CD 70 Price in Pakistan New Model At Best Price 2023

A wide range of motorcycle varieties is available in the market. Some people ride motorbikes for adventure, while others use them for short-term journeys. The different types can confuse customers as they have varying prices. If you are looking for the exact CD 70 price in Pakistan, then this is the best platform to answer your query.

Atlas Honda company has been manufacturing CD 70 motorbikes since 1984. In the beginning, it was a simple scooter. It has undergone various changes in its history, incorporating the latest advancements. Their latest model is now available in the market.

Honda motorcycles are highly popular in Pakistan due to their excellent reputation. They are known for their durability and resale value, which has earned the admiration of users across Asian countries. More than 80% of Pakistanis who own bikes have Honda motorcycles.

Honda CD70 Price in Pakistan 2023

The prices of CD motorcycles depend on the dollar rate in Pakistan. The Pakistani currency is continuously devaluing. The inflation rate in the motorbike industry has reached its peak in the vehicle market. The CD 70 price in Pakistan is the same for both red and black color bikes. Here are the latest rates for the red and black color Honda CD 70 in Pakistan.

Product NameColorCD 70 Price in Pakistan
New CD 70 MotorcycleRedRs. 154,900
2023 CD Honda latest ModelBlackRs. 154,900

Honda CD70 Technical Specifications

The latest model of the CD 70 Motorbike is equipped with the following technical specifications:

CD 70 Motorbike PriceRs. 154,900
CD 70 Engine4 Stroke OHC (Air Cooled)
Bore & Stroke47*41.4 mm
Displacement Specification72cm3
ClutchMultiple Wet Plates
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
Starting ManualKick Star
TiresFront: 2.25 -17 (4PR), Back: 2.25 – 17 (4PR)
ColorRed & Black
Petrol Capacity in TankTotal: 8.5 liters (Reserve=1 liter)
Dry Weight82 KG

Best Features of Honda CD 70 Motorbikes: Overview

There are countless motorbikes in the market with numerous user-friendly advantages. However, none can beat the Honda CD 70 in the field of motorcycles. Some significant benefits of the Honda CD 70 include:

1- Design & Color of Honda CD 70

The CD 70’s stunning and a sleek design available in attractive red or black colors. The two lightweight wheels, complemented by bright mudguards, enhance its visual appearance. The well-designed seat, perfectly adjusted to its height, offers superior comfort to the riders. Additionally, a finely tuned engine connected to the tank by a small carburetor ensures a consistent fuel flow.

Featuring a sturdy backbone-type frame in black color provides extraordinary strength. It is equipped with four high-cost steel-type elastic shocks, providing a comfortable ride even on rough and bumpy roads. These shocks are known for their durability and strength compared to Chinese models

2- Resale On Cash Price

Obviously, everyone likes bikes that assist them in times of need. Scooters or motorcycles fulfill two crucial needs. The first is to provide a comfortable journey. Have you guessed the second need? Don’t worry, let me tell you. The second need is the resale value. The Honda CD motorcycle serves as a reliable asset. You can sell it at any time and obtain the best price.

3- Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is the most crucial benefit in the realm of vehicles. If you are planning to purchase a motorbike, it is advisable to choose one that consumes minimal fuel. Opting for a motorbike with a higher price but possessing the characteristic of excellent fuel efficiency is a wise decision.

4- Honda CD 70 Mileage

The price of petroleum products is exceedingly high, and even the rate of kerosene oil is currently at its peak in Pakistan. The second most widely used fuel, CNG, also commands higher prices due to its high demand. Honda CD 70 specializes in manufacturing motorcycles that are compatible with petrol. It boasts a relatively low petrol consumption average. With just a single liter of petrol, the CD 70 can cover a distance of 50-55 km.

5- Engine

The engine of the CD motorcycle is kick-started and features a 4-stroke OHC with air-cooled mechanical properties. The dimensions of the engine measure 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm, while its air-cooled displacement is 72cm3. The bike’s bore and stroke are measured at 47.0 x 41.4 mm. Additionally, it offers a unique ground clearance property of 136mm.

All these distinctive engine properties make it an ideal choice for riders. The Honda CD 70 bike is suitable for both long and short-term travel.

6- Transmission

The Honda CD 70 possesses a 4-speed constant mesh transmission, which has obtained the admiration of users. These important and user-friendly features are the primary reasons for its high demand.

7- Electric Start

Honda motorcycle company has surpassed all other brands thanks to its latest technology. Starting the Honda motorbike manually is not difficult, as it is a kick-start model. However, the Honda 125 offers the convenience of self-start but comes with a higher price tag.

8- Brakes

The Honda CD 70 is equipped with front and rear wheel leather brakes. The front brake control lever is located on the right-side handle, while the rear brake is operated with the right foot. Both brake operations are comfortable and easy, ensuring a smooth and controlled braking experience.


