Trade ex-dividend 1st Week July 3-7, 2023 Update & Accurate Chart

 Many corporate-level businesses are expected. The names of some significant companies and their shares are given in the table according to the scheduled date. Two important painting companies will trade ex-bonus during this week. so Let’s discuss the Trade ex-dividend 1st Week July.

Trade ex-dividend 1st Week July

  •  Kansai Nerolac Paints
  • Aptech

July first week scheduled corporate level actions include:

3 July 2023 Scheduled businesses

Company NameShare
Axtel IndustriesRs 3/share
Balaji AminesRs 10/share
Geojit Financial ServicesRs 1.5/share
Jyothy LabsRs 3/share
Sundaram Finance HoldingsRs 2.5/Share

 4 July 3, 2023, Scheduled Businesses

The shares of companies on 4th July 3, 2023, are given in the table.

Company NameShare
Agro Tech FoodsRs 3/share
Alkyl Amines ChemicalsRs 10/share
Motilal OswalRs 3/share
Nath Bio-Genes (shares)Rs 2/share
Punjab and Sind BankRs .48/share
Tide and Water OilRs 15/share

5th July 3, 2023, shares of companies

Company NameShare
Deepak SpinnersRs 2.5/share
MphasisRs 50/share
Sundaram FinanceRs 15/share

6th July 3, 2023, Trading Shares of Companies

Name of the CompanyShare of the Trading Company
Elegant MarblesRs 3.3/share
Grani IndustriesRs 3.3/share
IDBI BankRs 1/share
Kalpataru Projects InternationalRs 7/share
Yasho IndustriesRs 7/share

7th July 3, 2023, Trading Shares of Companies

Name of the Trading companiesShare of the Trading Companies
ACCRs 9.25/share
Adani EnterprisesRs 1.2/share
Alfred HerbertRs 3.5/share
Ambuja CementRs 2.5/share
Ashok LeylandRs 2.5/share
Axis BankRs 1/share
Bharat ForgeRs 5.5/share
BioconRs 1.5/share
Care RatingsRs 15/share
CG Consumer ElectricalsRs 3/share

Ex-bonus Trading Schedule on the First week of July 3, 2023

Company NameRatioTrading Day
Kansai Nerolac Paints1:2Tuesday
Bhansali Engineering Polymers1:2Wednesday
Sadhana Nitro Chem2:9Wednesday
Mufin Green Finance2:1Friday
Roto Pumps1:1Friday

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