Gold Price in Pakistan Today Gold Rate Per Tola

The is the best forum to get precise and accurate gold prices in Pakistan according to the international market. Here in this article a chart is available to show you 1 gram gold price or 10-gram gold price in Pakistani rupees. 1 Tola or 1 ounce gold price of 22K and 24K gold is also provided for the convenience of all types of users.

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan (15/06/2024) Chart or List

Type of GoldPer Gram Gold Rate10 Gram Gold rateOne Ounce Gold Rate1 Tola Gold Rate
24K Gold rateRs. 20,671.000Rs. 206,710.000Rs. 585,873.000Rs. 241,100.000
22K Gold RateRs. 18,948.417Rs. 189,484.167Rs. 537,050.250Rs. 221,008.333
21K Gold rateRs. 18,087.125Rs. 180,871.250Rs. 512,638.875Rs. 210,962.500
18K Gold rateRs. 15,503.250Rs. 155,032.500Rs. 439,404.750Rs. 180,825.000
Current Gold Rates in Pakistan

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Price Fluctuation Factors on Gold prices in Pakistan

Gold is recognized as the most precious metal. Big bosses of business like to invest in gold as it is mostly used in jewelry making. Multiple factors affect the one-gram gold price, ten-gram gold price, 1 ounce gold price and one Tola gold price. These are all the basic commercial units of the gold business. The price of 24K, 22K, 21K, 19K, and 18K may vary slightly. The Price fluctuation factors of Gold is given here.

  • Monetary Policy of the country or the Banks
  • Fluctuation of interest rates
  • Inflation rate and Deflation rate
  • Higher Gold demand for investment
  • Fluctuation of Currency Rates vs Dollar
  • Geographical region and Geopolitics also effect the gold prices

Relation of Gold Price with US dollar

The value of the US dollar has a significant effect on the price of gold. The higher rate of dollar in the market may raise the price of Gold. As the rates of gold and the rates of US dollar are directly proportional to each other.  All the factors that affect the price of dollars also affect the price of gold in the international market. In Pakistan the gold rates change on a daily basis due to the fluctuation of United State’s dollar rates. If the dollar rises the gold rates rise relatively and vice versa. It is important for all investors to get the latest prices of gold and the latest prices of dollars.

High Demand of Gold

Jewelry demand has a significant impact on the gold rates. Live gold rates may rise due to high demand for jewelry in the market. Some highly populated countries like India, Malaysia, China, Turkey and Pakistan are the home of the Jewelry market made up of gold and silver.

Interest Rate

Interest rates in the Banking sectors relatively change the gold prices. Higher interest rates make the gold rates high while the lower interest rates bring the gold rates down. The lower interest rates attract the investors to do business in the gold and jewelry market


1 Tola = 11.667 Grams Gold

1 ounce = 2.43 Tolas of Gold in Pakistani market

 1 Ounce = 28.35081 Grams


Gold rates change on a daily basis due to multiple factors. One of the most important factors is the price of dollars in the international market. The team members of try to provide the exact gold price on a daily basis. If you want to invest in gold, feel free to contact us about the future prediction of gold rates in the global market. So, check the brick gold price and then go to buy the gold in the market. It is important to mention that the Gold rates in Pakistan fluctuate frequently. So, it is very difficult to provide the accurate rate. 

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