Gold Price In Dubai & UAE, Price Today For 24, 22, 21, 18 Carat Gold

This blog post especially focuses on the Gold Price In Dubai. The United Arab Emirates gold business is very popular in the world. Here the gold is very pure, this is why people prefer to buy gold from Dubai markets. The currency of Dubai is Dirham, and we will give a chart of Gold Rate In Dubai in its local currency.

Gold Price In Dubai

March 23, 2024 Gold Price In Dubai

Type of GoldMorning Rates/1gYesterday Rates/1gDecrease/increase
24 K (carat)260.00261.25Decrease
22 K (carat)240.75241.75Decrease
21 K (carat)233.00234.00Decrease
18 K (carat)199.75200.75Decrease

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Source of Gold Rates in Dubai

We calculate the rates from Dubai gold and jewelry groups on a daily basis. Many gold and jewelry related product prices are also available on different websites. If you want to buy gold or any other jewelry, then visit the market physically. 

Difference between carat and karat?

If you are going to buy gold you must know some information about the measurement of gold and types of gold. Carat is a unit for the measurement of a precious object. While karat indicates the pure gold in a specific alloy. 

Types of gold on the basis of purity

There are multiple types of gold that includes:

  • 18 karat gold
  • 20 karat gold
  • 21 karat gold
  • 22 karat gold
  • 24 karat gold

Why Dubai Gold?

If you are a businessman and want to flourish your gold business in the whole world, you must observe the rates in the Dubai market. This is the emerging market in the world. Traders all over the world buy and sell their shares. 

Dubai gold is pure, the businessman exports it globally while tourists buy precious metals as gifts.  Multiple factors affect the price of gold in the United Arab Emirates. 

 One important factor is the global rates of gold and jewelry. People visit this beautiful trading hub from the whole world. Due to this reason they are aware about the latest rates in their local markets. 

Currency exchange rate is another significant price changing factor. Most likely the inflation rate depends upon the rates of the US dollar in any region of the world. Some buyers get advantage of this currency exchange rate and buy gold for extra benefits. 

Local Market Demand

Local market demand for pure gold is also an important price changing factor of gold and diamond. Some dishonest businessmen mix some other metals in the gold. Due to this reason the people don’t want to buy such markets and the rates come down.

As we know, Dubai gold is free from any impurity.  Because of this people prefer to purchase pure gold from this emerging gold market whether its price is a little bit high. Generally buyers love purity. 


22 carat gold price in dubai is 240.75

1 tola gold of 24 k in Dubai is 2991.21 AED

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