TR Garder price in Pakistan Today 2024 [Accurate Price]

TR and Girder are made up of iron and steel. These are the significant components to be used in single story houses and buildings. TR Garder price change frequently in the Pakistani market. The basic factor of price fluctuation is the widely changing prices of steel and iron. Most builders prefer TR and garder roofs due to less cost as compared to RCC roofs.

In Pakistani market TR and Garder prices are measured in per kg, or per foot cost. TR and garder roofs bear less load capacity. This is why the majority of poor people use them instead of RCC roofs. Most of the people use them in single story shopping malls and offices. TR and Garder are also used in the buildings of single-story schools.

TR Garder price

List of TR Garder price in Pakistan  today 2023

Price indicatorsTR (T Iron) PriceGarder Rate (Garder Price)TR & Garder rates Today
Rate per KGRs. 250 to 290Rs. 260 to 29515 jan, 2024
Rate Per FootRs.  140 to 295Rs. 350 to 50015 jan, 2024

Factors on TR & Garder Prices

Multiple factors are involved in the fluctuation of T iron and Girder prices in Pakistan. The most important and basic crises in Government steel companies is the mismanagement and carelessness. The uncertainty in the price of dollars has a significant impact on the prices of Iron products. Unfortunately, Pakistani government has no control on prices; this is why monopoly in the market rate is natural. Inflation is increasing gradually and it has finished all previous records. 

Brand and quality also change the price of materials. Builders love to use the best quality of iron for the lengthy life of their houses and buildings. Raw material is another factor that affects the price of iron made materials.

Crude oil, petrol and diesel rates have a direct impact on the prices of TR and Girder. The carriage cost of raw materials and transportation of iron made materials increase the prices. The prices of electricity and energy also adversely affects the steel and iron prices in Pakistan. 

precautionary measures

  • Wear a helmet when working with Gardar or tr.
  • It is mandatory to wear gloves and a face mask while working.
  • Keep TR and Gardars away from water.
  • When working at height, wear a belt.
  • It should be stored in a designated place.

TR & Girder Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

Multiple Iron and steel companies are working in the Pakistani business market. Some famous Garder and T iron manufacturing companies are given below. The rates vary from company to company due to quality and brand differences.

  •  Ittefaq Steel Company
  •  Amreli Steels Company Ltd
  • Pakistan Steel mills Corporation Limited Karachi
  • Pakistan Steel mills Corporation Limited Karachi
  •    Agha Steel Industries LTD
  •   International industries Ltd
  • Crescent Steel & Allied Products LTD
  •   Fornax Icon PVT LTD
  • Steelex Private Limited
  • Peoples Steel Mills LTD

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TR Garder price

Disclaimer Announcement

The members take these prices from the market. The fluctuation of iron and steel rates change the prices of TR and garder frequently on a daily basis. These prices do not remain the same due to transportation charges. So, the difference in the TR, and Garder rates from city to city is not unusual. Buy roof structure materials like TR and garder on your own responsibility after the research of prices. If you are an iron company representative and find some differences in our rates, please inform us through our contact us platform page. 

TR Garder price in Pakistan

Advantages & Disadvantages


  •  High Energy Efficiency
  • TR and Gardar offer temperature regulation (cold in summer, hot in winter).
  • TR and Gardar can withstand heavy weight.
  • TR and Gardars are easily weldable.


  • Construction with TR and Gardar can be costlier than using wood.
  • TR and Gardar may have limited design options compared to alternative materials.

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