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Generally, the battery is used in multipurpose. From motorcycles to heavy vehicles, it is used for better lighting services. In rural areas where electricity is not available, people use different types of batteries with solar panels. There are a large variety of batteries available in the market. But selecting the best one according to your budget can be challenging. This article will discuss the Exide battery price for serious buyers. 

Multiple usages of Exide batteries developed its importance in daily life. It is almost used in all self-start cars, vans, buses, and motorbikes. It fulfils the requirement of lighting in those areas where electricity is not available. 

Exide Battery Rate list (updated)

Here is the chart of batteries with their efficiency power. Read this price chart and then decide to buy the best one accordingly. Here we are providing the list of Exide Battery price in multiple tables.

Rate of Batteries according to their Efficiency & Power

The battery is an important gadget for vehicles. It starts the engine automatically with self-start mode and for lighting purposes in motorbikes, cars, vans and buses. The price list of the exide battery with volt is given below. 

Battery Model & VoltageRs. in PKR
Exide Battery NS65 12 VoltsRs. 4,700
N80 Battery 12 VoltsRs.5,500
Exide Solar 50, 12 Volts and 20 AmpRs. 5,750
GL /GR 50 & 12 VoltsRs. 6,100
Exide Battery NS90 & 12 VoltsRs.6300
Exide GEN 35 12 Volts and 5 PlatesRs. 6800
Exide Lead Acid Battery CNG40 with 7 PlatesRs.7240

Rate of Battery From 50K and above

In far-flung rural areas, people use high-efficiency and power batteries for multi-purposes. High Power batteries are used to operate AC and Refrigerators and Tube wells. This is why such batteries have high rates of increased AH power. The price limit of such batteries is given in the table below. So, calculate your budget and decide on a better one for your necessity.

Exide Battery Latest ModelsPrice in PKR
TR3500 – 9P – 290 AHRs. 63400
N260 –  33 P – 210 AHRs. 57400
N250 – 31 P – 200 AH Rs. 56060
TR300 – 9P – 250 AHRs. 55910
TR2500 – 7P – 230 AHRs. 52420

Rate list of Batteries concerning Power

The cost value of batteries varies according to the power and quality. Some users love using maintenance-free batteries, while others like using Acid batteries or dry batteries. So, here is the price indicator list with the power between the range of 40K to 50K.

Battery Models with Efficiency PowerRs. in PKR
NS 250 – PP 31 P – 200 AHRs. 49710
N260 – 33 P – 210 AHRs. 47500
HP275 – 27 Plates – 180 AHRs. 44700
HP25  25 PlatesRs. 42480

Medium Battery Price & Power in AH

In developing countries, due to the high electricity prices, people generally use some alternatives to electricity. Medium ranges Exide batteries are also used with solar panels to minimize electricity billing costs. One-time investment prevents you from long-term and monthly payments. If you also want to become tension free in the case of electricity, then this is an ideal table for you

Exide Battery Model & PowerExide Battery Price indicator
NS240, 180 AH & 27 PlatesRs. 39880
TR180, 185AH, & 5 PRs. 38440
NS240 Plus + & 180 AHRs. 37950
HP245, 170 AH & 25 P (12Volts)Rs. 36840
HP230, 140 AH & 21 PlatesRs. 35060
HP240, 180 AH & 27 PRs. 34600
TR1500, 145 AH & 5 PLTRs. 33200
HP230 (12Volts)Rs. 32950
N190, + 145 AH + 23 PlatesRs.30050

Exide Battery Price From 20K to 30K

Batteries from 20k to 30k are usually used in heavy vehicles. People from tribal areas also use such batteries for fans and lights. Some users connect these varieties with their UPS to live a convenient life. It will run your all electric gadgets in the absence of electricity automatically. 

Battery Model + AH + PlatesRate list in PKR
HP200 + 120 AH + 17 PltsRs. 29120
NS200 + 150 AH + 27 PltsRs. 28280
N180 Plus + 130 AH + 12 VoltsRs. 27950
HP195 with 21 PlatesRs. 26880
N175 – 19 Plt – 12 VoltsRs. 25950
6LT180, 130 AH plus 23 PlatesRs.24390
HP150, 95 AH, & 15 PlatesRs. 23740
N135, 105 AH & 17 PltRs. 22080
N260 & 12 VoltsRs. 21500
6X120 with 15 Plates & 90 AH PowerRs. 20400

Charging System of Exide Battery

There are multiple charging options as it regularly needs sufficient charging. Solar panels, dynamo, and motors charge it during operation. You can also charge it from electricity with the help of an AC to DC inverter.

Types of Exide Batteries

Unlimited types of Exide batteries are available in the warehouses. The price and quality of the brand vary according to battery power. If you want to buy an acid or lead battery, I suggest you decide according to your need and budget.

Buying Guides

It is an important aspect to read guiding instructions before buying a battery. Don’t rely on anyone reading the buying guides completely will lead you toward a better selection. Here are some significant points.

  • Battery Type: Generally, three types are available in the market: Lead Acid, AGM, and Gel Batteries. Determine the best one that suits your requirement.
  • Battery Size: Exide Battery comes in different sizes. Select the size according to your vehicle. 
  • Compare Prices: The most important point is to visit multiple sellers for cost comparison and save money.
  • Compatibility: Ensure your selection is compatible with your vehicle.

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