Fiber Door Price In Pakistan 2024 Latest And Updated Rate List

What are fiber doors?

Fiber doors are actually the best alternative to wooden doors which are currently on high demand in Pakistan. It has an appearance like wood but in features it is different then wood doors. Wooden doors actually require proper maintenance but in case of fiber doors there is no threat of rap, rot ,shrink or swell. These doors are made up of high strength composite materials and can be used both internally and externally. They are preferred due to their durability, maintenance relaxation, low prices and versatility in designs.

fiber door Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan the price fluctuation is common and also the prices of materials vary from place to place. Hence, providing the exact and accurate rates is too difficult. But currently the standard rates of fiber doors or PVC fiber doors in Pakistan is Rs 600 to 800 per square feet. If you find these doors at that price then it’s quite fair to buy them. Price fluctuation also relies on the design. Sometimes other materials like glass are added as a complement in the design. Hence, it is also a reason for various ranges of prices in different cities of Pakistan.

CitiesPrice Per Square Foot
Fiber Door in Islamabad550 Rs/sqft
Fiber Doors in Karachi750 Rs/sqft
Fiber Door in Rawalpindi350 Rs/sqft
Fiber Door in Peshawar450 Rs/sqft
Fiber Doors in Faisalabad350 Rs/sqft
Fiber Door in Lahore360 Rs/sqft
Fiber Door in Gujranwala350 Rs/sqft
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Where to use fiber doors?

Fiber doors are the doors that are not specially built for a single purpose but can be used everywhere.

Fiber door as a main door

While selecting a main gate two things that most of the people used to focus on. One is security and second is beauty. From the perspective of beautiness it is customized so precisely that it is quite natural and fresh without regular maintenance. Also a woody appearance is a kind of gift considered in nature. From the perspective of security it is highly recommended as it is resistant to breaking and sometimes looks slippery to climb. It can be used as a main gate but mostly it is preferred as a bedroom gate than as a main gate.

Fiber door as a bedroom door 

The versatility in the design and material used in it makes it suitable to be used as a bedroom gate. Moreover, it is light weighted and doesn’t need any kind of huge force to open if it is already unlocked. In case of perseverance of the atmosphere it is highly recommended because it doesn’t allow heat or air to enter or leave. A complement of a glass with the fiber will be a good idea for a bedroom door. 

Fiber door as a bathroom door

Bathrooms are areas of high moisture. Moreover, wooden doors get attacked by detrimental effects when used as a bathroom gate. PVC and fiber doors are resistant to the temperature and moisture. It could be an ideal choice for a bathroom than the wooden doors. It will remain for a long time unaffected. 

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Fiber Door Price In Pakistan

Benefits of Fiber doors

There may be several good reasons to buy it. Some of them are mentioned below:


These doors are actually more durable than others due to the manufacturing material. It is made of highly strong composite material which enhances its age. They also have an insulated foam core and in addition to that they have a thick polyurethane layer which adds more strength to it. 


On the basis of style, design and texture they are built differently. There are multiple designs that look like a wooden door. Moreover, the freshness in their appearance adds more beauty to them. In the same way sometimes a complement of glass on their side made them more beautiful. As naturally the wood exists in different colours in the same way it applies here. Moreover, the texture design on them are humanly designed things which are available in versatile design. They are also available as two sided for the main door and one sided for apartment doors. 

Waterproof and resistant 

The main reason due to which it is preferred over wooden doors is that it is waterproof and resistant towards the moisture and termites. These things also have a role in their durability and long lasting. This feature enables it not to wrap, swell or break. While in the case of wooden doors the opposite scenario applied. In case of steel or metal doors the rust is a problem. But there is no such issue with these PVC fiberglass doors.

Relaxation in maintenance

Most of the doors need proper care. Some of the doors have seasonal issues like in the rainy season the metal doors got rust on them and wooden doors got attacked by termites. In the same way the look of wooden doors is lost during the sunny season. Hence, these doors need proper care. But in the case of Fiber doors they required less maintenance because no such case applies to them. Their properties are different from wooden doors and metal ones. For their shiny look sometimes they need a bit of cleanliness. 

Energy conservation 

It conserves energy. Due to its material the heat is not entered or left from them. Same case applies for the air. It keeps the environment around you that you wish to be. Atmosphere in the rooms these days is regulated by machines like AC and other appliances. Hence, These doors are best fit to modern life.  


The PVC fiberdoors are preferable over the metal or wooden doors due to their durability and quality. These are built differently and also add to the beauty of the house. In Pakistan they are available at quite fair prices. Go through all the conditions before buying it so that you may not get any problems. Moreover, these doors are also best for every season and every position.

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