PVC Wall Panel Prices In Pakistan 2023 [ Top Rate List]

The trend of PVC sheets in construction is growing. Constructors are looking for sleek and stylish designs to enhance the beauty of interior and exterior surfaces of homes, offices, and shopping malls. PVC Wall panel is also known as PVC sheet or Polyvinyl Chloride. If you are looking for the PVC sheets designs and PVC wall Panel Prices in Pakistan, then you are at the right forum.

What is a PVC Wall Panel?

PVC Wall is an economical thermoplastic cover used to decorate the interior and exterior walls of buildings. It is widely used in the construction industry due to its rigidity. According to the construction experts it has the best electrical insulation properties. High mechanical strength is another benefit for builders and constructors. Let us first discuss PVC Wall Panel Prices in Pakistan.

PVC Wall Panel Prices In Pakistan

PVC Wall Panel Prices In Pakistan

If you are looking for accurate PVC wall Panel Prices in Pakistan, our experts offer the best and latest price list. PVC wall sheets prices vary due to designs and quality factors. To get the latest information you must visit the nearest PVC wall panel showrooms or warehouses. The latest market list is given in the table below:

Product Name and sizePVC sheets latest Rates in PKR
6mm PVC Wall Panel PriceRs. 9400 – 10000/sheet
8mm PVC Wall Panel PriceRs. 13400 – 14000/sheet
12mm PVC Wall Panel PriceRs. 16300 – 16800/sheet
PVC Wall TypesWall SizePrices
Wallpaper, Pvc panel, Viny and woodSquare feetRs. 90
Glass paper Wall panelSquare feetRs. 150
3D Wall Board22 Inches₨. 650
Foam Panel SheetSquare feetRs. 95
Wallpaper PVC Sheet18 FeetRs. 899
Vase Flower Tree Wall18 Inches₨. 700
3D Wall Stickers Home-Decor-square feetRs. 750
Wallpaper, PVC panelsSquare feetRs. 120
Wall panelOne feetRs. 95
Wallpaper PVC Sheet Cabinet DoorOne footRs. 1,395

PVC Wall Sheets Price in Karachi

Karachi is not only the biggest city but also the commercial hub of Pakistan. This city is also the gateway of imports and exports. In Karachi, you can find PVC wall panels at reasonable prices. When you wander in the market of pvc wall sheets you will find affordable prices. The average rate of plastic pvc sheets is Rs.490 – 500. However, some sheets are costly due to high quality brands.

PVC Sheets Rates in Lahore

Lahore is the capital of Punjab and is known as the heart of Pakistan. It is the second most commercial area in Pakistan. Multiple construction industries and companies are working in this second largest city of the country. The prices of PVC sheets in this city also depend upon the quality and size. Many other price affecting factors are also involved. But the average price of PVC wall sheets in Lahore is Rs. 650 to 750.

PVC Wall Sheets latest Rates in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is connected with Islamabad, which is the  capital of Pakistan. The inflation rate in the capital city is higher compared to other cities. This is why the PVC sheets prices in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are moderately high compared to Karachi and Lahore. However, prices of pvc sheets also depend on the quality. The average rate of PVC wall panels and plastic sheets iin Rawalpindi and Islamabad is Rs. 699 to 799.

PVC Wall Sheets Prices in Multan

This city of southern Punjab is known as the city of Saints. Experts say the business men of this city are very clever. If you are looking for PVC sheets in Multan, you must visit multiple showrooms for reasonable prices. The prices in Multan may rise due to transportation costs. The average rate of PVC wall display sheets is Rs. 699 to 799. However, the rates of pvc sheets are affordable compared to other construction materials. 

Types of (3D Wall Panels) PVC Sheets 

The manufacturing companies are offering many varieties of pvc sheets according to the needs of constructors. The best type of wall panel sheet enhances the beauty of walls, doors, furniture, roof, and floors. With slight differences, the installation procedures of all types of PVC sheets are easy, featuring awesome designs, colors and textures. Some significant variety of plastic wall panels include:

PVC Wall Panel Prices In Pakistan

1- PVC Foam Board

This is one of the most affordable pvc sheets for those builders who have a minimum budget. The installation process of PVC Foam Board is quite easy. Its most important benefit is its lightweight and thin surface. If you are looking for a low cost, lightweight, and easily installable PVC wall sheet, then PVC Foam Board is the best choice for you.   

