Gold Rates In Delhi (World Latest Gold Price) 2024

Gold Rates In Delhi has a significant importance for all those businessmen who are involved in the business of gold and Silver. Most of the rich people in the world work as goldsmiths. This is a very profitable business and it also needs huge investment. But in this business only those merchants are successful who are always aware of its new value. In this article we will give a chart of Gold Prices In Delhi

Today Gold Rates in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and a growing commercial hub in Asia. Like the rest of the world, India’s market rates of gold and silver are closely monitored. If you stay connected to our website, gold prices are always visible to you. 

Not only this, but we also display historical price charts of gold, silver, currency and petroleum products. This allows entrepreneurs to manage their business easily. Previous prices also provide predictions and improvement of business. 

We are happy to inform our fans about new prices of Gold, Silver, Forex, and Petroleum Products all the time. If you are also involved in buying and selling gold, then you can also express full confidence in our authentic resources. 

Gold Rates In Delhi

Color of Gold

Pure gold is yellow and reddish. Unlike other metals it is flexible and can be molded easily. Its flexibility is the sign of its purity. A lot of experts also identify gold by its color. 

Types of Gold and Purity

There are many types of gold. These given types indicate the purity in the gold. 24 carat gold is considered as the most pure compared to the rest of its types. 

  • 24 carat Gold
  • 22 carat Gold
  • 21 carat Gold
  • 20 carat Gold
  • 18 carat Gold

Gold measuring Units

International measurement units are used to measure the gold. It is a very precious metal so its measurement tools are also very sensitive to show minimum difference. Here are some measuring units of Gold and Silver. 

  • 1 Ounce Gold is equal to 28.3495 approximately
  • 1 Kg gold is equal to 1000 gram 
  • 1 Tola gold is equal to 11.7 grams

Whenever you go to buy gold, or silver,  you must  know its different quantities. With the knowledge of prices and quantities of gold you can calculate easily.

Tola11.7 grams
1 kg1000 grams


Yes, you can buy 1 gram gold easily from the market. Some online businessmen also offer the home delivery of your products. Now in this era you can buy everything online with a single click. 

Tola is also an international measuring unit of gold and silver. One Tola is equal to 11.7 grams. 

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