Saria Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 Accurate Price List

You must have seen the use of iron rods in construction, bridges, and manufacturing machines for industrial use. In the local Asian languages, iron bars are also known as Saria. Do you know the worth and cost of steel bars? We give a close touch to its price and try to answer your query: what is Saria Rate Today?
Steel Bars rate is important for construction, cost estimation, material procurement, client pricing, and Economic considerations. Its cost value has a significant effect on the economic or GDP growth of a country. Many other reasons also impact the lifestyle of the public globally.
The most important question is why we should check the price before purchasing. It will help us with proper budgeting, comparison shopping, avoiding overpayment, negotiation, making informed decisions, and much more.

Saria Rate Today in Pakistan (Updated Prices) 2023

Steel rods are used for multiple purposes. Users may need the price for domestic and commercial projects according to the quantity and scale. This specific rate list is developed for those clients who need per kg rates for domestic use. This is the Saria Rate today Per KG Today.

Iron Rod Size in Sutar or mmUsing purpose60 Grade (Quality) / KG40 Grade (Quality) / KGCity Wise
3 Sutar (10mm)Building, BlocksRs. 274 / KGRs. 272 / KGKarachi
4 Sutar (12mm)BridgesRs. 272Rs. 270Lahore
5 Sutar (16mm)MachinesRs. 273Rs. 270Islamabad
6 Sutar (20mm)VehiclesRs. 273Rs. 270Faisalabad
7 Sutar (22mm)IndustrialRs. 273Rs. 270Peshawar
8 Sutar (25mm)IndustrialRs. 273Rs. 270Quetta

Important Notice

The price value may vary slightly in major Pakistani cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan. We have collected the price value from the market. If you are a company representative and want to discuss the cost value, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Overview of Saria price Today in Pakistan

Quality and specification of iron or steel rods may affect rates. The people in business need cost value on a large scale. For this purpose, the price chart per metric ton for commercial purposes is below.

Size in Sutar (mm)Quality / 60 Grade/Metric TonQuality / 40 Grade
3 Sutar – (10mm)Rs. 247,000 – Rs. 274,000Rs. 247,000 – Rs. 272,000
4 Sutar – (12mm)Rs. 249,000 – Rs. Rs.272,000Rs. 242,000 – Rs. 270,000
5 Sutar – (16mm)Rs. 247,000 – Rs. 273,000Rs. 245,000 – Rs. 270,000
6 Sutar – (20mm)Rs. 244,000 – Rs. 273,000Rs. 242,000 – Rs. 270,000
7 Sutar – (22mm)Rs. 243,000 – Rs. 273,000Rs. 241,000 – Rs. 270,000
8 Sutar – (25mm)Rs. 245,000 – Rs. 273,000Rs. 240,000 – Rs. 270,000

Types of Iron Rods by Quality

Some main factors in the difference between local and quality brands are the manufacturing process, quality of raw materials, and brand reputation. Generally, builders the difference according to the given table.·

Local Steel or Iron bars

Branded Steel or iron Rods
Low manufacturing StandardHigh manufacturing Standards
Low Quality & ConsistencyHigh Quality & Consistency
Low Brand ReputationHigh Brand Reputation
Low industry-standard CertificationHigh Standard Certification & Compliance
Available easily through unauthorizedEasily available through Authorized distributors. 

Saria type by Brand & Grade

  • 40 Grade
  • 60 Grade

Price Factors

  • Demand
  • Brand / Grade / Quality
  • Supply
  • Production
  • Raw Material Rates
  • Energy Costs
  • Transportation / Carriage Costs
  •  Increased labor cost
  •  High prices of Fuel and Dollar
  •  Global Price
  • Local market condition

Uses of Steel bar/iron bar / Saria /iron Rods

This is a significant and basic component used in buildings, construction, and bridges. Quality steel bars are also used to manufacture different tools and industrial machinery. Some notable uses are listed here.

  • Construction Strength
  • Bridges
  • Vehicles & automotive Spare parts
  • Industries
  • Used in Blocks and Bricks
  • Tools Manufacturing & Production of Machinery Equipment
  • RCC roofing instead of TR & Garder building a home.

Why should you use Iron / Steel Rods in Construction?

The use of steel or iron bars in construction is a need of this latest era of life. In old age, people lived in simple houses made of wood. But in the modern age, everyone thinks about home strength. The use of Saria makes homes, buildings, and bridges very strong. Such costly materials have been used to minimize the maintenance of Burdon for decades.

How to Find High-Quality Saria?

You must know some basic information about iron bars when you want to buy them. It will develop your confidence, and you will never buy a defective product.

  • Certified Steel Bar
  • Electro-galvanizing
  • Warranty Covered

Preventive Measures for Labor in Saria Warehouses

The life of the laborer working in the Saria warehouse is precious. Some important measures should be ensured in the storehouses for material and life protection. Some important instructions are given below.

  • Proper iron bars storage
  • Adequate Space for safe movement & proper accessibility
  • Clear Pathways
  • Regular expert Inspections
  • Fire Safety Measures
  • Proper lighting system
  • (PPE) Personal & Protective Equipment
  • Training and Education for Awareness
  • Frequent and Quick Emergency Response
  • Regular and consistent Maintenance

Such important preventive measures minimize the accident risks to the laborers and prevent damage to the material

Pros & Cons

Pros / Advantages

  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Ductility
  • Strength
  • Availability
  • Extremely Durable & has a long-life span
  • Good choice for investment
  • Enhance Economic Growth & Development
  • Buildings made up of Saria don’t need frequent maintenance

Cons /Drawbacks

  • Weight
  • High Cost
  • High Temperature
  • Low-Quality iron rods will not be able to bear heavy weight for a long time due to being prone to corrosion


It depends on the quality and grade of steel used in Saria; the price limit is Rs. 240 to Rs. 275 per KG

Today raw iron rod price in Pakistan is between Rs. 250 – 270

Amreli Steel bar rate today in Pakistan is Rs. 285,000 to 288,000 per metric ton

Amreli Steel bar manufacturing company is considered the best. JSW, TATA, Jindal, SAIL, and APL APOLLO TUBES are the best iron bar manufacturing companies in India.


Steel bars or Saria are used for multiple purposes. Steel rods’ price range and Saria Rate Today differs due to quality, size, and brand reputation factors. Iron rod production has an important impact on the economic growth of a country. It contributes to an increase in the GDP annually. Similarly, steel bar price has a significant role in the lifestyle of people. So, evaluate steel rod prices physically and online for better commitment to your business.  

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