Best Olive Oil Price in Pakistan 2023 Price List

Are you looking for an accurate price and the perfect quality of Olive Oil? If yes, then this is the most credible forum to provide you with the most precise price after authentic market research. Olive Oil Price in Pakistan differs due to its quality.

What is olive Oil?

Olive oil is the most beneficial fat obtained from the fruit of Olea europaea. This plant is widely cultivated in European countries, especially in Spain. Mostly it is used as cooking oil. Its advantages for health are unlimited. There are a large number of varieties of Olive oil available in the market. Everyone wants to get valuable products in return for his money. So, in this article, we will discuss Olive Oil prices in Pakistan and its brands.

Best Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

Olive Oil Types Used for Cooking

There are many types of Olive oil across the world, but the best varieties for cooking are given below. Some brands are popular in India, while some are famous around the whole world. Many of the best varieties are imported from Spain. Pakistani Olive oils are fully natural and pure.

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Olive Oil Price in Pakistan Today (latest Rate of Zaitoon)

Variety of Olive OilQuantity/Olive Oil Rate in PKR
Hemani Olive Oil Pomace4 liter/Rs.6,200
Hemani Extra Virgin250ml/Rs.690
Felber Pomace Olive Oil1 liter Tin/Rs.2,100
Felber Extra Virgin Price1-liter Bottle/Rs.2,420
Cavallo Pomace Olive Oil Rate2 liters/Rs.4,800
Filippo Berio Olive Oil cost500ml/Rs.2,150
Filippo Extra Virgin Special for SaladRs. 3,750
Pure Alba Spanish Pomace Olive Oil1 liter/Rs.2,100
Rafael Salgado Olive Oil250ml/Rs.1,130
Sasso Olive Oil Price3 liter/Rs.11,300
Sasso Extra Virgin Rate250ml/Rs.1,325
Perseus Avocado olive Oil250ml/Rs.7,500
Italia Olive Pomace Oil1 liter/Rs.2,100
Dalda Pomace Olive Oil’s latest rate4 liters Tin/Rs.7,500
Dalda Extra Virgin Price1 liter/Rs.2,950
Olive Oil for Babies SofteningRs. 975
Intimo Pre-Wax Olive Oil LotionRs. 900 – 990
Olive Oil for Hair & Skin (Zetoon)Rs.900 – 990
Aliz Pomace Olive Oil Price250ml/Rs. 995
Pure Borges Olive Oil for Massage250ml/Rs. 999
Dalan Dolive Olive Oil and ShampooRs. 1,050
Pack of 3 Olive Oil100ml/Rs. 1,035
Coosur Olive Oil Price250ml/Rs. 1,100
Thalia Olive Oil200ml/Rs. 1,100
Mundial Olive Pomace Oil Price400ml/Rs. 1,250
Pigeon Natural Botanical Olive Oil RateRs. 1,290
Dr. Rashel Pure Olive OilRs. 1,330
Silky Cool Hair Care Olive Oil SerumRs. 1,350
Cooking Olive Oil Price500ml/Rs. 1,650
Palmers Olive OilRs. 1,700
Muicin Olive oil priceRs. 1,700
Cosmo Natural olive oil for hair shampooRs. 1,700
Carrier Zaitoon Oil PriceRs. 1,800
Himalayan Olive Oil Price1 liter/Rs. 1,800
Bioaqua Olive oil Shampoo2 Pieces/Rs, 2,080
Vitale Olive Oil Price177ml/Rs. 2,200
Soya Supreme Olive Oil for Cooking3 liters/Rs. 2,270
Olive Oil for Makeup & FashionRs. 3,000
Sol Olive Pomace Oil Price4 liters/Rs. 6, 900
Olivola Cooking Oil5 liters/Rs. 2,950
Saeed Ghani Mughziat Oil100ml/Rs. 300
Mezan Olivola Oil Price1 liter 5 Pcs/Rs. 2,990

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil has unlimited health impacts on the human body. It has powerful antioxidant characteristics. Due to this benefit, it reduces the possibility of chronic disease. It enhances the power of white blood cells and protects the entrance of harmful antigens. It also has Vitamins E and K. These both Vitamins are essential for human beings. Some notable health benefits of Olive Oil include:

  • Olive Oil contains Monounsaturated Fats.(1)
  • Oleic acid is effective to reduce inflammation.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best selection for cooking foods.(2)
  • Olive Oil has a large number of Antioxidants.
  • It also minimizes the chances of heart disease.(3)
  • Olive Oil creates C-reactive Protein (CRP) to reduce the risk of inflammation.
  • Olive Oil users have no risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • It reduces the chances of blood clotting.(4)
  • Olive oil has a favorable impact on the weight of the body.
  • Mediterranean Olive oil has a beneficial effect on the health of the brain.(5)
  • Olive Oil reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes.
  • It has anti-Cancer Properties and its use minimizes the chances of carcinoma.
  • Olive oil is helpful to treat Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It has antibacterial characteristics and lowers the chances of bacterial infections.

Types of Olive Oil 

There are multiple types of Olive oil in the market. As the rate of pure Olive oil is high, there are a lot of possibilities for fraud. The best one used for cooking oil is extra virgin Olive oil. Make sure it is the best type when you go to buy.  

  • Regular Olive Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • First Cold Press Olive Oil
  • Pure Olive Oil
  • Orino Extra Olive Oil
  • Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oleev Extra Light Olive Oil
  • Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil
  • Figaro Olive Oil
  • Mundial Olive Oil
  • Pigeon Natural Olive Oil
  • Sasso Olive Oil
  • Dalan D Olive Oil (Special for Anti Dandruff)
  • Massage Olive Oil
  • Coosur Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Italia Pomace Olive Oil
  • Thalia Olive Oil
  • Aliz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dalda Olive Oil


According to a survey, the olive oil price in the US is US$7 to US$10. In Pakistan, the one-liter price is Rs. 3000.

The best quality of 1-liter olive oil price in Pakistan is Rs. 3000/liter, while the one-liter olive oil price in India is ₹999.00.

There are multiple varieties, the prices depend on the quality. Pakistani Olive oil price is Rs. 3000 per liter. American Garden Green olive oil is also available at Rs. 1050.

100% pure olive oil in a 100ml pack price range is Rs. 250 – Rs. 300

Olive oil is expensive because it has many benefits for health. It is grown on a large scale in the Mediterranean region. Now in Pakistan, its cultivation trend is developing.

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Olive oil is the best reward of nature for human beings. But the most important thing is to guess the pure Olive oil. Follow the instructions given in this article and select the best quality Olive oil for your food. The use of this fat is beneficial for human health. 

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