Plywood Sheet Prices In Pakistan 2024 And Best Properties

Plywood Sheet Prices: Plywood is widely used in the construction field for various purposes. Some builders use different types of plywood for decoration but a lot of them use it due to its best properties like strength. It is also highly resistant to moisturization and highly recommended for the construction in humidity areas. In this article we will give a close touch to plywood Sheet prices in Pakistan. 

In the field of building it is specially used for furniture manufacturing, kitchen cabinets, doors, flooring, roofing, and also used as the frame of concrete. Some builders use it to decorate the interior wall paneling. It provides extra strength and durability to the walls. You can also paint it for the desired look of your home or office. 

One of the best alternatives for plywood is lasani sheet. It is most commonly used in the construction of houses, offices, shopping malls, and restaurants. 

Plywood Sheet Prices

Lasani Sheets latest rates in Pakistan

Are you looking for the rates of different types of plywood for your construction purposes? If yes then this is the right place where you get all information about plywood. Discussing the details of prices, there are multiple price changing factors. Let us explore the grades and latest rates of plywoods. Plywood prices in Pakistan range from 3000 to 6000 in the construction market.

Lasani Company NameSize (W×h×thickness) Lasani Sheets Price in PKR
Saada ZRK Lasani Sheet4×8×16Rs. 3200 – 3400
ZRK4×8×16Rs. 4100 – 4200
AL-NOOR4×8×16RS. 5500 – 5700
Patex or Pakitex4×8×16RS. 5500 – 5700

Supper Gloss High Quality Plywood Sheet Prices in Pakistan

High-quality gloss sheets enhance the beauty of your stylish finishing designs. They are used in a variety of interior furniture. The plywood prices in Pakistan sheets vary due to their versatile applications. The size of a standard lasani sheet, specifically the super gloss sheet, measures 4×8×17. Prices for these sheets range from 9000 to 12500

Company or Brand NameSize of Super Gloss SheetSupper Gloss Sheet Prices
ZRK Brand4×8×17Rs. 9200 – 9500
Al-Noor Super Gloss sheet4×8×17Rs. 10400 – 10600
RATEX / Pakitex Gloss Sheet4×8×17Rs. 12500 – 12700

ChipBoard Sheets latest Prices in Pakistan

Are looking for a low price lamination sheet for your home or office construction, then Chipboard is your ideal choice. It is available in different stylish designs and colors with a standard size of 4×8×17. The price range of this utilitarian type is Rs. 2500 to 3800. 

Company NameSizeChipboard Price in Pakistan
ZRK chipboard sheet4×8×17Rs. 3200 – 3300
PATEX or Pakitex Sheets4×8×17Rs. 3700 – 3800
SAADA ZRK Chipboard 4×8×17Rs. 2400 – 2600

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Significant Price Affecting Factors of Plywood Sheets

Many factors change the prices of different types and designs of plywood sheets. It depends on brand, quality, size and many other factors.

  • Quality of Wood or materials used
  • Size of Sheet, width, height, and thickness
  • Brand & Manufacturing Company
  • Construction Market Demand.

Three types of plywood are used in different stages of construction. Its versatile use depends upon the needs and requirements. You may differ these types with grades. Higher quality is A grade, next is the B grade and the last one is C grade plywood. 

A Grade Plywood

This is the high quality plywood used in construction. It is generally used in moisturized areas where water level is high. Its important type is marine plywood specially designed with glues that is highly resistant to severe weather conditions and boiling water. 

B Grade Plywood

This is the second most common type used outside of buildings to provide extra strength to walls. It is also used on exterior wooden doors to make them durable and strong. This highly compact plywood is used for concrete formwork. 

C Grade Plywood

C plywood is not hard like A and B grade Plywood. This type is generally used for garages and other external portions of buildings where strength is not needed. It is low quality with minor defects and repairable. Some constructors use it in subfloor where decorating and designs are not important. 

D Grade Plywood

D grade has multiple defects with uneven sanded surfaces. This defective type is not commonly used. Some builders use it in those portions where decoration and hardness are not required. Its defects are not repairable. 

 BC Grade Plywood

Some construction experts use combined plywood. This strategy saves the money of builders. This type is popular as BC grade where one surface has B grade and the second surface has C grade. 

Plywood Sheet Prices

Best Properties of Plywood

High panel shears

According to this manufacturing strategy plywoods are mostly designed in odd layers to make them more stronger and durable. Different angles options are used for veneer grains just for the sturdy surface of plywoods. 

High Strength

Do not compromise on durability and strength of sheets. On the initial stage plywoods are extracted from the different types of woods. Its strength may or may not be strong but the manufacturing process of plywood makes it compact and hard. 


Flexibility and hardness of plywood depends on the layers or veneers of grains. Whenever you need a hard plywood you should add some more veneers. If you need an elastic plywood then use minimum layers and thin surfaces to make it flexible. 

Moisture Resistance

Water and moisturized resistance is the need of every constructor. Veneer combination with the help of different types of glue makes it water resistant for builders in those areas where humidity is common. 

Fire Resistance

Plywood gets fired easily but manufacturers add some special types of chemicals that make them fire proof. These surface coatings are fibrous cement and plaster boards. 

Resistance to Chemicals

Plywood has great danger to some chemicals but extra coating of best veneer grains make it perfectly resistant against harmful chemicals. This is only possible where experts apply the protective coating materials. 


Every owner of the house has a great desire to manufacture sound and thermal proof rooms. Plywood has the best property of insulation. It prevents the room from cooling in winter and heating in summer. Plywood also absorbs outside noise or sounds of busy traffic areas.  

Advantages of Plywood in the field of construction

Plywood is the main component in the field of construction. It is used in all types of buildings due to some significant benefits. Some best benefits include:

  • High Quality strong and compact concrete cast surface.
  • Light weight
  • Minimal deflection
  • Highly Durable and Strong
  • Strong Chemical and water resistance.
  • Available in various Shapes, designs, and colors.


Many advantages of plywood does not mean that it has no disadvantages. Its some cons include: 

  • Difficult in Recycling.
  • Insects and Fungal Vulnerability.
  • Not ideal for heavy loads.
Plywood Sheet price in Pakistan

Plywood Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

Thanks to all manufacturing companies they are providing cost effective finishing constructive materials. These sheets not only give a good look to the buildings but also make the house, office and shops sturdy and strong. Here is the list of manufacturing companies of Plywood sheets.

  • ZRK Group PVT LTD
  • Al-Noor PVT LTD
  • Kashmir Board PVT LTD
  • Pakitex Board PVT LTD
  • Platinum Plywood PVT LTD


The Price of a 3mm Plywood sheet Prcie is Rs. 400/square feet to 800/square feet. However Plywood Prices in Pakistan vary due to different price changing factors like carriage costs. 

The standard size of high quality Lasani Sheet is 4 feet wide and 8 feet high.

Though Lasnai sheets are not wood but made up of veneer of wood and glue. Multiple ingredients create an amazing beauty in the cabinet materials of a house. 


Plywood is an essential constructional material. It’s important benefits made it ideal for builders. It is used for both decorating the home, offices and also for some durable effects of buildings. Different types and designs are commonly used according to the requirements of constructors. Physically visit the warehouses of plywood companies to get the latest Plywood Prices in Pakistan.

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