2- PVC Sheets

This type of PVC is stronger and sturdier because it has a thick surface. Its installation process is not very difficult. Mostly it is used in commercial buildings because it does not need frequent maintenance due to its durability. 

3- Wooden Pattern PVC Sheets

This type of PVC sheet gives a natural look to the walls. The majority of homeowners use wooden patterns. So, they want that the interior surface of their house will match with the natural color of their furniture. PVC wooden pattern is moderately expensive due to its decent designs and natural beauty. 

4- Golden Strips 

Some homeowners like to use golden and bright colored PVC sheets. It depends upon the choice of builders. Golden strips provide a stunning look to the interior of home. The installation procedure of this type is quite the same and easy. There are only slight differences in designs and colors. It has a high rate due to luxury designs and awesome looks.

5- Solid Pattern PVC Wall Panels

As the name indicates, this type of PVC sheets are strong and need no maintenance for a long time. Solid pattern has a clean and simple surface without any designs and bright colors. If you are looking for a simple and sturdy wall panel, then this type is for you. 

6- 3D PVC Wall Panels (3D PVC Sheets)

This type is best if you want to install the PVC sheet on multi dimensional surfaces. It is also ideal to cover the deep areas or spaces inside the house. This creative type of pvc sheet gives an attractive look to the residence. 

Uses of PVC Sheets

Trends of PVC wall Panels have developed much in the construction industry due to its sleek designs, and affordable prices. It is used to furnish or decorate the floor, walls, furniture, roof, and ceiling of the rooms, offices, and shops. Some builders use it on the outer side of rooms but it is especially used to decorate the interior surface of homes. 

1- PVC Sheet For Walls

Plastic and foam wall panels are used for the decoration of interior walls of the house. If you are living in a humid area where moisture damages the paint, you should use the PVC sheets. Its prices are affordable and the installation process is very easy. Colorful designs of pvc sheets are available for interior walls in the market. 

2- PVC Sheet For Roof

PVC sheets are also used for the sturdiness of roofs. These are waterproof and also give a stylish look to your roof. PVC also has insulating properties that optimize the interior temperature of the home. It also absorbs the noise of traffic and makes your life comfortable. 

 3- PVC Sheet For Floor

PVC sheets are used to furnish the designs of the floor. It will minimize the cost of marble tiles and also give a sleek and stunning look to the floor of your house. Because you can install it on a simple cement floor and you don’t need to decorate the floor with marble tiles.

4- PVC Sheet For Ceiling

This modern era technology has also solved the issue of manual ceiling process. Now, the  best quality PVC sheets are available as an alternative to old ceiling designs. Select the best design for your ceiling that suits all your interior surface colors and designs.

5- PVC Sheet Doors

Generally, builders want to match the complete interior surface of the buildings, which is an awesome idea. For this purpose, most people install PVC sheets on doors and windows, but it increases the cost of doors. The noise-absorbing property of PVC sheets ensures the secrecy of every room within the same building. 

6- PVC Sheet For Furniture

PVC sheets are also used widely to decorate and customize the designs of furniture. The majority of house owners install the same color of PVC sheets on the furniture. Everything with the same design and color looks beautiful in the house.

PVC Sheets designs

PVC wall panels have a lot of designs and styles that attract the eyes. The amazing layout of PVC plastic sheets has become the dream of all house owners. PVC wall panel designs are also used as an alternative to paints in the field of construction. Customized styles, shapes, and designs are available in the market. Do your research and buy the best quality design that suits your budget and fulfills your demanding needs.

PVC Sheets Color

Multiple PVC sheet colors are available in the market. The selection of colors depends upon the choice of the house owner. Some people use the bright colors while many use the decent flowering colors. If you are confused about the selection of color, don’t worry we will guide you.

