How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

Looking for an accurate estimate, how expensive is it to build a house? This is the most critical question in the mind of every house builder. The next question after the cost of building a house is how to build a house. In this article, we will discuss the most asked question, “How much does it cost to build a house?”

According to some authentic resources, the rough estimate for a home building is $135,991 to $523,416. However, the cost of building a house calculator may change due to several significant factors. Various material lists, carriage costs of materials, and currency rates are the main price-changing factors. 

Renovation of the house design is another cost-affecting factor. A simple house design may not require a high budget. The region where you want to construct your new home also changes the estimate. 

Estimation of Your Homebuilding 

Are you looking for the significant steps to building a house? Here is the list for your construction guide. 

Construction Materials50%
Labor Work40%
Finishes (interior & exterior)5%
Site or Land Preparation3%
Room Add-ons2%

Cost of Construction Materials

It takes a 50% budget of your whole estimation. The rate of lumber for construction is increasing gradually. Steel, iron, bricks, cement, and concrete are needed for building a home. All these materials are used in flooring, making concrete walls, and roofing. Only the cost of lumber ranges from $25,000 to $65,000 in the USA.

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 How much is the Labor Cost?

The labor cost depends upon the size of your house. Enormous building labor costs are relatively higher than those of a small home. The remuneration of laborers varies according to geographical areas. The design of your construction also affects the labor costs because a simple design takes less time than a complex renovation design. 

Constructors claim that this section needs 40% of your total budget. However, you should consult with an expert for prior estimate calculation. 

Interior & Exterior Home Finishes

The third most costly aspect of a new home is the interior and exterior finishes. The interior renovation offers an amazing look to the inside surface of your sweet home, while the exterior look attracts the eyes of neighbors. Generally, it requires a budget of 5% of the total estimated amount.  

Project site Preparation

Construction site preparation includes:

  • Leveling of land.
  • Cutting off harmful plants.
  • Installation of sewerage systems.
  • Cabling for electricity.

The price of land is separate from the project site preparation. According to the estimation of, it takes 3% of your total budget. 

Room Add-Ons

Your home includes rooms according to your requirements, but some extra things also require time. A basement and a theater are the most important components of your home. A lawn for gardening and a small exercise playground are required in every house. They may require 2% of your total budget. 

If you want a constructor to build a house according to your wish, then you may search for custom home builders near me. 

How to Save Money While Building A New House?

DIY building provides opportunities to minimize your budget. According to the National Association of Home Builders, there are multiple options where you may save money. Building a concrete house versus building a house with metals has different cost ranges. 

The region where you want to build a house also has a significant impact on your budget. Similarly, building a house on a hill varies more than creating a house in a congested city in the USA. 

How Much does it cost to build a House?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House in California?

Building costs vary from city to city. Here is a list of the building costs of a new house in different states of the USA.

Location in USA (State)Average Construction Cost
House Building Cost in California&400.300
House Building Cost in Alabama&290,000
Building a house in Florida&295,000
Building a house in Arizona&412,500
Building a house in Georgia&250,000
House Construction Cost in Colorado&260,000
Home Construction Cost in Hawaii&412,840
Home Construction Cost in Indiana&219,300
House Construction Cost in Maryland&290,000
Home Construction Cost in Michigan&245,000
Building a House in New Jersey&405,000
Building a House in New York&600,000
Building a House in North Carolina&385,000
Home Construction in New Mexico&317,500
Cost to build a house in Virginia&380,000
Build a guest house&200,000

Building a house checklist

If you are deciding to start construction, you must know the list of building materials for a house. At the initial stage, you need some basic machines and foundation materials. The home building checklist includes bricks, stones, cements, lumber, iron, steel, soil, sand, crushed stone or gravel, water, and some PVC pipes. 

Windows, doors, flooring, and roofing materials are also part of this checklist for building a house. Construction estimators provide better material estimates for building projects, so it is wise to calculate your construction estimate before starting your project.

House building calculator by square feet

A home building calculator can calculate construction cost according to a rough estimate. If the size of your home matches the ranges below, you may get information for preferable construction material calculators. 

House size Sq.FtMinimum Price RangeMaximum Price Range

Building Cost According to the Number of Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the most significant component of your house. In the Western tradition, usually, 3,4 or 5 bedrooms are constructed while building a home. Various quantities of bedrooms change the estimation cost. Here is a checklist according to the number of bedrooms.

Number of BedroomsSize by Sq.Ft.Average Cost
3976 – 2400&146,400
41900 – 2800&285,00
52,500 – 3,000&375,000

Buying a fully prepared house is expensive compared to building your own house. Pre-planning your budget saves you extra money. Building a home on your land also requires a smaller budget because you don’t need to pay extra money for a plot. 

This question is related to the size and design of a house. A big and complex building definitely needs a lot of time, while a small and simple house takes less time. The average time required to build a home is 5 to 7 months. 

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