Bricks Price in Pakistan 2024 Red Brick Eent 

Bricks price in Pakistan is the most concerning matter for all the builders. The fluctuation of rates is unusual due to high inflation in the construction industry. Always check the price of Bricks before buying. is the most reliable forum to provide the latest prices of all construction materials.

Today the price of a single Brick in Pakistan is between PKR. 12 – PKR. 15. This is the latest wholesale price in 2024.  Bricks rates can be calculated with their quantity. Dealers are selling 100 – 500 bullock cart or rickshaw loaders. More than 1000 thousand Bricks are transported on tractor trolleys or Hino trucks. If you want to calculate the price of Bricks then multiply the number of bricks with the rate of a single Brick you will get the total cost of Bricks. You may do it on your smartphone or calculator.  

High rate of dollar in the Pakistani market has created a great uncertainty in the rate list of all construction products.  Today Brick prices in Pakistan are somehow going to stabilize. Construction experts of our team members say; Brick price may come down in the future.  

Brick is the base of the construction industry. There are multiple types of Bricks in Pakistani construction market. If you want to build a wall, a house or a commercial colony you need to buy fire burnt Bricks.  The prices may differ from area to area due to high prices of petrol and diesel.

Bricks Price in Pakistan

Brick Price today in Pakistan May 2024: Latest & updated rate list

Brick QuantityFirst class (Grade A)2nd class (Grade B)Third class (Grade C)
1Rs.15Rs. 13Rs. 12
100Rs. 1500Rs. 1300Rs. 1200
1000Rs. 15000Rs. 13000Rs. 12000
5000Rs. 75000Rs. 65000Rs. 60000

Types of Bricks in Pakistan

There are numerous varieties of bricks used in the construction industry. In mountain areas people use natural bricks for construction. However, in urban areas, due to the unavailability of natural bricks, builders use different varieties. In Karachi like cities mostly concrete bricks are used.  These are made up of cement and sand. Below are some notable types of bricks:

  •  Engineering Brik
  •  Concrete Brick
  • Sand Lime Brick
  • Burnt Clay Brick or Red Brick
Bricks Price in Pakistan 2023 Red Brick Eent

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Brick Types & Grades

Brick manufacturing companies classify bricks based on their grade. The cost of Grade A or Awwal is higher due to its high quality. The cost of Grade B falls between that of Grade A and Grade C.

  • Awwal Ent or Grade A
  • Doem Ent or Grade B
  • Khangri Ent or Grade C

Factors that affect Brick prices

Bricks prices are different from region to region. Main effect is the availability of raw material and labour charges. In the South Punjab region the cost of Bricks is not high due to manufacturing of Bricks. Main cities of South Punjab are Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan where Bricks rate is low as compared to upper Punjab.

Stone or Bricks prices in KPK, Sindh, Baluchistan and GB are slightly high due to unavailability of basic resources. The carriage charges may affect its prices. This is the main reason the rates of Bricks are on the peak in Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Peshawar, Khanewal, Sargodha, and Quetta.

In tribal areas or mountain areas people use the natural Bricks. Such Bricks are free to use only builders have to pay the carriage charges.

Popular Brick Brands in Pakistan

Multiple companies are manufacturing different varieties of bricks in Pakistan. Brick manufacturing is a simple process that does not require any rocket science. Most people are involved in manufacturing bricks at the local level. However, there are some notable brick companies in Pakistan.

  1. AB Thekedaar and Construction
  2. Keystone PVT LTD
  3. Zawan Bricks
  4. E-Trade Pakistan Brick
  5. Reackon Concretes PVT LTD

Varieties of Bricks

  • Burnt Clay Bricks
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Concrete Bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks
  • Flash Ash Clay Bricks
  • Portland Cement Concrete bricks
  • Conventional bricks/ Traditional Bricks
  • Jhama Bricks
  • Over burnt bricks
  • Natural Bricks

Standard Brick Size in Pakistani Construction Industry

In Pakistan, the local brick size remains the same throughout the country. However, slight variations may occur due to different factors. The most traditional size is as under.

  • Length = 9 inches
  • Width = 4 inches
  • Height = 3 inches

Calculate Brick Cost

Construction requires meticulous planning. It is crucial to determine the required budget for building a room. Once you have an idea of the total number of bricks, calculating the cost estimation becomes straightforward through mathematical calculations. Simply multiply the total number of bricks (required) by the price of a single brick.

The brick manufacturing process is not difficult. Mason manufactures bricks on a large scale.

Bricks Manufacturing Method in Pakistan

  • Collect thick mud or clay.
  • Transfer the clay into specially designed containers called shapers.
  • Leave the clay in the shapers for a few hours
  • Transfer well-shaped bricks from the containers to an open environment.
  •  Allow the bricks to dry completely.
  •  Place the bricks into an oven-shaped Bhutti and burn them for several days.
  •   Completely burnt bricks will turn red in color.
  • Your bricks are now ready for construction.

Pros and Cons


  • Durability & Sustainability
  • Durability & Sustainability
  •  Low Maintenance
  • Fire Resistance
  •  Bricks design outside the house
  •  Bricks design outside the house
  • Easy Bricks calculation formula
  • Multiple exterior Brick wall design ideas 


  • Limited thermal insulation
  • Weight and structural limitations
  • Time-consuming construction process
  • Higher cost compared to alternative materials
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Limited design flexibility
  • Environmental impact of production


Bricks prices slightly vary from one place to another due to multiple factors. Our team members gather accurate data from the market and provide it for the information of users. Visit the market physically and buy bricks for your construction on your own responsibility. If you are a brick dealer and find some irregularity in our price chart then inform us about your latest rates and quality of Bricks.


The most crucial factor in construction is to select the best quality materials for your home. Without a doubt, high-quality materials may come with higher costs, but they ensure a longer lifespan for your building. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality brick. Construction is not a frequent process; it can be undertaken after a long time. Use high quality bricks for a stronger house and branded marble tiles for decoration. 

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