Always choose the color of PVC plastic sheets that suits your home’s interior surface. In this regard, you should also consider the colors of furniture, doors, and windows, So that you won’t need to spend extra money on paints to match them with walls. The  natural colors of doors and windows offer a stunning look. The use of extra paint can increase the price value of doors. Therefore, it is wise to select a color for the PVC wall panel that matches all objects inside your house. 

PVC sheet Size

PVC sheets are available in multiple sizes. The average range of its thickness is between 2 mm to 19 mm. The length and width of PVC sheets vary according to the needs of users. However, the price of PVC wall panels can be calculated with square feet or cubic feet. 

PVC Wall Panel Prices

Installation guides of PVC Wall Panels

The installation procedure of PVC wall panels is quite easy. The complete interior wall installation of a room requires only 4 to 5 hours only. Once you have installed it then don’t worry for decades. It has solved the painting issues in the humid areas. 

The paint prices are also high compared to PVC wall panels. Constructors are preferring PVC sheets due to high quality and low prices. It also doesn’t need frequent maintenance for a long time.

Buying Guides of PVC Wall Sheets

According to the expert opinions, you must note some important instructions whenever you go to buy  PVC sheets. These expert opinions not only save your precious time but also help you select the best design according to your needs and budget. Some significant buying guides include:

  • Selection among various types, Flexible, Rigid, and Foam PVC Sheets.
  • Size & Thickness
  • Color & Finish
  • Application Method
  • Quality & Brand
  • Weather Resistance
  • Cost & Quality
  • Environmental Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Customer Reviews
  • Physical & personal experiences while visiting PVC Showrooms.

PVC Wall Panel Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

PVC wall sheets are widely used in building houses. When the demand for anything increases, manufacturing companies come forward to produce the products to fulfill the needs of users. This is why some notable companies are manufacturing PVC Wall Panels on a large scale in Pakistan. Some popular companies include:

  1. Popular PVC Sheet
  2. Sabri PVC Foam Board
  3. Chawla PVC Sheet  

Advantages & Disadvantages PVC Wall Panels


There are unlimited benefits of PVC sheets in the field of the construction industry. In the olden days, people only used clay and sand for the construction of homes and buildings. Though PVC sheets are the latest construction material, they have affordable prices compared to the price of bricks and cements. Here are some additional advantages of PVC wall Panels:

  • Durable
  • Good Designs
  • Insulation Property
  • Optimize Interior Temperature of Home
  • Absorbs the External Noise & provide a Comfortable life
  • Waterproof
  • Heat Resistance


Despite multiple advantages, PVC sheets have some drawbacks too. Some significant disadvantages of PVC wall panels include:

  • Need a professional to install PVC lamination sheets.
  • Health concerns.
  • Hidden walls need regular evaluation. 


PVC foam sheet is used in multiple fields. Some significant uses include:

  • Construction Market
  • Direction signage
  • POS Displays
  • PVC for Doors
  • Display Boards
  • PVC for Roof
  • Menu Boards
  • PVC for Floor
  • Real Estate Signs

Yes, it is waterproof and strongly moisture resistant, this is why it is mostly used in humid regions.

Cyanoacrylates are the best binding object with 2050 and 731 grade. 

PVC sheets are sturdy and their life is more than 40 years.

The average range of a best quality PVC glue needs 15 minutes to 2 hours to dry. At the low temperature it dries quickly. 


PVC sheets or PVC wall panels are available in multiple colors and designs. Its use to enhance the interior look of the house is increasing gradually. PVC sheets are also used to optimize the temperature and absorb the noise on busy roads. Multiple designs with affordable prices are available in the market. If you are looking for the best design, visit the showrooms and select a variety that suits your budget and needs. 

In this blog post we have discussed thoroughly about the PVC Wall Panel Prices in Pakistan. We will come back soon with another informative topic to discuss about construction material prices. If you are a company owner and want to work with an affiliation, feel free to contact us. 

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