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The security of the house is the most important aspect while starting construction. If you are also deciding to build a house then this blog post is for you. Grills are made up of iron, steel, and wood. These grills are installed outside the windows, doors, veranda, and main gate of the house. In this article we give the experts opinion about window  grill designs and prices. 

There are multiple designs according to decorating and security point of view. Both have their own advantages. If you want to install grills then consider both aspects, security and decoration. Strong grills provide protection while beautiful designs of grills offer stylish looks to your house or building. 

Let us talk about the latest window designs for construction.

What is Safety Grill design? (Door Grill Design)

This is a protective iron made covering that allows light and air to enter your home. It saves your house from water and other animals coming inside. Some kinds of grills are used as decoration of houses. 

Price of Grills

The prices of grills are different. It depends upon the size and materials used in the grills. The prices may fluctuate due to the iron rates. The iron rate is near about Rs. 270000 per ton. Calculate your grill price accordingly. 

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The prices may be different in different areas due to carriage costs and fluctuation of currency rates. 

Grill Designs And Prices

Important Materials for Stairs Grill Design


Iron is the most ideal and stronger for designing the grills, and mesh. Iron rods of different sizes and shapes are used in the manufacturing of grill design. One single disadvantage of this material is the rusting in moisturization.  

Stainless Steel

Majority of the constructors use stainless steel instead of iron. Steel grill design has amazing shining quality this is why many use it in their home designing. Steel has no elasticity so it is difficult to bend or mold it. 


Aluminium grill designs are ideal for wood made houses. It gives a beautiful look to the house. Aluminium is lightweight and elastic and easy to design in multiple shapes and sizes according to the desire of owners. 

Cast iron

The cast iron is ideal as it has a great resistance against harsh weather, and rain. When you want to make customized size, shapes, and beautiful layouts, then the cast iron is the ideal material. 

Types of Grill Designs And Prices

1- Modern Grill design with Gardening space

This type of window designs are popular in Europe but now Asian constructors are also adapting such modern designs. It’s angular with a small space between the window and grill to display small plants. This type has a more decorative aspect rather than security. But somehow it also provides protection to your flowering pots and indoor gardening. 

Indoor gardening or little plants on the entrance of your house give grace and beauty. 

Grill Designs And Prices

2- Grill Design for Windows

Traditional designs are used for security and safety. Such window grills are fixed with the wall outside the window with the help of iron bolts. 

3- White Color Window Grill Design

This is also a masterpiece for fashionable people. This type is also made up of iron rods but furnished with white milky color. The central portion of the grill can be customized beautifully according to the wish of house owners. It also has a little space on the interior side to place the indoor natural flowering plants to boost the beauty of the house.  

4- Simple Window Grill Designs

Simple window grill designs are suitable for those builders who want to save the money due to the minimum budget. All types of welding experts design such types with uniform iron rods or Saria. The basic purpose of this type is to allow the light and air to come inside the house. It also prevents the animals from entering the home. 

5- Geometric Window Grill Designs

These designs are actually used in the traditional style of India. Almost all the iron bars provide a uniform look. Such grills for windows, doors, and main gates are safer and more beautiful. 

6- Wall Mounted Grill Design

This type of window grill is prepared separately from the window and then fixed with the wall beautifully. Simple straight rods of iron are welded in length and width. This is an amazing idea other than the traditional design of grills.

7- Modern Castle Window Grill Design

    This is an amazing design used in Indian and Turkish forts and palaces. It completely sustains the secrecy of your home and only allows the emission of sunlight. Installation of this type of grill makes your house a palace. 

    8- Gridlock Grill Design for Windows

    If you are looking for a complete safety of your home then gridlock is the best choice. Though this type is specially designed for offices, commercial shops, and shopping plazas and looks very beautiful. Such customized types of grills are the ideal choice for home security only allowing the sunlight and air inside the house. 

    9- Circular Window Grill Design

    Round or Circular grills look beautiful in those areas of your house where you sit to soak up the sun. This classical and elegant looking design gives an amazing look from the outside. I suggest you install this type in your home and see how the people of your surrounding admire your decision. 

    10- Balcony Grill Design

      Balcony or Gallery window grills are important for the foolproof security of your house. You can lock up your complete home with a single lock. Large framed grills allow sunlight to cross through the Balcony. If you put some flowering indoor plants in the Balcony, it will boost the beauty of your house. 

      Decorate your gallery with beautiful ferns, foliage, and flowering plants. Such amazing designs of grills bring about the comfort and peace in your life. 


      Yes, Grills are important for the foolproof security of your house. It also prevents your inside area from becoming dark due to the deficiency of sunlight. Air ventilation is also a significant factor for homes, as it allows air to pass through the house. 

      Stainless Steel (SS) and Iron made grills are best for security purposes. These strong material grills also give a sophisticated impression to your building. 

      External grills are best for inside protection. It also gives proper safety to your glass windows. 

      Final Words

      Grills are integral parts of your windows, doors, and main gates. These are not only significant for security and protection but also increase the beauty and charm of your home. If you are also deciding to build a house, then choose a beautiful grill according to your own choice. The Grills allow the sunlight to go through the house as it is important for the growth and greenery of your indoor plants, herbs, and foliage. 

      Main gate grill design provides a single lock advantage to home security. Multiple choices are available for grill design in Pakistan. So select the best gate and grill design according to your budget. Unlimited Front grill designs are available in the market. 

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