Wash Basin Price in Pakistan Latest Rate List 2024

A Wash Basin, also known as a bowl-shaped sink, is used for washing hands and dishes. It is the most important item for maintaining sanitation in a home. There are unlimited types of wash basins available, varying in size, color, shape, and price. The most significant aspect of this article is the wash basin price in Pakistan

A sink or wash basin is used for washing hands, face, and other parts of the body. Sterilization and proper cleaning of hands and face are necessary for a healthy and comfortable life. Soap or shampoo can be easily used with a sink tub or pedestal wash basin. 

The construction of a home depends upon the budget of each individual. The wash basin Price in Pakistan varies due to multiple factors such as size, shape, and components used in its manufacturing. Builders and constructors should make decisions accordingly. 

Latest List of Wash Basin Price in Pakistan

The price changes from city to city. The price of the wash basin in Karachi is slightly different compared to the rates in Lahore city. The average Rate list of all manufacturing companies is given in the table below.

Company NameModelPrice
Master Sanitary LTDLocalRs. 4000 – 4500
Brite Sanitary ltdLocalRs. 3500 – 4000
Total SanitaryLocalRs. 3200 – 6000
Local Simple Design BasinLocalRs. 2600 – 3500
Porta (HD) Wash BasinBrandedRs. 17000 – 35000
Dell Sanitary WareLocalRs. 4480 – 5500
Mone Rose pedestalBrandedRs. 50000 – 55000
Zilver ZPDB102BrandedRs. 9400 – 15000
Marachi MC-2011BrandedRs. 15768 – 20000
The Emart Portable TravelLocal & BrandedRs. 2599 – 3000
wash basin price in pakistan

Designs of Wash Basin

There are a large number of designs of wash basins. The prices of wash basins depend on the designs. Pedestal wash basin price is different from the fixed one. This is a significant cultural and traditional aspect. The manufacturers try to make designs that reflect the culture of a specific region. Rate factors also greatly impact the designs of sinks or washing basins. Notable designs include:

Classic Design

Pedestal Washing Basin

It is a widely used basin free standing with the help of a pedestal. It covers the plumbing system. You can say this is a traditional one

Countertop Basins

This design fits on the top of the vanity offering multiple designs based on size, color, and shape. Its customization users’ designs precisely fit with the outlook of washrooms. 

Wall Mounted wash Basins

Generally, such designs are ideal for those washrooms where space is limited. It is directly fixed to the wall without any other support. It gives a minimalist look and attractive design for small bathrooms and washing areas. 

Undermount Basin

Under-Mounted basins are fixed under the counterparts. Such designs are used for both washrooms and also for the kitchen. You cannot see under Mount from the front because these are not visible.    

 Vessel Basin

The vessel basin is generally made up of stainless steel or ceramics. It is used in bathrooms and kitchens. Vessels are installed on the countertop. 

Pedestal Sink

This type doesn’t need any extra support. It has a pedestal support. Multiple designs are available for pedestal sinks. It is commonly used inside and outside the bathrooms where users use them while standing.  

Recessed Basin

There are two types of recessed basins. One is semi-recessed and the second one is a fully-recessed wash basin. Partial or permanent installation on the countertop is the basic difference between these two types. The location of the permanently installed cannot be changed. While partial installation can easily be transferred to free the space. 

Console Basin

This is used for the integration purposes of a countertop basin with a console table. Its legs support the washing basin and look very beautiful in the washrooms.  

Contemporary Design

Single Wash Basin

Commonly a single wash basin is used in small houses. It depends upon the family member of a home. A double water supply can be used for hot and cold water. 

Dual Wash Basin

Such wash basins are installed in universities, colleges, and big offices where a large number of people use them simultaneously. Dual sinks or wash basins are generally pedestals. 

 Types of Wash Basins by Material

Washbasins are made up of marble, stainless steel, glass, and stone. Their cost values change according to the price of the specified materials. 

