Steel Price Today in Pakistan 2024 Latest Rate List

You must have heard about the most important material used in construction, known as steel. This alloy is made up of iron and carbon. Some other minor and trace elements are also the component of this most significant construction material. Apart from these elements’ manganese, silicon, oxygen, and sulfur are also part of the steel. Discussion about steel price today in Pakistan is the need of the period for economic growth and infrastructure development.

The steel rate in Pakistan never remains the same globally. Many factors are involved in the fluctuation of steel and iron. Below is the list of steel prices according to weight and grade

Steel Price Today per KG in Pakistan

Steel prices in Pakistan may differ due to multiple factors. We have tried to gather accurate rates from the market. Visit the steel warehouses while buying products. The steel rate today chart is given here.

Rate of 60 Grade steelRate of 40 Grade steelMajor Cities
Rs. 288 / KGRs. 285 / KGKarachi
Rs. 275 / KGRs. 272 / KGLahore
Rs. 275 / KGRs. 273 / KGLahore & Islamabad
Rs. 275 / KGRs. 270 / KGKarachi, Multan
Rs. 273 / KGRs. 270 / KGMultan & Faisalabad
Rs. 274 / KGRs. 272 / KG. Karachi & Lahore
Rs. 273 / KGRs. 270 / KGRawalpindi

Branded Steel Price list

Brand Name40 Grade Rate in KG60 Grade Rate in KG
Amreli SteelsRS. 265 Per KGRS. 267 Per KG
Mughal SteelRS. 263 Per KGRS. 265 Per KG
Agha SteelRS. 261 Per KGRS. 263 Per KG
Moiz SteelRS. 261 Per KGRS. 263 Per KG
Union SteelRS. 264 Per KGRS. 266 Per KG
Naveena SteelRS. 260 Per KGRS. 262 Per KG

Key Uses of Steel in Various Industries

Steel is widely used for the reinforcement of construction and buildings. Its exceptional strength and durability are the main reasons that made its use popular in the whole world. Some important uses are given below.


Steel is widely used in construction globally. It is mainly used to strengthen buildings, bridges, shopping malls, and stadiums. Steel provides structural integrity and is ideal for supporting heavy loads. Mostly steel is used for the manufacturing of steel bars and Saria


It is used in automotive and vehicle preparation on a large scale. Some important weight-bearing spare parts are made up of high-quality steel. Steel is mainly used to make the bodies of all types of motor vehicles. Most engine parts are made up of steel and iron rods.


You might know the transportation resources like trains, airplanes, ships, and railway tracks. All these resources are made up of steel and iron. Steel is a strong material that qualifies to use such high-weight-bearing transportation resources.  

Energy Sector

It is also widely used in the energy sector. Steel is the main part of power plant construction. Transmission towers need high strength. Only steel can fulfill the strength of gas pipelines and drilling equipment.  

Home Appliances & Tools

It is mostly used in refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances due to reinforcement and high strength. Many hardware and cutlery items are made up of steel alloy. Many people use steel water tanks for domestic and commercial use.

Defense & Security

It is used for manufacturing military tanks, aircraft guns, and warrior weapons. Durability and affordable properties are the main reasons for its use on a large scale. Military or defense forces generally use hard weapons to ensure the security of a country.

Steel & iron Price / metric ton weight

Steel is generally purchased in metric tons for commercial purposes. The rate of steel per metric ton is different. It changes due to the quality and grade factors of steel. The 60-grade and 40-grade rates per metric ton range from Rs. 245,000 to 288,000. However, a slight difference may occur away from the main cities due to carriage costs.

Steel Price Today

How to Check Steel Quality?

Many important evaluation measurements are needed to check the worth of steel. Some important things are listed below in bullet form.

  • Chemical Composition
  • Tensile Strength Analysis
  • Hardness Test
  • Impact Test
  • Microstructure Examination
  •  Non-Destructive Testing

Precautionary Measurement

  • Use defensive helmets and gloves in the Construction industry.
  • Wear Protective Shoes to avoid slipping
  • Transport Steel items Carefully

Major Steel Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

Many steel manufacturing companies are working in Pakistan. These are fulfilling the market capacity of steel in every field of life. The quality brand of steel varies from company to company.

  • Pakistan steel mills
  • Agha steel
  • Aisha steel
  • Amaan steels
  • Chenab steel
  • Maqsood steel
  • Ittehad steel


Steel is the main component of construction, automotive, transportation, and home appliances. Steel Price Today has a major impact on the lifestyle of people. It also contributes to GDP growth and the economy. Steel rods are also used to make concrete bricks strong.

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