Gate Prices in Pakistan 2023 Best Design & updated Rate List

Main gate or front gate provides a first impression of your home. It is the most significant part of your shelter that secures your life. In this blog post, we give a close touch to front gate prices in Pakistan and also discuss all the latest main gate designs. If you are seeking the best and durable gate designs and their latest rates, then you are at the right platform.

Surely, the main strong gate acts as a guardian for the best security of your home, office, cafeteria, and restaurant. Multiple main gate designs are available in the market. You can also order a customized wooden gate model or an iron gate for foolproof security for your residence.

There are many types of gates based on materials, quality, size, and manufacturing methods. Even electric gates and remote control gates are available in this latest era of technology. Obviously, the prices of these latest technology main gates are quite high.

Gate Prices in Pakistan

Gate Prices in Pakistan Updated Chart

The price of main gates data is collected from various construction markets. The price may change on a daily basis due to high inflation in Pakistan. So, when you go to buy a main gate, don’t forget to check the price. The exact price or rates can be detected in the showrooms or in warehouses. Some average cost value of main gates include;

Product NameSizeLatest Gate Prices in Pakistan
Iron Main Gate Price14×8Rs. 90,000 – 150,000
Main Metal Gate Price14×8Rs. 30,000 -60,000
Front wooden gate Price12×7Rs. 50,000 – 300,000
Steel Main Gate Price14×8Rs. 40,000 – 250,000
Turnstile Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 120,000 – 200,000
Gater Rolle PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 2000 – 3000
Gate Ring PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 5000 – 7000
Gate Sensor PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 3500 – 4500
Gate Wheels priceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 3200 – 3700
Gate Valve PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 2000 – 2500
Glass Gate prices in PakistanMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 60,000 – 80,000
House Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 15000 – 70,000
New Gate priceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 40,000 – 80,000
Remote control Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 150,000 – 400,000
Rolling Gate PricesMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 120,000 – 200,000
Wrought Iron Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 90,000 – 240,00
Automatic Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 110,000 – 230,000
Sliding Gate Prices in PakistanMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 125,000 – 245,000
Retractable Security GatesMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 150,000 – 340,000
Swing Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 90,000 – 350,000
Vertical Pivot Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 140,000 – 260,000
Bi Folding Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 146,000 – 356,000
Pedestrian Gate PriceMultiple Designs & SizeRs. 95,000 340,000

Multiple price changing factors may increase or decrease the price value. Some main factors are size, quality and designs of the main gate. Carriage costs may increase the rates of front gates. 

Types of Best Front Gates

A large number of home gates are available in the construction market. The Design of the first gate of the house in many regions depends upon the culture of that area. Here are some famous varieties of gates:

  1. Front Gate Designs: Best designs of the main gate lamp enhance the beauty of your home, garden, farm house, or your spectacular lawn. The purpose of main gate installation is not only the beauty of the house but it also ensures the security of your interior gadgets. Generally, a front gate or a stunning fence looks beautiful when it matches the style of your home and its structure. Here is the list of some stunning main gate ideas;
  2. Iron Mesh: This modern design gate ensures the security of your home without obstructing the interior view. A dark gray color gate is ideal for your farmhouse, garden, or your restaurant. Some fashion houses also install such gates that allow a full view of the interior side to attract customers. In some cases, politicians also install such strong metal mesh gates to showcase the interior rush to the public.
  3. Modern Gray: Having a sleek and cool design, this type of gate is beautifully fixed to the wall and the floor. This modern design with small vertical lines allows people from outside to peep into the house. Such types are ideal for village residents and suburban areas. Generally, feudal lords use such metal gates in townhouses.
  4. Minimalist Slider Front Door: This solid and heavy gate provides full coverage to the home, making it the best option for busy areas since it moves inside without posing any hazards on busy streets. It’s easy to open or close with the help of bearing-type wheels, and sliding gate rollers ensure smooth operation.
  5. CedarWood FarmHouse or Gate: Such broad wooden gates are used for grand entrances. Stone pillars on both sides enhance the beauty of magnificent gate design. This is ideal for gardens and farm houses that represent village life. A strong metal frame is required to stand this stunning wooden gate. 
  6. Aluminium Screen Gate: Sleek and contemporary magnificent gate design allows peeping on both sides. This modern and elegant gate ring is suitable for lawns, gardens, and farm houses in rural areas. Such transparent gates are not used where interior side peeping is prohibited. The price of this gate is high enough. Such gate heights are amazing and aesthetic. 
  7. White Laser Cut: This is a contemporary design for city homes. Fashionable people in the modern housing colonies prefer to install such impressive gates. Its grateful cuttings completely match with the designs of house walls. This is an ideal gate in this competitive construction world. The gate opener can see the outside environment easily. 
  8. Gothic Wood Gate: Wood made gates are commonly used for garden and farm houses. The Gothic wooden gate is impressive and is a revival of medieval construction history. Dark reddish color wood panels are connected with iron or steel bars. Long and strong gate hinges support both sides with the help of giant concrete pillars. 
  9. White Wood Gate: White wooden front gates are really ideal for those who want to welcome any person with a great emotion. It provides an impressive security to your home and attracts the eyes of your guests. White paint is the sign of dignity and grace. Best gate paint cost may increase your cost value but bring about the dignity of your house. 
  10. Entrance and Pergola Gates: Entrance pergola gate support looks very beautiful and holds lighting. The concrete and iron gate combination enhance the charm of your home entrance. It also provides a safe waiting outside the main gate.  Gate sensor is best for best performance. 
  11. Frosted Glass Gate: Contemporary, elegant and modern design gate is the combination of glass panels with steel bars. Such fashionable designs are fantastic with high cost value. Generally, rich people use such types of outdoor gates in DHA or Bahria towns like housing colonies.
  12. Timeless Wrought Iron Gate: Such classic and magnificent metal gates are used where beautiful lawns are available in the front of your house. Such steel gates are easily customized according to the needs of people. It fully shows the front garden or lawn of your home. With high sturdiness these are also cheap and save your money. Contemporary wrought iron gate is the best idea for main gate designs. 
  13. Timber & Metal Gate Ideas: A strong and heavy design that provides complete coverage of your home, office, or an institution. Such giants like gates enhance the personality of house owners. Wood panels are connected easily with the help of a strong metal frame. Strong and long hinge supports hold the gate efficiently. 
  14. Aluminium Driveway Gates: Elegant and contemporary gates with transparent lines, showing glimpses of both sides, are ideal for up-to-date construction. These sleek design gates are supported by metal frames. Such gate types are strong, beautiful, and come at a cost. An etched aluminium design is one of the most impressive ideas for a main gate structure.
  15. Rustic Wood square Gate Designs: This impressive design has square wooden pieces that always welcome the guests. This type is strong and magnificent for big houses. Such sturdy and long life main gates ensures the fool proof security of your buildings. 
  16. Laser Cut Metal Gates: Simple and natural designs with beautiful customized laser cuts enhance the charm of your main entrance. This is a metal gate with a strong steel or iron frame supported with strong wall or concrete pillars. This is a new tradition in the field of construction with customized laser cuts on front gates. 
  17. Black Metal Slider Gates: Metal sliding gates are ideal for an efficient and maximum security of the house. This impressive main gate is strong enough and doesn’t need any frequent maintenance. Sliding features of main gates are easily operated on a flexible and strong frame. 
  18. Vertical Pipes Front Gate design idea; Sometimes steel or iron pipes are fixed like a fence to manufacture a strong and amazing main gate. Iron and metal like sturdy material provide a long life to your main gate and ensure the high security where needed. Generally such designs are ideal for farm house and gardens in the rural areas were thieves are available
  19. Cottage and White Picket Fence Gate: Giant and charming design is most suitable for the garden and front yards of big houses. It enhances the beauty and dignity of the house where the interior is fully green with lush trees and plants. 
  20. Mid-Century Modern Gate Designs: This is the revival of medieval construction history. Some people love to enhance the old tradition and culture in this modern technology world. Such a combination of wood and iron is really impressive in this modern era.  
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Types of Best Front Gates on the Basis of Function

