Artificial Grass Price in Pakistan 2024 Get Amazing Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Price in Pakistan: Decorating a house balcony or lawn always remains a tough task for everyone because after initiation it needs proper care and maintenance. The floor’s grass maintenance always feels difficult because in addition to giving them timely water they also demand that it be trimmed and cut on time.In these busy days hence after the invention of artificial grass and turf people are continuously indulging into it. It is a huge and beautiful addition in that busy world of inventions. Now you can also make your balcony, terrace or your lawn so cool that the guest will not manage to ask about the secret behind your house’s beauty.

Artificial Grass Price in Pakistan

The prices may fluctuate from time to time and also place to place but before buying make sure that the price fluctuation must not be too large. The price of grass of area 1Ft by 1Ft is Rs 155. Similarly, you can get 2Ft by 6 Ft for Rs 2239. Hence, their prices vary from size to size. Yet from these prices you can estimate the price of varying size grass.

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Though it has a wide range of usage in different places, we are going to discuss the common ones.

Home decoration

The most basic and beautiful use of artificial grass is in home improvement. It can be used on the terrace floor, balcony, the lawn or any other place. It can also be used to decorate the vertical walls of a house and this usage of it is most underrated. It just needs installment and you just do not need to worry about its regulation.

Sports field

Secondly, it can also be used in the sports field. In professional sports it was firstly used in Baseball and then into Football. Now it is used in almost every field like Cricket, Hockey and even Golf. Due to some reasons it also remained banned from some sports. It allows more quick movement than the original turf. It was banned by FIFA and also UEFA to be used in the Football field but now both the organizations are looking to use it more and more. It is the best option for Futsal ground, small and beautiful!

Artificial Grass Price in Pakistan


It is environment resistant. It doesn’t attract dust nor does it absorb moisture. It has a pure capturing look. The most important thing is that it doesn’t need any kind of regulation or proper care. It just needs installation and enough. It is also considered as more durable then the original grass. It always has a fresh look. In the sport field it enhances the quickness of the ball so make every single game more competitive.


As it is continuously substituting the natural grass so it is considered as a threat to the environment. The one reason behind the rising power of global warming is the wide use of artificial grass as a substitute for natural grass. Sometimes, due to more and more use of the plastic material through which its under surface is constructed it can cause diseases. Variety of plastics are used in it. So before buying go through the material used in grass.


Usage of artificial grass is a great idea to decorate your home. It doesn’t need any kind of care or watering. To make your home floor look naturally beautiful that can make your guest jealous of you. These grasses are also available at an affordable price. If you own any sports field you can also try it. Also if you want to make use of it in your office then it could be a brilliant idea. Make sure to estimate the size properly.

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