Metal Roofing Cost & Designs 2024 Latest Rate And Complete Guide

Metal Roofing concept in construction is common in areas that experience frequent earthquakes or heavy snowfall in winter. Well, like you belong to a similar area, that is why you are looking for a good idea. Let us give you all the information about it, from metal roofing screws to the metal roofing cost & designs, metal roof drip edge, and metal roof paint. 

Talking about the cost and price range, there are many factors that fluctuate according to size, quality, and the region where you want to construct a house. It is comparatively expensive compared to asphalt shingle cost. In this blog post we are going to discuss all price changing factors. One of the most benefits of a metal roof is its long life span. 

If you are living in a state of the USA then you should check the average cost of metal roof in Florida or any other state of USA. You can find the installer by searching metal roof installers near me or metal roofing installers near me. Thanks to google that shows the approachable options to you with a single click. 

Average Metal Roofing Cost & Designs

The size, shape, quality, and the area are main factors, however, here is a rough estimate for average price.

Minimum / Low End PriceAverage Metal Roof PriceHigh End / Maximum Price

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Metal Roofing Cost & Designs

Metal Roof Price changing Factors

Materials, size, and quality are the main price changing factors. Style and tone of your roof also matters. Be sure to check out our expert analysis of these prices, before taking the plunge. This will help you to get the best alternative for your money. . 

Roof Size & Shape

This is the common sense that the larger size will be more expensive compared to smaller one. Generally, the size of a metal roof is calculated in square feet. So, calculate the roof size and then decide according to your budget. 

Materials of Metal Roofing

  • Steel Metal Roof
  • Aluminium Metal Roof
  • Copper Metal Roof
  • Iron Metal Roof

Select the best one according to your budget and necessary. Copper Roofs are more expensive as compared to steel or Aluminum.  All these roofing materials provide a grace to your building and return you the best material of your money. 

Some other necessary materials for metal Roofing

  • metal roof paint
  • metal roof snow guards 
  • galvalume metal roof 
  • metal roof flashing 
  • metal roof sealant 
  • erie metal roof 
  • metal roofing screws 
  • metal roof drip edge 
  • burnished slate metal roof 
  • metal roof ridge cap 
  • Burnished slate metal roof
  • gutters for metal roof 
  • metal roof trim 
  • screws for metal roofing
  • Metal roof rake trim

Roof Shape, & Slope

Shape of the roof also fluctuates the price of your roofing materials. The more slanted roof needs extra labor cost and materials. So, a sloppy roof is more expensive than a uniform leveling one. 

Roof Pitch

Generally, roof pitch is measured in inches with a ration of X:12. Its height increases vertically but its horizontal size may increase after every foot. If you want a customized size, then contact your constructor. 

Style & Grace

Multiple styles of metal roofs are available in the market. Some notable metal roofing designs include:

  • Metal shingles: This metal roof that looks like shingles. This design is best for smaller and random shaped roofs. It requires materials for fitting near the chimneys. Its random shape also needs some extra screws and edges.   
  • Metal Panels: This stylish design is ideal for a large size roof. Its shape is uniform and easy to install in a straightforward pattern.   
  • Corrugated Panels: wrinkled panels require an easy installation process. The labor cost may decrease in this design. 
  • Standing Seams: It is the choice of fashionable people. It has a sleek design and offers a unique grace to the house. Its panels are wide, vertical, and flat. It also has a rib-like trim structure on every side. 

Some other Cost Factors related Metal roofing Cost & Designs

  • Govt Permission if needed
  • Removal of Roof
  • Labor Cost
  • Underlayment for insulation
  • Coating & Painting
Metal Roofing Cost & Designs

Types and Designs of Metal roofing with estimated Prices

Roofing ProductMetal Roofing CostsAverage Life SpanMetal roof cost calculator for 2000 sq ft
Aluminum $4 – $11 / sq ft45 years$8,000 – $22,000
Copper $15 – 30 / sq ft100 years$30,000 – $60,000
Lead$10 – $15 / sq ft100 years$20,000 – $30,000
Rusted $9 – $15Not recommended $18,000 – $30,000
Steel $6 – 16$100 years$12,000 – $32,000
Tin$5 – 13$60 years$10,000 – $26,000
Zinc$7 – 14$100 years$14,000 – $28,000

This the estimated rough cost per square feet of different types of metal roofing. These prices are not the same in all the countries of the world. The prices may change due to many factors as discussed above. If you are deciding to install a metal roof, physically visit the different warehouses and get the accurate ideas. Some metal roofs look like shingles. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

There are many benefits of metal roofs. One of the most important benefits is its centuries-long life span. Some other extra best features includes:

  •  Strong & durability
  • Fire Resistance
  • Eco Friendly (green metal roofing is best option for eco friendly)
  • More than 100 years life span
  • Enhanced and amazing grace of the house
  • Sun Reflection
  • Metal Roof Snow guards


Metal roofing also has a few drawbacks but its benefits outweigh these disadvantages. 

  • Expensive 
  • Dangerous of Denting
  • Color Matching problem in case of Replacement

Different materials have their own requirements for the cleaning process. Consult your dealers how to wash or clean it. 

As we have discussed there are different materials. Every metal roofing has its own lifespan. Average life of a metal roof is 70 to 100 years. 

It depends upon the color of metal roofs. If you select a dark color that attracts the sunlight, while the shining color reflects the sunlight.

Yes, erie metal roofing is legal. There are a large number of companies manufacturing erie metal roofs. Additionally you should consult the advisers for this purpose. 

The painting of a metal roof is not very difficult. Select a color of your desired paint and hire a professional and start painting. 

In some areas of the world, people love houses with green roofs. For this purpose you should paint the house with green painting or also plant the herbs on the roof to enjoy, green roof inn, or green roofing shingles. 

Final Recommendations

This is right, a metal roof is more expensive, but it also provides a lifespan of 100 years to your home. This is why a large number of people select metal roofing for its higher worth. It also saves the repair cost for a long time. It also reduces the electricity cost of your home. 

So, based on all the analysis, you should choose the roof according to your budget. Remember, the metal roofing increases the resale value of your house. Always read erie metal roofs reviews when you are going to install a better option. 

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