Front gates serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing security, privacy, and enhancing the curb appeal of a property. The choice of the best front gate depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some types of front gates based on their functions:

  • Automatic Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Retractable Security Gates
  • Turnstile Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Vertical Pivot Gates
  • Bi-Folding Gates
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Vertical Gates

Types of Front Gate by Color

Multiple gates are available in the market with bright and different amazing color combinations. Generally, people love to install the main gates that match the designs and colors of their indoor and door wall colors. 

  • White gates
  • Blue Gates
  • Red Gates
  • Yellow Gates
  • Brown Gates
  • Black Gates
  • Transparent Gates
  • Grey Gates
  • Orange color Gates
  • Green Gates
Gate Price In Pakistan

Buying Guides of Home Gate

To become an expert in the field of construction needs a full research. So, whenever you want to buy any construction material like main gate, TR and Garder, Paints, and Tiles, you must visit showrooms and warehouses.

Check the main gate hook for a better life of the main gate and also use gate parda for complete security. It will assist you to select a better alternative of your money. Some related buying guidelines of Front Gate include;

1- Home and Entrance Matching Style

Generally, people love gates that closely match the entrance or front of their homes. This is really a good idea in the field of construction. Some owners have a great desire to install a main gate that looks like the fence of their garden.

2- Viewing Slots Ideas

Always ask for viewing slots on the corner of the gate for best security purposes. This will allow your security guard to peep outside without opening the main door. Transparent viewing slots ideas ensure the full security of your homes, offices, and institutions. 

3- Rustic Ranch Gates Ideas

If you are looking for a gate for your farm house in a rural area then explore rustic ranch gates. A beautiful design with metal gate handles attracts the eyes and enhances the security system of your farmhouse.  

4- Gate Size, Color, Design and Budget

Whenever you want to install the best gate in front of your house, you should measure the size of the space where you want to install it.  The second option is the color and design of the gate that should match with the door and windows color. The most important aspect is your budget. Explore a design that will be affordable for you. 

Advantages of Main Gate

There are multiple benefits of front gates. Some significant features of front gates include;

  • Ensure Security Measures
  • Privacy of Property 
  • Comfortable life
  • Enhance the dignity of Home
  • Identification of property boundary limit
  • Control of Access
  • Safety Benefits
  • Aesthetic main Gate is the sign of dignity
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Noise Reduction
  • Ruthless Weather Protection of outdoor belongings


Apart from many advantages, there are a few cons of the main gate of your house. Some significant drawbacks of fence gates include;

  • Magnificent main Gates are expensive. 
  • Require regular maintenance for proper functioning.
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Delayed Entry
  • Space Requirement
  • Inconvenience in Emergency conditions


Iron or strong metal gates are best for homes as such sturdy gates don’t require frequent maintenance. 

Latest electric and remote control gates are expensive. 

Deodar Diyar wood is best for the main gate. Sheesham wood is also ideal for the outermost gate with an appealing and natural look.


Main gates with different designs and multiple qualities are available in the market. The prices of front gates depend upon certain factors. The most affecting aspect is the design and brand quality. Constructors usually seek customers’ reviews while selecting the best gate. 

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