Wheat Price In Pakistan 2023 Latest Wheat Rate

Wheat is the basic food item. It is the most important nutrient necessity for humans. Wheat price in Pakistan directly affects the life of the public. Most mammals like animals also eat wheat in different forms. It is also the basic food item for Cows, buffalos, and goats. Most birds also eat it as basic food.  

It is the third most significant need for all the animals after oxygen and water. The rate of wheat and its ingredients is different due to unlimited factors. People who belong to an agricultural region in the world, enjoy cheapest rates. Its production is abundant in Canada, Russia, and pakistan. 

Unfortunately its price is not under the control of the government. The main reason for high prices in Pakistan is its high demand in the nearest country like Afghanistan.  When the wheat supply to Afghanistan opens from Russia, its prices in Pakistan directly lower down. 

Wheat Price in Pakistan Today / Wheat price chart in Pakistan

RegionGovt Rate / 40KG (mon)Private Rate / 40KG (Mon)
KPKRs. 4837Rs. 5840
PunjabRs. 3900Rs. 4000
SindhRs. 3900Rs. 4100
BalochistanRs. 4500Rs. 4800
Gilgit BaltistanRs. 5000Rs. 5200

Wheat Price in Punjab:

District / CityMinimum PriceMaximum Price
LahoreRs. 4,420Rs. 4,450
HaroonabadRs. 4,550Rs. 4,600
Ali PurRs. 4,400Rs. 4,450
MuzaffargarhRs. 4,300Rs. 4,400
RawalpindiRs. 4,670Rs. 4,700
Fazil PurRs. 4,400Rs. 4,450
Toba Tek SinghRs. 4,500Rs. 4,560
SahiwalRs. 4,450Rs. 4,530
MultanRs. 4,600Rs. 4,620
Chowk AzamRs. 4,500Rs. 4,530
KhanewalRs. 4,530Rs. 4,560
PattokiRs. 4,400Rs. 4,500
KhanpurRs. 4,450Rs. 4,500
ChishtianRs. 4,460Rs. 4,510
BurewalaRs. 4,530Rs. 4,590
FaisalabadRs. 4,400Rs. 4,450
VehariRs. 4,480Rs. 4,500
SheikhupuraRs. 4,500Rs. 4,580
FortabbasRs. 4,400Rs. 4,500
Dera Ismail KhanRs. 4,500Rs. 4,570
ArifWalaRs. 4,470Rs. 4,560
Mian ChannuRs. 4,460Rs. 4,530
GujranwalaRs. 4,410Rs. 4,460
SargodhaRs. 4,500Rs. 4,540
Chowk MundaRs. 4,400Rs. 4,520
HasilpurRs. 4,430Rs. 4,520
ChakwalRs. 4,450Rs. 4,500
Dera Ghazi KhanRs. 4,480Rs. 4,540
OkaraRs. 4,430Rs. 4,510
SadiqabadRs. 4,500Rs. 4,600
BahawalnagarRs. 4,450Rs. 4,540
BahawalpurRs. 4,500Rs. 4,550
Rahim Yar KhanRs. 4,450Rs. 4,500
Yazman MandiRs. 4,450Rs. 4,500
MianwaliRs. 4,400Rs. 4,450
RajanpurRs. 4,350Rs. 4,370
IslamabadRs. 4,500Rs. 4,610
AhmadPur SharqiaRs. 4,450Rs. 4,510
ChichawatniRs. 4,470Rs. 4,550
FqaqirwaliRs. 4,460Rs. 4,530
Dunga BungaRs. 4,550Rs. 4,600

Prediction about wheat Rates

The uncertainty of previous wheat price history shows that prices never remain the same. So we can’t predict wheat future prices.

Wheat Flour (Atta Rates Today) price in Pakistan

Generally wheat is grinded to produce flour. Spelt flour and wheat flour is used for making bread and many other bakery products. The average rate list of flour is given as:

Flour Weight Flour Price (Atta Price)
1 KGRs. 130 – 150
5 KGRs. 650 – 750
10 KGRs. 1300 – 1500
40 KG Rs. 5200 – 6000
100 KGRs. 13000 – 15000

What is Wheat

It is the most widely grown grain in the world. Wheat family name is Poaceae and its Scientific name is Triticum aestivum. Wheat crop is sown from October to December and its duration is 5 to 6 months.

Wheat Bran Benefits

There are unlimited health benefits of wheat. Wheat bran is an important ingredient used as dietary fiber. It protects from colon disease, hemorrhoids and hiatal hernia. Doctors strongly recommend it to minimize high cholesterol and bowel syndrome. Wheat and barley have a positive effect on the digestive system. 

Main agricultural item is wheat. You can’t find its alternative but buckwheat has a lot of benefits for weight loss and cardiac health.

Wheat Production

In the year 2019 – 2020 the wheat production was near about 760 million tons according to the survey of the United states agriculture agency. This is the basic source of food for more than one third population of the world. It is grown on more than 540 million acres globally. 

It was expected that the wheat production would be minimal in Pakistan due to excessive rains and floods in the previous year.  But it is the good fortune that excessive wheat production in the year 2022 – 2023 broke all the previous records in Pakistan. This year’s highest production exceeds 27.5 million Tonnes. Wheat production in Punjab, Sindh has also increased as compared to the previous year. 

There are multiple wheat seeds. Best quality of wheat is produced in Pakistan, Russia, Canada and India. Some European countries also produce wheat.  

Price Fluctuation factors 

Wheat price in Pakistan (Gandum Price) depends upon multiple factors. Wheat prices are renewed year to year by the Government. Its rates are adjusted by the demand of Farmers. The main factor of its high rate is global inflation. The input materials for agriculture are increasing gradually. Fertilizers, fuel, petrol, diesel, and electricity are increasing.  These factors are the main cause of uncertainty in the wheat rate. A few other significant factors are given as:

  • High Demand of wheat & its ingredients
  • Minimum Production 
  • Illegal Smuggling 
  • High Population 
  • Weather & Environmental effects
  • Droughts 
  • Hurricanes & excessive rains
  • High Demand & low production
  • Wheat food & daily food intake
  • Imported wheat
  • Exported Wheat

Final Words

Fluctuation of wheat cost badly impacts the lifestyle of humans globally. Its price is stable in the top 10 wheat exporting countries. It is the most abundant import and export item in the whole world. Wheat price forecast indicates that it is a good long term investment for the agriculture business sector.

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