Marble Wash Basin

Marble wash basins are generally considered luxury ones. The price range changes from area to area due to carriage costs. Marble wash basin prices also depend on the availability of marble in a specified area of the world. Marble is heavy due to this reason it needs a compact and durable support for long life. 

Stone Granite

Stone Granite is natural and looks good when used in the washrooms. It is a luxury sanitation item and is widely used in the manufacturing of wash basins. The durable and stylish look is the main reason for its wide usage in sanitation materials.  

Black Granite

It is also another type of granite but only a different color look. People use it due to low maintenance and easy cleaning factors. Natural stones give an aesthetic look to the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Ceramics Wash Basin

This type of wash basin is made up of ceramic material. Traditionally people use it due to its durability. Ceramic materials are resistant to stains and fading effects. Such materials are also valuable for health because they minimize bacterial growth. Unlimited designs are available in the market as per the user’s customized size, color, and shape. 

Stainless Steel 

Such wash Basins are made up of stainless steel. This type is generally installed in hospitals, restaurants, and public places. Stainless steel wash basins are durable and do not need frequent maintenance. Its wide use in public places is due to its strength and saving maintenance time. 

Glass Wash Basin

Glass wash basins provide a transparent and translucent appearance to the washrooms. The cleaning procedure of glass basins is easy but it needs extra care. Multiple colors and shapes are available in the market. Due to luxury, a few people use it for the decoration of homes. High-cost charging hotels use glass sanitary items.

 Innovation in Wash Basins

There are numerous innovations in the manufacturing of washing Basins. Some important designs and innovations include:

  • Smart FeaturesSustainable Materials
  • Integrated Designs
  • Advanced & Latest Surface Coatings
  • Users-Customization Options


You must have heard about local and imported wash basins. The main factors between local and imported are origin and manufacturing process, quality and standards, Reputation and trust, warranty and after-sales service, pricing, and brand recognition. People love to buy imported ones due to their high quality and after-sale services.


Imported wash basins are usually manufactured by well-known companies. Such world-recognized companies have good reputations and trust. They ensure quality at any cost and are manufactured world wide. Branded and imported companies charge high prices due to their global presence. If you want to have a durable product then do not use low-price wash basins.


Local sinks are manufactured within a specific region or a country. This is why local items are not world recognized. Local products are not reputed and people do not trust such sanitation products. The demand and price of local products are slightly low. In the backward areas, people use the lowest price wash basins. 

Types by Shape

  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Spherical/Round

Types by Size

Different manufacturing companies offer different sizes. Small and medium sizes have the minimum cost value while large wash basins are costly. 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Types by Color

Wash basin manufacturing companies provide sanitary items of different colors. It’s upon users’ desires which color he likes much. It may be white, gray, green, or black according to the design of a bathroom that suits you. 

  • Ivory color
  • Sea Green Wash Basin
  • White Wash Basin
  • Grey Color

Types by Use

Generally, wash basins are used for washing and cleanliness but some people use sleek-looking basins for decoration. 

  • Wash Basin for Sanitation
  • Wash Basin for Decoration

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Free Standing
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easily Portable
  • Easy Cleaning Process
  • Save Bacterial Infections
  • Save Clothes while washing


  • Limited Storage
  • Splashing & Water Mess
  • Maintenance & Cleaning


Wash Basin is the most important item in a home. It provides a proper washing platform with the most comfortable method. It should be installed in the bathrooms and kitchen. Its proper cleanliness brings happiness to your life. Are you aware of a well-known saying “Health is wealth”? So, wash your hands frequently and live a healthy life.

The price range is different from area to area while on Amazon Rate of a single piece is: ₹1,000 – ₹2,000 

Granite wash basins depend upon the variety. The average rate of a single piece is Rs. 4825. 

The per unit price of a traditional platform wash basin is Rs. 630 – 2400.

Multiple designs have different cost values; however, Meat Mutton shank price is 1150 PKR in the online market. 

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