Acrylic Sheet Prices In Pakistan 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

Acrylic sheets are made up of resins, which are synthetic fiber polymers. Naturally, it is a plastic but closely similar to glass. In the commercial and residential construction industry, it is also known as plexiglass. In this article, we will take a close look at the Acrylic Sheets Prices in Pakistan.

Generally, it is used in the upgrading and decoration of homes, offices, and shopping malls. Revamping or modernizing the home is the intent of every homeowner. It is the best choice as an alternative to glass due to its lightweight and scratch resistance.

Shatterproof and butyl acrylate for impact strength enhance the quality of cast acrylic plastic sheets. They are used for the decoration of homes, rooms, and bedrooms. Acrylic sheet prices in Pakistan change due to multiple factors. Some main factors are quality, size, color, and thickness.

Acrylic Sheet Price in Pakistan

Polycarbonate sheets prices: An Overview

Acrylic Sheet Prices in Pakistan vary due to a lot of factors. But the best market prices are given in the table. If you are involved in purchasing acrylic sheets, please inform us about the Acrylic Sheet Prices in Pakistan. If you are a buyer, visit the showrooms physically and then buy after research

Product Name & CategorySize/QuantityPrice in PKR
Canvas Acrylic Sheets18×24 inches/1Rs. 600
Sheets for Mehndi cones15 Transparent sheetsRs. 240
Clear Acrylic Sheets12×12 inches Rs. 300
Cast Plexiglass Plastic12×12 inches Rs. 300
Colored Acrylic SheetA4 sizeRs. 300
Golden Mirror Sheets8×4 Feet Rs. 6500
Keychain Acrylic Sheets2.5 inchesRs. 500
EASE Acrylic Paint Bottle120 mlRs. 230
FABULOUS Laser Cut8×4 Feet Rs. 600 – 1000
Xintao Flexible Rainbow6×4 Feet Rs. 600 – 1200
PMMA Marble sheets8×4 Feet Rs. 600 – 900
Eyeshine Plastic sheet6×4 Feet Rs. 500 – 700

Acrylic Sheet Prices in Pakistan: Changing Factors

There are many factors that fluctuate the prices of Polycarbonate sheet rates. Some significant price changing factors include:

1– Thickness

The thickness of the acrylic board enhances the quality of the material where it is used. Butyl acrylate is used to improve the brand’s quality. Most acrylic sheets have a thickness range from 1.5mm to 12mm. Thickness and quality of acrylic sheets are considered as two sides of the same coin

2- Quality

All the constructors are searching for high-quality acrylic sheet a3 materials. It is an important plus point for the owners to use the best quality polycarbonate plastic sheets for lifelong durability of construction materials.

3- Color

Color of acrylic is another price changing factor. Everyone wants to use awesome and good looking plastic fiber sheets. Multiple colored sheets are available in the market. Try to choose the best design and shape that suits the interior surface of your home. Prior selection of best color saves acrylic paints prices. However you can change the color of your acrylic sheet with acrylic paints. 

4- Size

The most significant price-fluctuation factor is the size of acrylic polymer sheets. Length and width change the prices. The thickness of such polymer plastic sheets also affects the cost value of these glass-similar plastic sheets.

5- Quantity

Obviously, when you want to buy in bulk, you have to pay the wholesale price of acrylic sheets. If you want to purchase a single item, you have to pay more money compared to wholesale rates. Due to this reason, calculate your needs and then go to buy in bulk to save your precious money.

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Features of Acrylic Sheets

There are multiple best features of acrylic sheets, due to this reason a lot of people use these sheets as the alternative of mirror and lenses. Some popular features of this home decorating product include:

  • Multiple Sizes
  • Variety of Brands
  • Less Weight (Low Weight)
  • Allow External Sunlight to enter the House and rooms
  • Transparent & Colored Designs Acrylic Sheets
  • Multiple Colors
  • Impact Resistance & Safe compared to Glass
  • Easy to handle & install
  • Highly UV Resistance and compatible for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Harsh weather resistance and give a long life without deterioration.
  • Highly resistance to chemicals
  • Highly thermal insulation & optimize the indoor temperature of homes.
  • Absorbs the sound & provides a comfortable life even in busy areas.
  • Easily Recyclable & environmentally friendly.
  • shatterproof

Types of Acrylic Sheets

A lot of acrylic sheet varieties are available in the market. It is a sign of wisdom to do research online or by visiting the showrooms physically. This is the most important factor to select the best one among multiple types. 

