PVC Pipe Prices In Pakistan 2024 Latest Rate List

PVC pipes are the most important elements not only for construction but also for irrigation, sewerage and sanitation systems, boring, and plumbing. If you are also looking for pipes of good quality for the water supply of your house or its plumbing system, then PVC pipes are the ideal choice. In this blog post, we will discuss PVC Pipe Prices in Pakistan and also all other related price fluctuation factors.

PVC rubber pipes are also used for industrial applications in big cities. Water transportation and plumbing systems are necessities in every building, whether commercial or residential, and PVC pipes provide a single solution to all these problems.

The majority of people are using PVC pipes due to several significant features. Such plastic pipes are resistant to deterioration and erosion. The primary reason for selecting PVC pipelines is their ease of customization. These pipes can be easily cut and molded according to your needs.

There are mainly two types of PVC pipes based on their strength: flexible PVC pipes and rigid PVC pipes. Generally, flexible pipes are used in low-pressure applications, while rigid pipes are ideal for underground applications where pressure is high.

Latest PVC Pipe Prices in Pakistan 

PVC pipes are available in multiple sizes. Most using size for domestic and commercial purposes with the latest price list are given in the table. 

PVC Pipe SizeLength – – – – – – – – WeightPVC Pipe Rates updated
1 inch Pipe10 Feet length & 700 GramRs. 400 – 450
1.5 inch Pipe10 feet long & 1 KG Rs. 500 – 570
2 inch Pipe10 feet long & 1 KGRs. 590 – 620
2.5 inch Pipe10 feet length & 1.5 KGRs. 880 – 950
3 inch Pipe13 feet length & 3 KGRs. 1880 – 1950
3.5 inch Pipe13 feet long & 3.5 KGRs. 1960 – 2010
4 inch Pipe13 feet length & 4 KGRs. 2030 – 2300
4.5 inch Pipe13 feet length & 5 KGRs. 2850 – 3250
5 inch Pipe13 feet long & 7 KGRs. 3560 – 3850
6 inch Pipe13 feet length & 10 KGRs. 5150 – 5350
7 inch Pipe13 feet long & 12 KGRs. 5900 – 6200
8 inch Pipe13 feet length & 15 KGRs. 7500 – 7700
9 inch Pipe13 feet length & 17 KGRs. 8500 – 8600
10 inch Pipe10 feet length & 20 KGRs. 10000 – 12000
12 inch PVC Pipe10 feet length & 25 KGRs. 12500 – 13000

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What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, consists of multiple monomers of vinyl chloride. Its chemical formula is C2H3Cl. The primary component, vinyl chloride, is used in the production of numerous plastic items for both domestic and commercial purposes. Some significant uses of PVC include:

  • Manufacturing of Pipes
  • Coating of Electrical wires (AC & DC)
  • Making of Toys
  • Manufacturing of Plastic Bags
  • Multiple Packing Stuff
PVC Wall Panel Prices In Pakistan

Price Fluctuating Factors

If you are seeking information on the price fluctuation factors of PVC pipes, you’ve come to the right place. The Pakistani market is currently experiencing some unfavorable conditions related to the prices of construction materials. The primary reasons for this record inflation are political instability in the country and the challenging economic conditions.

Political and economic crises are the main causes of this inflation wave. No one is ready to control it. Even the caretaker government says that there is no inflation in the country. Some other significant price changing factors include:

  1. Demand: When the demand for PVC pipes increases, the PVC Pipe rates will be high enough. The solution to this problem is simple. Local manufacturing companies of PVC pipes should enhance their production. When high production of the industries meet the demand of the people the prices go down easily. 
  2. Supply: Demand and supply systems are two sides of the same coin. If you have sufficient supply that fulfills the demand of customers then prices remain unchanged for a long time. The disturbance of demand and supply  balance fluctuates the prices frequently. 
  3. Inflation: The wave of inflation is another main reason for the price fluctuation of PVC Plastic pipes. When the local market depends on foreign markets, it may cause high inflation. This will disturb all the sectors where PVC pipes are used. 
  4. Rate of Currency Exchange: Currency rate is also a significant reason that leads to increased rates in the local market. In Pakistan the Dollar rate is increasing and our local currency Rupee is facing devaluation. It leads to high inflation on imported materials. 
  5. Season: PVC pipes are used as a seasonal product. In the summer season its demand increases due to high use. The prices of seasonal products generally change accordingly.  
  6. Uses of PVC Pipes: PVC pipe is used in construction on a large scale. Its pre construction use is not neglectable but generally it is used when construction work is almost completed. Some constructors use PVC Pipes while others use PPRC pipes. 
PVC Pipes Price In Pakistan.

