Aluminium window price Today 2024 [Ultimate Price]

Window has a significant importance in a room, office, and in shopping malls. Windows are made up of multiple materials. The most important factor involved in the selection of construction material is the quality and prices. Aluminium window prices are affordable and beautiful for a majority of people. In this article we do a close discussion about rates and different brands of aluminum windows. 

How can you get the exact idea of price and quality of aperture? Very easy, this is not a problem in this latest world. Visit google to get the best ideas regarding price. Then visit the showrooms physically. This research makes you convenient and confident to buy windows as per your need and budget. 

Prices never remain the same globally, even differ from one city to another in the same country. So, don’t rely on the news of inexperienced people, do authentic research. It will minimize your cost consumption. 

Today Aluminium Window Price list

Brand NameMinimum Price / Sq. feetMaximum Price/ Sq. feet
Chawla AluminiumRs. 1250Rs. 1450
Prime AluminiumRs. 1250Rs. 1350
Master AluminiumRs. 1150Rs. 1450
GR AluminiumRs. 1100Rs. 1250
Standard AluminiumRs. 1090Rs.  1410 

Cost Calculation Formula Per Square Feet

Whatever you are going to buy, you cannot refuse the importance of cost calculation of any thing. This is why reasonable people calculate the height, width and length of Aluminium windows with the price calculation formula. It helps you to get the exact idea of average cost value.

Aluminium window cost calculation is very easy if you have an idea about the size of your aperture. If you want to buy a window of 4 by 5 feet then follow the given example:

5ft ×4ft = 20 Sq.feet, multiply square feet area with per sq feet rate as: 20×1250 = 25000 Rupees. Similarly you can guess the total window estimate with square feet calculation formula.

You can do this calculation with the help of a calculator and even a calculator is available on your android or smartphone. Only it needs a thinking power to solve the problems with a cool brain. Prior calculation of estimates saves your precious time and money

 Aluminium window price

Types of Aluminum Windows Available in the Construction Industry

Companies offer a lot of varieties, a few types of windows and doors are given below.

  • Aluminium Bifold Windows
  • Aluminium casement Windows
  • Aluminium Tilt Turn Windows
  • Aluminium Sliding Windows

Design, Color, and Shape of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are available in different colors. Its main colors are Blue, white and green. Selection of the best color also depends on your own decision according to the weather and environment. Most builders love to use it for its attractive design and gleaming color.  

Design is another important factor for the selection of windows. Many designs are available in the market. Some builders love to use windows with wooden appearance. Aluminium is also used in the doors inside the home and offices. Its sliding type has an iron mesh slide.

Best paint for Aluminium Windows

There are multiple options for builders to select the paint for windows and doors. But which paint should be selected for the aluminum windows is the main problem. Don’t worry, get an idea of paint prices and advantages to select the best one.

  • Surface Preparation
  • Compatibility  
  • . Paint Type 
  • Weather Resistance 
  • Desired Finish 
  • Brand & Quality 
  • Application Method 
  • Coverage & Drying Duration 
  • Color Selection 
  • Safety Measures or Precautions 

Factors that affect the Price of Window

Multiple factors change the Aluminium Window Price . Size, shape, design, thickness, and colors are the main factors. So, check all the factors and select the best option accordingly. 

Comparison of Vinyl with Aluminum Windows

Usually aluminum windows are expensive as compared to Vinyl windows. The main factor of its high price is durability. It has an efficiency of resistance against wind, hurricane, and moisture damage.  People with a low budget select the vinyl window because it is also easy to install.   

Disclaimer Announcement

These rates of different types of aluminium windows gathered from the market. Prices may vary from one place to another due to multiple factors. If you want to buy the materials at reasonable rates then visit the shopping malls. We only provide the latest rates for users. If you are a company representative and want to share any update regarding the prices of windows, please feel free to contact us

Aluminium is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal known for its strength and versatility. It is commonly used in various industries, including construction, aerospace, and packaging.

There are several Brand of Aluminium in Pakistan. The top of them are given below

  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminium
  • Falcon Aluminium

The price of aluminium windows is influenced by factors such as size, style, frame quality, glass options, finish choices, installation costs, brand reputation, and geographic location.


Construction is an important industry for the growth and development of infrastructure for developing countries. It has a significant impact on economic growth, innovation and disaster recovery. In the era of latest technology builders love to use trending materials to build beautiful houses, shopping markets and comfortable offices. Trend to use aluminum windows and doors is increasing. So, builders need to get the latest information about the aluminum windows price globally.

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