Roof Trusses Cost And Design 2024 Latest Price List

The roof truss is a wooden or a metal structure used to support the roof of buildings. It works as a backbone in construction and decreases the possibility of collapsing the roofs. The rafters minimize the weight burden on the walls of houses, commercial buildings, and offices. If you are also looking to install a roof rafter and save the roof of your buildings, then read this article completely. In this blog post we provide all information about roof trusses cost and designs.
Basically, this is a triangular structure made up of steel, metal, or wood. Such ribs like structures are commonly used in those areas where earthquakes and floods come frequently. Roof trusses decrease the weight on side walls and enhance the life of your construction.
Roof truss brackets increase the worth of your house. This is why wise people install it on their roofs. It also maximizes the space on the walls that creates proper ventilation inside the buildings. The sunlight is also a reward of God and Roof Trusses allow sunlight to pass through its chimneys.

What is a Roof Truss or Roof Rafters?

It is a structure made up of wood, steel, iron, or any other materials that distribute the overall weight of your house roof. If you are worried about the heavy weight of building roof material upon your head, Roof truss is the best choice to decrease the overhead burden and make your life safe. It prevents your roofing system from collapsing. 

Latest Roof Trusses Cost and design

Roof truss cost is not the same in all parts of the world due to labor costs, size of the roof, availability of materials, type of materials, and carriage costs. Here is the rough estimate of roof trusses cost installation per square feet. 

Building & MaterialArea of the Roof/sq ftMinimum cost
Wooden (house)2,500 sq ft$2,400 – $3,980
Wooden (Pole barn)1,600 sq ft&3,800 – $6,300
Wooden Garage500 sq ft$1,080 – $1,800
Wooden Home250 sq ft$810 – $1,350
Commercial Metal4,000 sq ft$9,300 – $11,900
Metal roof trusses for Shed150 sq ft$1,275 – $1,640

Three main Elements of Roof Truss

1-Top Chord

The top chord makes an upper horizontal member known as rafters. It creates a horizontal slope on the roof. 

2-Bottom Chord

Bottom chord is known as a tie beam that manufactures a horizontal weight bearing frame. Its edges are connected with the edges of the top chord. 


The webbing is the interior network of wood or metal that makes ribs like structure to hold all the weight of the roof.  

Roof Trusses Cost And Design

Types of Roofing Trusses or Rafters

1- Common Trusses

If you are looking for a less expensive roofing truss, the king roof truss, queen roofing truss, howe roof truss, finks, and fans trusses are the main choices for your project. This is common but very ideal for low budget house owners. 

2- Attic Roof Trusses 

This type of roof truss is more expensive compared to common roof truss. 

3- Gable Roof Trusses cost

This is also known as end trusses. Your roof required two gable roof trusses on both ends. Its price is not high. 

Scissor (Vaulted) Roofing Trusses cost

Generally, Scissor roofing trusses are installed on vaulted ceilings. Its cost is slightly high compared to common roof trusses. 

Selection Guide for a Beneficial Roof Truss

If you don’t know which type will be best for your roof, get it checked by a professional roofing constructor. The expert decides what type of roof truss is required for your specific project. Remember, insist on an ideal one and don’t compromise on the quality. 

Types of Roof Trusses by Material

Generally, two types of materials are used in roof trusses, one is wood and the second is steel. Obviously steel is expensive compared to wood.  

1- Wood Roof Trusses

Wood roof trusses are common for residential buildings, small rooms, and mini offices. Its average price per board foot is $3 to $5. Its life is comparatively less than steel roofing trusses. 

2- Steel Roof Trusses

Steel is durable, strong and has the ability to bear more weight. Usually, steel trusses are installed on large buildings, like commercial plaza, and agricultural buildings. Its price range is $7 to $9 per board foot. 

Roof Trusses Cost And Design

Types of Rafters by Roof Shape & Slope

There are two main types according to the shape and size of the roof. A predesigned and custom design as per requirements. 

  • Prefabricated Trusses
  • Custom Trusses

If prefabricated design will not fit to the size of your roof, then custom design is needed. It takes more time and more labor costs for installation. While flat roof trusses require less wages. Some buildings have a random shape that needs a roof truss bracing diagram for exact size and shape. A mono pitch roof truss is comparatively easy to install. 

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Type and size of Building

Size and type of building directly affect the cost of roof truss installation. If your building is large, like a big shopping mall or a large agricultural building, its average cost is higher. If you want to install it on a small house, or on an office its estimated price will be less. So, decide according to your budget and the size of your building. 


This is a supporting structure that distributes the heavy weight of the roof. 

It is not easy, so you need a professional for your project. The expert makes every pre arrangement and then starts installation. 

Its average supporting capability is 60 to 100 feet. 


This is an analysis about the types and average cost of roofing trusses. If you want to get accurate ideas about it, visit different warehouses physically. The prices may be different from area to area due to regional material costs, and carriage costs. The laborer wages are not the same in all parts of the world.  Globally, difference of currency rates is also a major factor that affects prices. 

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