Types of PVC Pipes

Multiple types of  PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are available in the market for multipurpose usage. Every type has some significant characters designed for that special purpose. Some important varieties of Plastic PVC pipes used in various fields globally. The significant kinds of PVC pipes include: 

  1. Schedule 40 PVC Pipes: Schedule 40 pipes are durable and are ideal to use for outdoor purposes. This type of plastic pipes are generally used in water supply for the safe transportation of water in the cities and villages. Mostly concrete pipes are used in sewerage systems but on domestic level PVC pipes schedule 40 are also used to ensure a safe drainage system. 
  2. PVC Schedule 80: Schedule 80 pipes are used in those projects where high pressure handling is required for safe transportation of water and contaminated sewage materials. It is also ideal for industrial application due to thickness and strength. 
  3. PVC Conduit: PVC conduit is mostly used to protect electrical wires. After the completion of construction the most important project is its electricity wiring. Whether you do under wall wiring or open wiring PVC conduit are needed for this purpose. Such pipes are available in various sizes due to its high usage to protect the home from any short circuit hazards. 
  4. PVC conduits are also used as coating of electricity wires. Electricity wires need strong over coating to protect any electric shocks from short circuits. 
  5. PVC Sewer Pipes: PVC sewer pipes are specially designed for a safe underground sewerage system. Secure drainage system ensures a comfortable life whether you are in a city or in a village. Sewerage plastic pipes are strong and durable and such high pressure bearing pipes are suitable for harsh and ruthless underground environments.  
  6. UPVC Pipes: Polyvinyl Chloride is the main component of this type of PVC pipe. Generally, this kind of pipe is used for indoor and outdoor sanitation and water transporting purposes. The main feature of this pipe is the light weight, elasticity and strength. These are corrosion resistant and durable. 
  7. PPR Pipes: PPR pipes are manufactured with the help of polyvinyl chloride. Such pipes are also durable and strong. You may use this type of pipe for the plumbing in the field of construction. It is also best for hot water while using it for industrial purposes. 
  8. GI Pipes: Galvanized iron pipes are also used for plumbing and sanitation purposes. Such metal pipes have no resistance against the rust. So, such pipes are not ideal and have no long life. 
  9. HDPE Pipes: High-density Polyethylene is the main component of this type. Such pipes are ideal for underground application and have a good efficiency to bear high pressure of harsh environments.

Boring and Irrigation PVC Pipe Prices in Pakistan

Some high efficiency PVC pipes are used for the casing of water bores. Pakistan is an agricultural country hence there is a big demand for such broad pipes. Multiple sizes are used for irrigation purposes. Some main sizes include:

SizeUsing PurposePVC Pipe Prices in Pakistan
2 inch PVC PipeWater supplyRs. 50 – 200 per foot
3 inch PVC PipeSanitation and IrrigationRs. 250 – 300 per foot
4 inch PVC PipePlumbing and IrrigationRs. 250 – 350 per foot
5 inch PVC PipeSewerage and IrrigationRs. 300 – 350 per foot
6 inch PVC PipeBoring and IrrigationRs. 320 – 380 per foot
12 inch PVC PipeBoring & IrrigationRs. 990 – 1200 per foot

Using Guides of PVC Pipes

Experts recommended some precautionary measures for the safe use of PVC pipes. Some significant handling of plastic pipes include:

  • Careful Handling of Pipes: Careful handling is an important thing if you are working in the showrooms of PVC pipes. Ruthless usage of PVC pipes may cause damage. Be careful during transportation of PVC pipes. Don’t bend any pipe and also avoid twisting of pipes. Mostly cracks and leaks of PVC pipes are not repairable. 
  • Storage Guidelines: Store PVC pipes in a shaded area as the high temperature and direct exposure of sunlight may deteriorate the pipes. The showroom of PVC pipes should be dry and have optimum temperature. Very cold environment may cause the contraction of pipes that may cause cracks. 
  • Stacking Instructions: If you are from a PVC pipe manufacturing company you should follow some precautionary measures while stacking the pipes. Avoid high stack and close stack of pipes. Such mishandling may cause deformation and wrapping of pipes.  
  • Weight limit: Transportation of PVC pipes needs some careful guidelines. Avoid overloading on trucks or tractor trolly. Higher pressure of overloading may cause cracks and leakage in the pipes. 
  • Storage Supports: Storage supports are an ideal way of handling PVC pipes. Some special vehicles are designed with brackets and hangers that ensure the safe transportation of plastic pipes. In the warehouses some special brackets and support chambers are also designed to minimize the weight pressure. 
  • PVC Warehouse Worker’s Guide: Warehouse crews should follow some important instructions for the safety of pipes and their lives. Workers should wear safety gloves. Use of safety glasses protects your eyes during hard work. Use a helmet and ensure all safety measures from any potential hazards. 

