doesn’t need frequent maintenance.
  • It has a winding resistant property & straight surface.


Oakwood doors also have some disadvantages if not cared for or treated.

  • If it is not dried properly before manufacturing the door, its surface may turn due to contraction. 
  • Wet or Green Oakwood may crack.

Why Wooden Doors?

Wooden doors provide multiple advantages to the owner of the house. Once you have spent more money for the best wooden door, You don’t need to worry for a long time because wooden doors are durable. In Fact, wooden doors are costly but give a customized design to your homes. You can paint the doors according to the designs available on walls. It provides a matching stylish look to your building. 

Low maintenance is another advantage of wooden doors. Minor cracks or surface damages can be recovered with the help of suitable paints. The price of a single paint pack is sufficient to maintain the costly doors.

Beautiful decoration with multiple designs offers an outstanding look to the interior and exterior of your homes. Whenever a guest comes to your home, the first display is the door. Good-looking designs by carpenters attract the eyes of your guests.

A single high investment for wooden doors gives a durable life to your homes. So, whenever you want to buy a door, go for a quality wooden door. 

Wooden doors act like an insulator. Due to this good property wooden doors absorb noise and make your life comfortable even in busy areas.  It also optimizes the temperature of your house through all the years. The temperature of your home remains down in the summer and rises high in the winter. Obviously, this is a good property of wooden doors to live a happy life. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wooden Doors


Wooden doors are a most popular choice for construction. There are multiple benefits of wooden doors. Some important advantages include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Insulation
  • Customized designs & Styles
  • SoundProofing
  • Repairability
  • Eco Friendly
  • Classic & Traditional Look
  • Versatility
  • Low Maintenance


In Spite of a large number of advantages, wooden doors also have some drawbacks. Termite infestation and moisturization badly affect wooden products.  Some other significant cons of wooden doors include:

  • Susceptibility to Moisture
  • Termite & Pest Damages
  • High Cost
  • Environmental Concerns

FAQs about Wooden Door Prices in Pakistan

If you have any questions about the price and quality of wooden doors, feel free to ask. However, Some important questions about wooden doors include:

The price of a Diyar door depends upon its size. Its price range is from 30K to 90K.

The price of a Kikar door is not very high, its price also depends on the size of the door. The average price of a Kikar door is 20K to 25K rupees.  

The Mango wood door is the cheapest door available in pakistan. Its average price is 12K to 15K Rupees. If you have a limited budget then go to buy a mango wood door or window.


Wooden doors are the best choice for the construction of beautiful homes, offices, and rest houses. If wooden doors have high prices but offer multiple advantages to the owners of houses, and buildings. The Insulating property of wooden doors provides a happy and comfortable life. Amazing and decorating styles of wooden doors enhance the beauty of your homes. 

Check the wooden door prices in Pakistan by visiting the different markets and showrooms. Decide for a suitable door that suits your budget and fulfill your needs.

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