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Everything in the field of construction needs to be pre planned. Painting a house, room, and an office is an important aspect. How to get the paint price ideas is the most important for builders. Here in this article you will get the experts opinion about the rates and quality of different types of paints. 

Colors and shapes of paintings have the most important effects on human behavior. Colors directly affect the eyes and mood  of human beings. As you know some people feel comfortable in the dark colored painted rooms, while many feel happiness in the bright colored homes. It all depends upon the feelings of residents. While buying an ideal paint for rooms we should keep all aspects in our mind. 

What is a Paint?

It is the combination of different types of resins, color pigments, and solvents.  Some other extra adhesive materials are also mixed to bind the colors. Colors of the paint depend upon the variety of pigments. It may be Ultramarine, Magenta, Cobalt blue, Cyan, Vermilion etc. Some important solvents dissolve pigments and resins. Other additives and adhesive forces provide resistance from humidity, dangling and scratch.

Rate list of Different Types of paints

Here we are providing the price of paints in table forms for the convenience of builders and contractors. You will get information about all painting manufacturer companies’ rate lists within a single page.

Paint Price in Pakistan

Master Paint Price list in Pakistan

Master paint private company has been working in Pakistan since 1975. This company claims that it has been manufacturing paints without a token. This paint manufacturing company is producing two types of paints. One is solvent based while the second is water based.   Builders are using both types for architectural coatings. Master paint company provides a lot of color schemes and charts.

Wall EmulsionPlastic EmulsionEnamel PaintWeather SheetWall Putty pain
Rs. 550/literRs. 1000/literRs. 1050/ 0.9literRs. 1150/literRs. 850
Rs. 1800/4 literRs. 3750/ 4 literRs. 3900/ 3.64liter Rs. 3800/ 4 liter Rs. 1000/ KG
Rs. 6700/16 literRs. 14500/ 16 liter Rs. 5000Rs. 15000/ 16 literRs. 3600/ 20 KG

Brighto Paint price in Pakistan

This is the most reasonable idea to get the latest prices of paints for your homes, rooms, and commercial buildings. Brighto paint is a Pakistani painting company. Its headquarter is in Lahore. It provides multiple color shades for customers. Here is the rate list of Brighto paints with the latest Brighto paint shade card.

Wall EmulsionPlastic EmulsionEnamel PaintWeather SheetWall Putty paint
Rs. 610/literRs. 1000/literRs. 1050/ 0.9literRs. 1100/literRs. 850
Rs. 1800/4 literRs. 3750/ 4 literRs. 3900/ 3.64liter Rs. 4000/ 4 liter Rs. 1000/  5 KG
Rs. 6800/16 literRs. 14500/ 16 liter Rs. 5000Rs. 15000/ 16 literRs. 3600/ 20 KG

Happilac Distemper and Paint Rate

Here is the expert list and table of  Happilac Distemper price and color shade. The price of paints depends upon the quality of paints. Attractive color scheme is another amazing factor to select the best brand for your homes and shops. This is the right forum to get the exact ideas of paint price.

Wall EmulsionPlastic EmulsionEnamel PaintWeather SheetWall Putty paint
Rs. 600/literRs. 1050/literRs. 1050/ 0.9literRs. 1100/literRs. 850
Rs. 1850/4 literRs. 3850/ 4 literRs. 4000/ 3.64literRs. 4000/ 4 liter Rs. 1000/ KG
Rs. 6800/16 literRs. 14500/ 16 liter Rs. 5000Rs. 15500/ 16 literRs. 3700/ 20 KG

Alwan Paint Price today in Pakistan

This is the best thing to wander and get the best prices of paints according to your budget. Successful builders always do research about the prices of all construction materials. Because they have to allocate some budget to buy Garder and TR.  The exact price list of Alwan paint is given on the basis of variety and quantity.

Wall EmulsionPlastic EmulsionEnamel PaintWeather SheetWall Putty paint
Rs. 600/literRs. 950/literRs. 1050/ 0.9literRs. 1100/literRs. 850
Rs. 1800/4 literRs. 3650/ 4 literRs. 3900/ 3.64liter Rs. 3900/ 4 liter Rs. 1000/ KG
Rs. 6700/16 literRs. 14000/ 16 liter Rs. 5000Rs. 15500/ 16 literRs. 3700/ 20 KG

Berger Paint Price Today in Pakistan

Berger paint company provides different varieties of Paints and distemper. When you go to buy paints, follow the given rate list. This list provides a comparison study of paint rates. Wandering through different paint price lists provides an accurate idea.

Distemper varietyPrice Index
Silk EmulsionRs. 2112/ liter
Life plus + EmulsionRs. 6812/ 3.64 liter
Smooth SPD EmulsionRs. 2548/ 3.64 liter

Berger Timbercoat latest Rate list

Berger paint company is basically an Indian company. This index ensures the exact rate list for those who are researching the prices of paints. The prior ideas of rates for all construction materials is excellent. When you are planning to build a home, you should also know the price of marble tiles and other gadgets. 

Berger Timbercoat VarietyBerger Paint Rate Today in Pakistan
ThinnerRs. 1160/ 0.91 liter
Acid Catalyzed Matt Lacquer Rs. 1686/ 0.91 liter
Polyurethane Lacquer Rs. 1805/ 0.91 liter
Clear Wood LacquerRs. 1805/ 0.91 liter
Timbercoat Sanding Sealer PriceRs. 2072/ 0.91 liter
Paint Price Today

Advantages and Cons


  • Paints Protect Building Materials .
  • Minimize damaging & deterioration effects.
  • Protects buildings from weather effects, sunlight and moisturization 
  • Provide an attractive and good look to the walls.
  • Make your family life comfortable inside the colored doors and walls.
  • Paints have a significant effect while refreshing the mood of people.
  • It enhances the attractive beauty of the home.
  • Paints are readily available at affordable  prices.
  • Visual Cohesion of the paints brings a harmonious effect for all the materials inside the room. 
  • Concealing Imperfections vanish cracks on the wall and also disappear uneven surfaces. 
  • Personalization of all building materials according to your desired styles. 


  • Don’t use low quality paints, because environmental effects decline its brightness frequently.
  • Do paintings with experts, as inexperienced painters may cause a layering process.

Precautionary measures for Paintings

  • Protective Gear: Wear hand gloves and full dress while pain
  • Ventilation: Provide fresh airflow and ventilation where you are painting.ting.
  • Physical Contact: Avoid physical contact while using low quality paint.
  •  Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly , Cover the cracks with cements, holes before painting.
  • Use Protective Sheet: Drop a protective sheet on the furniture and floor. 
  • Proper lighting: Provide adequate lighting to the painting area for uniform and clean painting. 
  • Paint storage & Handling: Store paints in a dry & cool place and also follow the instructions of manufacturers. 
  • Ladder Safety: Always use a stable  ladder while painting high areas of the rooms.
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene: Wash your hands and face with soap after painting. Avoid rubbing your eyes during painting. 
  • Children & Pets: Keep paints away from children and pets. 
  • Environmental consideration: Dispose paint related materials properly and keep your surroundings clean.
Paint Price today


Yes, many paint brands and online marketplaces offer the option to purchase paint online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Distemper paints are generally considered more affordable compared to emulsion and enamel paints in Pakistan.

Yes, paint prices can vary based on the region due to differences in distribution costs, local taxes, and market demand.

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