The Honda CD 70 features a stunning headlight accompanied by small, attractive signal lights on the right and left for turning. The headlight emits a bright, white-colored light, while the signals emit a beautiful yellow-colored light. Additionally, there is a backlight connected to the brakes, which indicates when the brakes are applied. Two signals are also present at the backside of the motorcycle for indicating right or left turns.

10- Wheels & Tires

The CD Motorcycle features beautifully designed wheels that perfectly suit its size and structure. It has two bright colored steel rims, which are supported by small, distinctive iron bars. Additionally, both wheels are equipped with attractive hubs positioned at their centers.

11- Honda CD 70 New Stickers

Every year, Honda introduces new “Tank & Tappa” stickers for their latest models. However, apart from the stickers, the physical structure of the vehicle remains unchanged. The new stickers showcase the latest designs and stunning looks, catering to the preferences of the buyers. There are instances when the company does not change the stickers in response to user demand.

12- Comfortable

The most significant aspect of this motorbike is its user-friendliness. In fact, some tourists even use it for adventurous traveling to witness the beauty of nature. If you are a tourist, you should experience a pleasant journey with this bike. It provides a comfortable ride on all types of roads and tracks.

13- Easy to Control

The CD 70 Honda Bike is highly manageable and easy to control while riding. Its flexible and comfortable handle enables smooth turns, even on narrow tracks. The shock’s elasticity ensures easy control when encountering jumps or uneven surfaces. It is so user-friendly that even a child aged 8-10 years can ride it without any difficulty. However, when allowing a child to ride, it is important to remind them of some precautionary measures for safety.

Honda CD 70 Ride & Handling Guidelines

To ride a motorbike, one needs to acquire some professional skills. The most crucial aspect is wearing a helmet. When you are about to ride a bike, it is essential to use a helmet for your utmost safety, especially on busy roads. Here are some other important riding and handling instructions:

  • Use the Helmet permanently.
  •  Avoid Over or High Speed.
  • Follow the driving rules.
  •  Check all the important accessories regularly like brakes, garari set, clutch, gear, and tires.
  • Follow roadside signals.
  • Use lenses while turning on the busy road.

Buying Guides for Honda CD 70 Motorcycles

The first and foremost instruction is to conduct research according to your budget. The second important aspect is considering the quality and brand of the motorcycle. To gather information in this regard, read buyer reviews and physically visit showrooms. Here are some additional important instructions to keep in mind:

  •  Compare need & Budget
  • Do a perfect Research
  • Follow the Opinion of Experts
  • Check the Fuel efficiency and Mileage
  • Select a Comfortable Bike
  • Check all the necessary Documents for scooters
  • Warranty Card
  •  Riding & Services Guidelines

Honda CD 70 Competitors

The Honda CD 70 holds the utmost significance among all its competitors. It is the preferred choice for a majority of people in many Asian countries, particularly in Pakistan. Here are some popular competitors in the market:

  • Unique Motorcycle 70 cc
  • Crown lefon motorbikes
  • Yamaha Motorbikes
  • Suzuki motorcycles
  •  Superstar 70 cc
  •  Vespa scooters
  • Honda Dio motorbikes
  • All China-made motorcycles

Comparison of Honda CD 70 with other Motorbikes

When comparing the Honda CD 70 with all its competitors in terms of design, durability, and fuel efficiency, it stands unrivaled. It has earned a strong reputation among bike riders. Most riders choose the CD 70 for its exceptional fuel economy, as it consumes minimal fuel.

Advantages & Disadvantages


It is a highly practical and self-compatible vehicle suitable for shorter-distance transportation. Here are some other notable benefits of CD 70 Honda motorcycles:

  •  Reliability
  •  Low maintenance
  • Affordability
  •  Ease of Handling
  • Best Resale Value
  • Widely available spare parts
  • Brand Reputation


Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, motorcycles also have some harmful effects.

  • Safety concerns
  • Limited Passengers
  •  Direct weather exposure
  •   Riding skills


    Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan= Rs.154,900

·      Honda CG 125 price= Rs. 229,900

.  High prices of Dollar

·       Devaluation of Pakistani Rupees

·       Political Instability in Pakistan

·       Economic instability in Pakistan

Final Wordings

The price of both old and new motorbikes is a significant concern for buyers. It is recommended to read the complete article, which provides comprehensive buying guides.

Currently, the Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan has exceeded 150K. The devaluation of the Pakistani rupee is the primary factor contributing to the higher rates of the CD 70. Economic analyses indicate that Honda CD 70 rates will continue to increase in the future.

In this modern era of advanced technology, companies are introducing E-Bikes. Initially, the prices of electric bikes are higher, but it is expected that their prices will normalize over time. It is advisable to consider purchasing a motorbike that is environmentally friendly, as the protection of our natural environment is the responsibility of all humanity for the sake of future generations.

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