Distemper Prices in Pakistan 2024 Latest Rate List

When you complete the construction of your house, office, restaurant and shopping mall then the next important step is to paint it with a cool and amazing color. Multiple companies’ distempers are available in the market with different prices range. It is very difficult to select the best one among a large number of types. This blog post specially gives a close touch to Distemper prices in Pakistan and their multiple brands. 

Very bright or very dark colors are not good. If you varnish the walls with cool and light looking paints that give an attractive look to your house. Some people love to give a top and bottom borders with the same paint colors. 

I like the light blue, light white, light dim red, and light yellow color combination. Some give a uniform look to the interior surface of their house, So they use the same distemper color on walls, doors, and other furniture. 

Distemper Prices in Pakistan

What is Distemper?

Distemper is a kind of paint with a large number of colours used to paint the walls, furniture, and doors. It is in liquid form and contains water, lime, pigments, and chalk. Sometimes white cement is also used to color the walls. 

In the rural areas where limestones are easily available they use it as white distemper. Initially the limestone is burnt in fire and then dissolved in water. Salt is also mixed to give this color a long life. 

Paints Colors and Shades

There are a lot of colors and shades but it is very difficult to select the ideal color. You must contact a painting expert for this purpose. Every company provides you with a booklet that contains a large number of color schemes. 

Latest Distemper Prices in Pakistan

Multiple companies of paints are available in Pakistan. The paint prices of every company vary due to many factors. Quality is the most important price fluctuating factor. Here are the latest rates of some distemper. 

Diamond Distemper Prices in Pakistan

Diamond paint company offers versatile colors and paints in different packings. Different types of shades are available according to the choice of users. It offers good quality paints without a token. The price varies according to the quantity. 

Distemper NamePackage Size/QuantityDiamond paint Price
Diamond Paints14.75 litersRs. 8,221
Diamond Paints3.65 litersRs. 2130
Diamond Distemper0.91 litersRs. 621

Uses of Distemper

Distemper paints are generally applied as wall paints, varnish the furniture, and color the interior and exterior surface of houses, offices, and restaurants. These distemper paints not only provide a beautiful look to your house but also cover the damage and defective areas of walls, and furniture. 

Distemper Prices in Pakistan

Paints companies in Pakistan

  • Master Paints company
  • Dulux Paints company
  • Diamond Paints Company
  • Berger Paints Company
  • Happilac Paints company
  • Brighto Paints Company
  • Nippon Paints Company
  • Sparco Paints Company
  • AKzonobel paints company
  • Jotun Paints company
  • Alwan Paints Company
  • Luxury Paints Company
  • Kansai Paints Company
  • Gobi’s paints company
  • Majestic paints Company


This technical work needs some experience and also some tools. The fresh distemper is easy to erase while the dried paint takes some time to clean. You need warm water, a brush and mild detergent soap. Rub the surface smoothly and clean the area with a soft cloth. 

You must need some experience to distemper the wall. Take gloves, eyeglasses, and brush for painting the walls. Dissolve the paints and start your work. 

No, it is not dangerous, but the people who have any type of allergy with the paints should not do this job. 

Every paint has its own requirement. The application and preparation criteria will be observed in the manual. 

There is no rocket science, get all necessary tools, dissolve the paints and start painting the walls smoothly. 


Selection of distemper paint among multiple colors and versatile pricing factors is really a difficult task. I recommend you visit the warehouses or newly painted buildings to get the ideas. Get the suggestions from your friends and relatives. You should also observe the customer reviews for the selection of best distemper & paintings.

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