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Door Lock Price In Pakistan: First impression when someone looks at your house is the main gate. In the same way the first thing he touched is the door lock of your house. In addition to that the most important thing which people used to be concerned about is the security of their house. Regarding security the first thing that comes into the mind of people is the main door and its lock. It must be strong enough not to give any kind of ease to the people which can be considered a threat. The one thing you also have to look upon is the design and material of the door while selecting a door lock. Some of the locks are material dependent but some are universal. During the selection of the door lock you have to consider these things. So today we are going to share with you a brilliant collection of door locks along with their prices and features so that it becomes easy for you to choose the best for your sweet home.

Door lock price in Pakistan

The prices may fluctuate from time to time but with that fluctuation you will find these prices relatable. Their prices may vary store to store, design to design and material to material but we are providing you an estimate and best possible price with the best of our knowledge.

Lock NamePrice(Rs)
Knob lock1200
Cam lock674
Deadbolt lock3690
Mortise lock8650
Cylinder locks1670
Euro profile cylinder lock1450
Lever handle locks5100
Rim lock2200

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Types Of Door lock

Door Lock Price In Pakistan

Knob Lock

Knob lock is one of the best options for the main gate because it is key operative and gives a beautiful final touch. It has a knob on both sides. It has two levers, one is inside and the other is outside. The key is used to lock and unlock the outside lever. While from inside you are free to open the door without any key. There is also a button inside with the help of which you can lock the outside lever. In addition to its functionality it also has a shiny look which can add a significant beauty in your homes. The most common material used in it is brass but stainless steel can also be used in it. It is a surety that you can feel security and purity in the presence of that lock.

Cam Lock

Here we have another amazing lock option but this time it is not for the gates but for the enclosures like cabinets. Cam lock is mostly used in cabinets as it supports one way opening. It operates with a key. It consists of a keyed nut and a tongue bar. Its functioning is quite simple but interesting. Everytime rotating the key the tongue bar will rotate. It is fixed in front of the enclosure. The positioning of the tongue bar will decide whether  the lock is closed or open. When with the help of it is rotated and the position of the tongue bar arrives in a way that it is more vertical than the door is opened. In the same way when the tongue bar is in a horizontal position it will be closed with the side of the enclosure.

 The cam lock is available in multiple options regarding their color and operative material. Some of the keyless cam locks are available which can’t protect your material but they are quite easy. In the same way if you want to install multiple cam locks with the single operative key then it is also possible. In this case you didn’t have to worry about the multiple keys.

Deadbolt lock

The most secure lock we have in our list is the deadbolt lock. You can also estimate this from his name. It is available in many choices. Also it is a key operative but in the modern days now it is also available in programming based options and code operatives. The key type is further divided into two types. One is the single cylinder deadbolt and the other is the double cylinder deadbolt.

In a single cylinder deadbolt the door is locked on one side with the key but from the other side(inside) the bolt can be opened manually without the key. In the same way in case of double cylinder deadbolt lock from the both side the door will be key operative. In the same way if you’re thinking about double cylinder lock then you have to make sure one thing that when someone is inside the home then the key must be near the door. Because in these cases when there is a fire if something happens then it will become hard for anyone to escape.  In these conditions there is little time for anyone so the key must be available at time.

Mortice lock

Mortice lock is another option for the security of important doors. It is also key operative but in the modern market some with the secret code are also available. It is like a deadbolt lock but the only difference is its shape. The one thing about Mortice lock is also that its one end is fitted in the timber of the door and other one into the wall. The opening and closing method is to rotate the proper key in the proper direction and get the door opened. It also looks smooth and gives some professional finishing. Its types are on the basis of layers of metal used in it. When there are more layers there is more security.

Door Lock Price In Pakistan


Every lock has his own functionality and structure. The opening and closing operations are mostly the same. While choosing the proper make sure to look upon your gate design and material. Rest is on your selection. If you need more security then you can also try those modern locks which operate by the proper code. You should also count your financial condition while selecting a proper lock. But the security of home is superior to all.

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