Gold Price In Abu Dhabi 18, 22 & 24 Carat Today Rate

Gold Price in Abu Dhabi is the most concerning news for all the goldsmiths working in the commercial hub globally. This is the capital of Dubai geographically situated on the coast of Arabian Gulf. The gold merchants all over the world peep into the market rates of Gold and Silver in this major city of the Gulf.

Gold Price in Abu Dhabi

Today Gold price in Abu Dhabi (24 March)

24 carat / 1g 22 carat / 1g 21 carat / 1g18 carat / 1g
262. 25242.75235.00201.50

Do you know what is the most important aspect for all the Gold traders? That is the awareness of Gold and Silver rates on a daily basis. It gives you a timely investment opportunity. All profit and loss depends on it.

The gold rates in different areas of Khaleej affects the business of goldsmiths throughout all the countries of  the Middle east.  Many of the goldsmiths from all over the world do business in this emerging commercial hub of the gulf. 

Gold Price in Abu Dhabi Historical Chart in AED

Date24 carat / 1g22 carat / 1g21 carat / 1g18 carat / 1g
24/3/2024262. 25242.75235.00201.50

Factors that directly affect the Gold rates in Abu Dhabi

There are many significant factors that fluctuate the gold prices globally. But here we will discuss only three most important factors.

International Currency Rates

USD has direct relation to AED, this is why the price of gold fluctuates due to the latest price of US dollars. 

Supply & Demand of Gold

This is the basic rule that really has a significant effect on the prices of precious metals. Definitely when the demand of a special commodity rises its price also rises. 

Gold Rates News

Every person who wants to buy or sell gold, has a keen interest to get the latest rates news. Such news may affect the latest gold prices.

Gold Rates In Delhi

How to check the Purity of Gold

There are several methods to check its purity. The most important methods are the scale of purity and magnet trick. 

Magnet Trick

Gold is not a magnet and if magnet pulls it, then gold is not pure. Check the purity through this simple technique. Magnet pulls or attracts other metals and has no effect on gold. 

Scale of Purity

All the reliable goldsmiths mark a hallmark as a stamp on their gold products. Check that hallmark stamp while buying the gold. 

Gold Investment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

  • Gold ETF
  • e-Gold
  • Physical Gold
  • Gold Saving Funds
  • Beneficial for Long term investors
  • Smart Saving & good returns
  • Gradually Increasing Value


 If you are also seeking the best investment field, then gold is the most optimal option for you. No doubt it needs a huge budget but it also returns a good value in terms of profit. There is no risk as its prices are increasing gradually. But the most important thing is the timely awareness of the latest gold rates. 

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