Buying Guides of PVC Pipes

Experts have mentioned some important instructions regarding the selection of PVC pipes for the construction. Don’t compromise on the quality because it provides a long life to your home or any other construction.

Use of low quality pipes is harmful for your home, or your tube well. Always select a pvc pipe with a smooth inner surface that ensures the easy flow of water. PVC pipes having a rough inner surface may cause blockage of water. 

It is better for you to consult an expert plumber or a credible PVC pipe company for your project. Frequent visits to Showrooms and warehouses help you to select the best one for your homes. 

  • Select the size according to your need.
  • Buy the pipes that suit your budget.
  • Select the best quality according to the need of purpose.
  • Check the elasticity and rigidity accordingly.
  • Measure the length of your project before buying. 
  • Check the weight and thickness of the PVC pipe while purchasing. 
PVC Pipes Price In Pakistan.

Features of PVC Pipes instead of Regular Pipes

There are many features of PVC pipes, this is the reason users prefer these plastic pipes with reasonable prices compared to other regular pipes. Some important features of Polyvinyl chloride pipes include:

  • Low cost compared to Metal pipes
  • Durability and high strength provide long life to your water transportation system.
  • No Frequent & extra expenditure needed if you use Plastic PVC pipes.
  • PVC pipes are easy to install and repair compared to metal or iron pipes.
  • Leakage and Cracks are easily repairable.
  • Screw junction of metal pipes is very difficult to attach to each other, while PVC plastic pipes are easily attached only with the help of heating procedure.
  • PVC pipes are used for commercial sanitation and water transportation due to high efficiency. 

Using History of Pipes

In the past, people mainly used iron or steel pipes for water supply, sanitation, sewerage discharge, and irrigation drilling. Steel pipes were even used in home construction. However, these pipes were not durable and often resulted in blockage problems.

Now water supply, sewerage system, boring and even SNGPL supply is also shifted on PVC pipes. Such plastic pipes are not only durable but also resistant against corrosion, and rust. Minimum damaging chances are available for PVC pipes.

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PVC Pipe Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

A large number of PVC pipes manufacturing companies are working in Pakistan. Some companies make creative and qualitative designs with high efficiency while the products of others are not credible. 

  • AdamJee Plastic Industry
  • Royal Pipes
  • Alpha Pipes
  • National Pipe Industry
  • Beta Pipes
  • New Tech Pipes
  • Master Pipes
  • Alsafa Pipes
  • Plasco Pipes Company
  • Minhas Pipes & Fittings
  • Xperia Pipe Company & fittings
  • All Pakistan PVC Pipes Manufacturing Company
  • PVC City Manufacturer
  • GoodWill Plastic Industries
  • FiveStar Groups PVC Industry

Advantages of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes have multiple features and are mostly used for construction purposes. Such plastic pipes are essential for the sewerage system of the homes. These have multiple benefits and not many drawbacks. Anyhow some Pros and cons of PVC pipe include: 

  • Crucial Plumbing accessory
  •  Flexible & Durable
  • You can attach a smaller pipe to a larger pipe only by heating the end of both pipes. 
  • There is no danger of rust even in the presence of water. 
  • Low cost that saves your budget.
  • Lightweight with a comfortable installation process. 
  • Resistance to deterioration
  • You can attach one pipe with the other pipe only with the help of glue and solution. 
  • Maintain Water Pressure
  • Useful for sewerage, and also used for commercial and industrial purposes, and also used for pulling water from the depth of hundreds feet.


There are some drawbacks of PVC pipes but their benefits exceed their cons. 

  • Damage on High Temperature
  • Don’t Bear High Pressure
  • Damage on long time storage 


4 inch PVC pipes are generally used for irrigation purposes. Such plastic pipes are also used to ensure the sewerage system of your house. It is also ideal for underground water supply systems. It is used in multiple domestic and commercial projects. 

  • PVC-U (Unplasticised PVC)
  • PVC-M (Modified PVC)
  • PVC-C (Chlorinated PVC)
  • PVC-O (Molecularly Oriented PVC)

Schedule 80 PVC pipe is strong and thick. It is designed to bear ruthless and harsh environments while being used in higher pressure areas. 

There are multiple pvc pipes in the market. Every special type of pvc pipe is ideal for that special purpose for what that is designed. So, check what you need and then go to purchase the best pipe according to your requirement. 


Market rates of PVC pipes in Pakistan vary day to day due to high inflation. Multiple factors fluctuate the cost value of construction materials. If you want to buy the best PVC pipes then visit the showrooms to get the actual experience of rates. There are multiple factors that cause price changes like size of the pipe, quality of the PVC pipe, and also material used to prepare the PVC pipes.

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