5 Marla House Construction Cost In Pakistan 2024 Latest Rate

5 Marla House Construction Cost: This is the dream of every person in the world to build a comfortable home. But house construction costs vary due to a large number of factors. The masonry and labor prices are not the same everywhere. Also all the materials used for construction have different prices around the world. 

The area of a house also affects the estimated building cost. In Asian countries the house is generally measured in Marla and canal while in developed western countries the area of the house is calculated in square feet or in square meter. 

It is very easy to calculate the area from Marla to square feet, or vice versa. One Marla is equal to 272.251 square feet. So you can easily convert your area from square feet to Marla or Marla to Square feet with the following table.

Marla to Square Feet Calculator (Square feet to Marla Calculator)

House Area in Marla House Area in Square FeetHouse Construction Cost in West(Europe)House Construction Cost in Asian Countries 
1272.251Small area not fit for houseSmall area not fit for house
2544.501Small area not fit for houseSmall area not fit for house
3816.752$20,000 – $30,000Rs. 3,000,000
41089$30,000 – $60,000Rs. 4,000,000
51361.25$50,000 – $70,000Rs. 5,000,000
61633.5$50,000 – $75,0000Rs. 5,500,000
71905.75$55,000 – $80,000Rs. 6,000,000
82178$60,000 – $85,000Rs. 6,500,000
92450.25$65,000 – $1,00,000Rs. 7,000,000
102722.51$70,000 – $15,00,000Rs. 8,000,000

The area calculation is an important price changing factor for a home. Due to this main factor, first of all you should calculate your budget according to the area where you want to build a building either for yourself or for commercial purposes.  

These prices may change from area to area due to a large number of factors. Laborer cost, materials carriage costs, regional inflation circumstances, and dollar rates. Assuming the cost in US dollar, in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh the estimated cost will be less as compared to western or European countries, Canada, United State, or United Kingdom. 

While calculating the cost in their own regional currency, this cost estimate will be opposite. So calculate the construction cost according to your own regional currency. This is a rough estimate considering the rates in US dollars.

5 Marla House Construction Cost

5 Marla House Construction Cost (1361.25 Sq ft)

Complete covered area of a 5 Marla or 1361.25 sq ft varies due to the various number of rooms in the house. Roughly its range is 1925 sq ft of first floor and 875 sq ft of second floor. Generally the 5 Marla house has 3 bed rooms with attached bathrooms, a TV lounge or a TV Hall, one or two kitchens, and a car garage. 

Main Steps of 5 Marla House Construction

 The construction of a house has many steps but all these steps are divided into major two parts. First is the grey structure and the second one is the finishing process. If you are deciding to build a house you must know all the steps and important necessities for the construction of your home. 

Market rates of all building materials, and the laborer cost of every step. Let us discuss every step shortly. 

 Demarcation of Plot

The very first step is to mark the location and boundaries of the construction site. This is the responsibility of surveyors to mark every corner of the plot with steel or iron rod. The next step is the excavation and layout of the construction site.

Architecture Map

Architectural map is the key point of all the construction because all the work revolves around the map of the site. The preplanned map makes your job easy and straightforward. For this purpose you must consult with an expert and professional architecture engineer.

 Excavation and Layout 

This is the most important step for a strong foundation of the building. All the area of walls are commonly excavated throughout the soft land. The depth of the foundation may be 3 feet or 5 feet. If you start the walls foundation on the compact land then your house will be stronger.

 Base Filling with High Quality Sand

The base filling has a significant role in the life span of a house. Multiple types of sand and kassu. Generally three types of sand are popular for filling the base of the house. Ravi sand, Chenab sand, and Coastal beach sand. Remember never use the pure soil in the foundation as it settles due to water and rain which can cause damage to the house. 

Foundation of House

This is the key point on which all your construction stands for decades. This foundation needs a lot of attention and caution because the weight of the entire house rests on this foundation. Commonly three types of bricks are used to construct the foundation till the DPC level. Bricks, concrete blocks, red clay bricks, Fly ash bricks are the ideal for this area. Visit this post to get the idea of bricks rate.

Grey Structure Construction of House

 From DPC to the flooring all the steps are included in grey construction. In this dynamic process you need all the necessary materials like cement, Bricks, Gravel, Bajri, Sand, electric wiring, plumbing, and all the sanitary work. 

RCC Lintel

You have to choose either brick lintel or steel lintel. I recommend adapting the steel lintel because this is durable and strong. Now all the constructors are using steel lintel for standard safety measures. 

Electric Wiring, Plumbing and Gas pipe Fitting

After the completion of flooring you must start electrical wiring, plumbing, and gas pipe line fitting. According to a rough estimate a 5 Marla house requires $2000 to $3000 for all these fittings. 

Concrete Or Cement Plaster

This is the most important step to cover all the bricks with cement or concrete. It strengthens the walls of your house. The exterior concrete plaster makes your house beautiful and makes it easy to paint the house easily. The complete cost of plaster will be $2000 to $2500. 

The Finishing and Decoration of House

This step includes painting, ceiling with beautiful designs, marble tiling, grills installation, and furniture decoration. 

5 Marla House Construction Cost


 The time frame work of a house construction may be different from area to area to weather and other time factors. Generally it takes 2 or 3 months. The number of laborers and materials availability also affect the time period of construction. 

The concrete slab is the cheapest option for foundation. Its rough cost will be $7 per square feet. 

Final Words

According to a rough estimate all the construction material plus labor cost reach to $5,000,000 to $7,000,000 or Rs.5,000,000. The construction varies from area to area. The material price, the labor cost, and the carriage costs are different. So physically visit the warehouses and prepare your budget carefully.

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