  • Clear Acrylic Sheet
  • Colored Acrylic Sheets
  • Frosted Acrylic Sheets
  • Mirror Acrylic Sheets
  • golden acrylic mirror sheets
Acrylic Sheet Prices in Pakistan

Types of Acrylic Plastic Sheets by Color

Multiple colored acrylic sheets are available in the market with affordable prices. Color is the most important aspect that affects the mode of the person directly. Therefore when you want to buy an acrylic sheet then do research for the best color.  Some awesome and different colors of acrylic sheets include:

  • Transparent Acrylic Sheet
  • Red color Acrylic Sheets
  • Blue color Acrylic Sheets
  • Green color Acrylic Sheets
  • Orange color Acrylic Sheets
  • Yellow Color Acrylic Sheets
  • Black Color Acrylic Sheets
  • Milky White Color Acrylic Sheets

Uses of Acrylic Sheets

Like PVC acrylic sheets are used in multiple fields of life. They are also used in canvas boards for beginners to practice. In this article, we have specifically discussed their use in the field of construction. However, they are used in many fields of life. Some significant uses of the best acrylic sheets include:

  • Domestic Use of Acrylic Sheets
  • Skylights & Windows
  • Cabinets & Tabletops protectors
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Bed Rooms Decoration
  • House Corners Brightness
  • Picture Framing
  • DIY Piece of Art Embellish
  • Revamp House
  • Revamp & Beautify Your Kitchen
  • Windows
  • Frames
  • Bulletproof Glass
  • Aircraft Canopies
  • Instruments Dials
  • Lights
  • Optical Lenses
  • Skylights
  • Safety Glass
  • Laser engraved Signage
  • Shelving
  • Home decoration
  • Hobby display 
  • Art Protector

Thickness of Acrylic Sheets

According to the opinion of experts, you should choose acrylic sheets of 1.5mm – 12mm thickness size when you are going to buy a transparent or a clear sheet. If you want to select a colored plastic acrylic sheet then its thickness size should be 2mm – 4mm. 

Benefits of Acrylic Sheets

There are a lot of benefits of acrylic sheets. Mainly, it is used as a Glass alternative for the decoration of homes, windows, vehicles, and more. Some important advantages of acrylic sheets include:

  • Transparent & Clear
  • Safe from breaking
  • Offer easy installation due to light weight
  • Easy to modify or fabricate
  • Better energy & thermal insulation
  • Require Low maintenance
  • Offer best design flexibility
  • Cost effective therefore affordable compared to glass

Drawbacks of Acrylic Sheets

Despite having a large number of features and properties, acrylic sheets also have some drawbacks. Some significant cons of acrylic sheets include:

  • Scratching Issues
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Flammability
  • Change of Original Color Over the Time

Best Brands of Acrylic Sheets in Pakistan

Multiple companies are manufacturing their products in the whole world. In Pakistan, the most important companies making the best acrylic sheets are given below.

  • PlexiGlas (plexiglass acrylic sheets)
  • Perspex
  • Lucite
  • DuPont Conglomerate

Acrylic Sheets Buying Places or Markets

First of all, you should confirm in which market the acrylic sheets are available, and then go to buy. It will save a lot of time, and you won’t need to wander here and there in the market. Some important purchasing markets and shopping malls for acrylic sheets include:

  1. Pakistan PVC LTD SHAVYL in Islamabad
  2. Chakwal Plastic & Steel Works in Sadar Bazar Rawalpindi
  3. ZRK Group in KPK Peshawar
  4. Zakiuddin Traders in Hyderabad Sindh
  5. Meezan Plastic Industry in KPK Peshawar
  6. Hassan Traders in Karachi Sindh
  7. Star Poly Industry Karachi
  8. Hamaz Enterprises in Lahore
  9. Alhamd Traders in Sargodha Punjab

Buying Guides of Acrylic Sheets

Whenever you go to buy acrylic sheets in the market, you must consider some important factors. Physical and online research will assist you in choosing a better alternative for your money. Some significant buying guides for acrylic sheets include:

  • Purpose & application
  • Thickness according to your needs
  • Size & Dimensions as per your requirements
  • Color, Design, & Finish
  • Fire Resistance
  • Brand & Quality according to your budget
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Reviews


Initially its color changes to yellow. Its average life is 10 years or more. 

You can use it at 30 to 90 degree celsius temperature. However it expands on high temperatures. 

Acrylic sheets slightly expand at high temperature. Approximately it expands 0.075mm/m/k.

Due to high using trends of acrylic sheets & acrylic boards multiple thickness varieties are available in the market. Average thickness range is 2mm to 50mm. 


Acrylic sheets are used in multiple places. If you are looking for the best alternative to glass with low weight, then acrylic sheets are the best option for you. High-quality acrylic sheets have gained admiration in every walk of life. A large number of homeowners use them to decorate their houses and rooms. Revamping houses with the help of acrylic sheets requires less cost as compared to new construction.

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