Ready Mix Concrete prices & Types 2024 Latest Rate List

Ready Mix is a type of concrete used in construction projects. The main components of concrete are cement, sand, gravel (crushed stone), and water. But many builders mix some extra admixtures to make their buildings stronger and harder. These additional things are fiber, steel and other chemicals. In this blog post we will discuss ready mix concrete prices and types globally. 

If you want to build a beautiful apartment, factory, restaurant, or a shopping plaza, this is your desired forum to learn everything about construction. Let’s first take a close look at its types and varieties based on construction projects.

Ready mix Concrete Prices

  • National average cost per cubic yard = $117 – $125
  • Typical price range per cubic yard = $120 – $144

If you order less than a truckload you may pay $43 per cubic yard. So calculate the price per cubic yard according to the above formula. This rate calculation of concrete may vary from area to area due to quality, volume, and carriage costs. 

Credible Ready Mix Concrete prices & suppliers 

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Types of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

A Bach plant or a concrete plant is an equipment or a set of devices that makes concrete according to the project requirements. One is barrel truck mixer, also known as in transit mixers. While the second machine is a volumetric concrete mixer. 

Barrel Truck Mixer

This device is ideal when you need less volume concrete on a project site. It has a revolving drum that completely mixes the cement, water and other aggregate materials. Perfect homogeneous mixer remotely on a working site is the main advantage of this in transit mixer. It provides the ready mixed concrete in a plastic form.

Volumetric Concrete Mixer

This type of concrete mixer is fixed on a truck or a heavy trailer. It has separate portions for sand, gravel, cement, and water. All these materials are delivered to the construction area in dry condition. 

Concrete Calculator

Concrete materials calculation is an essential project for engineers and constructors. Every project has its own calculation on the basis of size, width, length, and height. Some critical areas need very hard and compact structure. Such projects need a precise combination of cements and other aggregates. 

Concrete Calculation Formula

Almost all constructors use the following two constituent weights or ratios of Cement, Sand, and Gravel.

CementSand Gravel

Add the cement, sand, gravel following the above ratio and make concrete according to your need. 

Ready Mix Concrete prices

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete

  • Wide Range of concrete uses.
  • Controlled materials & condition. 
  • Relatively long life span. 
  • Fulfill specific quantities.
  • Easily available homogeneous mixture on demand. 
  • Time saving strategy in construction. 
  • Ideal for high buildings & bridges.
  • Minimize labour on job sites.


  • Limited transportation time period.
  • Highly expensive.
  • Schedule, Time setting, & overordering issues. 

Metered concrete

This is a mobile mixing truck barrel system used where a continuous batching process is needed on project areas. These mobile plant systems manufacture the concrete according to the American standard test method (ASTM). Every concrete manufacturing system has its own benefits on the basis of requirements, time, and category of projects.  

Main Types of Concrete

  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Pre-cast Concrete
  • Concrete masonry
  • Cement based materials
  • Self healing concrete

Common Application of different types of concrete

  1. Vapor Mitigating concrete
  2. Insulating concrete
  3. Colored concrete
  4. Block fill concrete
  5. Low shrinkage
  6. Foundations
  7. Footings
  8. Long sidewalks
  9. Commercial applications
  10. Self consolidating concrete
  11. Heavy weight
  12. Mass concrete
  13. Lightweight concrete
  14. Leed concrete
  15. Residential concrete
  16. Driveways
  17. Road and Bridge
  18. Municipals corporations
  19. Highway paving
  20. Track paving


Ready mix drum or truck barrel has a tank like hollow space and revolves the material until mixed homogeneously. 

This is a well known type of concrete used in construction projects on a large scale. This is the combination of Portland cement, water, and other aggregates like gravel or crushed stone and sand mixed in a specified proportion.

This type of concrete has a fixed weight or density. Its normal range is 320-1920 kg/m3 (ACI 213, 2001). 

The price of concrete varies due to size, and carriage costs from area to area. 

  • M20 RCC concrete rate is 4000 – 4100 per cubic meter.
  • M25 RCC concrete rate is 4000 – 4100 per cubic meter.
  • PCC concrete cost is 3400 – 3500 per cubic meter. 


Ready mix concrete has a significant role in the construction industry. Ready mix suppliers are serving real estate and building industry in every part of the world. Many renowned companies are working in all states of the USA. In the next post we will discuss credible ready mix concrete suppliers in different parts of the world. 

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