Tractor Price In Pakistan 2024 ( All Tractors Prices)

Pakistan is an agrarian country, and agriculture is considered the backbone of its economy. The large fertile land in Pakistan demands numerous tractors for cultivation and irrigation. The Tractor Price in Pakistan vary based on the model and horsepower. The price range of tractors in Pakistan is from 20 lakh to 45 lakh rupees.

Many tractor companies are operating in Pakistan. This platform is the best source to provide you with information about the best tractors and their reasonable rates. Pakistan possesses diverse land, which is why different types of tractors are used in various regions. Certain types of tractors are suitable for efficient operation in plain areas, while others are better suited for mountainous regions.

To select the best tractor for your area, it is essential to consider the opinion of experts. In this article, we will provide accurate data regarding tractor prices and their suitability for specific types of land. If you are planning to purchase a tractor, we strongly recommend reading this article in its entirety.

Types of Tractors by Structure

Two Wheel Tractors

This walking or hand tractor is highly beneficial for small-scale farmers. If your requirement is solely focused on plowing and tilling, then this tractor is the ideal choice for you. Its compact structure is specifically designed for efficient operation in small-scale agricultural tasks. However, it is important to note that this particular type of tractor is currently unavailable in Pakistan.

Four Wheel Tractors

A large number of four-wheel tractors are available in Pakistan, and there is a high demand for these heavy-duty tractors in the country. Traditional farmers prefer this type of tractor due to its availability in various sizes and shapes. Most farmers utilize these large tractors for harrowing to level the land, as well as for planting and harvesting purposes.

Orchard Tractors

This type of tractor is specially designed for orchard use. It is highly suitable for fruit gardens because it does not cause any harm to the trees and plants while operating within the rows of orchards and vineyards.

Row Crop Tractors

This type of tractor is specially designed for plants and crops that are sown in rows. Row crop tractors are well-suited for narrow rows of crops such as cotton and corn.

Sub Compact Tractors

Subcompact tractors are generally used for small-scale agricultural work. This type is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. For this reason, subcompact tractors are commonly employed for light-duty agricultural activities such as landscaping and mowing.

Utility Tractors

According to the company, this type of tractor is suitable for multi-purpose tasks. You can use this type of tractor for both heavy-duty and lighter tasks. Utility tractors are available in various horsepower options, allowing you to select a tractor based on your specific workload.

Price of Tractors by Company

Many tractor companies are available in Pakistan. The prices of tractors depend on factors such as size, model, and horsepower. Here are some important models along with their latest prices.

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Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

MF is a well-known American agricultural manufacturing company. It was initially established in 1953 through a collaboration between a Canadian individual and the UK-based Ferguson Company. The company offers tractors in various sizes and power options.

The MF tractor is one of the oldest types of tractors and is considered ideal for various agricultural tasks in the plain areas of Punjab and Sindh provinces. Reviews from farmers indicate that this is the most commonly used tractor. In addition to agricultural work, constructors also utilize it for transporting steel, bricks, and cement, which helps reduce the cost of these construction materials. Here is the rate list of Massey Ferguson Tractors based on their models and horsepower (HP). 

Massey Ferguson Tractor Price
Tractor ModelsHorse PowerPrice listYear 
MF 240 2WD PriceHP-50Rs. 2,190,0002024 Model
MF 260 2WD PriceHP-60Rs. 2,550,0002024 ModelĀ 
MF 360 2WD RateHP-60Rs. 2,690,0002024 Model
MF 360 4WD PriceHP-60Rs. 3,795,0002024 Model
MF 375 2WD RateHP-75Rs. 3,345,0002024 Model
MF 375 4WD PriceHP-75Rs. 4,500,0002024 Model
MF 385 2WD RateHP-85Rs. 4,585,0002024 Model
MF 385 4WD PriceHP-85Rs. 4,282,0002024 Model

Among all the tractor models offered by Millat Company, the most in-demand one is the Massey Ferguson 385 with high horsepower. This model is considered ideal for large-scale agricultural tasks. It is commonly used by prominent landlords in Punjab and Sindh for their agricultural farms.

New Fiat Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Fiat Tractor is an agricultural product of Fiat Trattori S.p.A company. The company was founded in 1919 by Giovanni Agnelli, and its headquarters is located in Turin, Italy.

Similar to Massey Ferguson, Fiat Tractors are extensively used in the Pakistani agricultural sector. Pakistan imports Fiat Tractors from European companies. Currently, the company operates in collaboration with the CNH agricultural manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Here is the rate list for Fiat tractors: [Please provide the specific rate list you would like to include.

New Fiat Tractor Price
Fiat Tractor ModelHorse PowerRate list in PKR
Fiat 640HP-85Rs. 2,230,000
Fiat 480HP-Rs. 1,799,000

Small landlords typically prefer using such types of tractors because they consume less diesel in comparison to MF 385 models. There is high demand for this type of tractor among agricultural farmers who do not have heavy workloads on their farmhouses.

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractors Price List 2024

Al-Ghazi is an agricultural equipment manufacturing company based in Karachi. Its tractor manufacturing plant is situated in Dera Ghazi Khan, a city in South Punjab, Pakistan. The company specializes in the production of New Holland tractors within the country. 

Al-Ghazi operates as a subsidiary of the American CNH and Emirati Al-Futtaim Groups, both prominent industrial manufacturing companies. Currently, Al-Futtaim Group manages the company after acquiring 50% of its shares. Al-Ghazi is also listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The rate list for all New Holland Al-Ghazi tractors, categorized by models, is provided in the table below.

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractors price
Al-Ghazi Tractor ModelPower in HPPrice in PKR
NH 480s model HP-55Rs. 2,194,000
NH Ghazi TractorHP-65Rs. 2,550,000
NH-480 (Power Plus)HP-55Rs. 2,278,000
NH-640 (Al-Ghazi)HP-75Rs. 3,325,000
NH-70-56 (4WD)HP-85Rs. 4,575,000
NH-DabungHP-85Rs. 3,430,000
NH-GhaziHP-65Rs. 2,350,000

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) is offering an easy loan scheme to farmers, enabling them to purchase their own tractors with a 4% markup. If you are interested in buying a tractor, you can take advantage of this loan scheme provided by the Bank of Punjab.

Rahi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

The rate list of Rahi Tractors is given in the table

Rahi Tractor Price
Rahi Tractor Models with Horse PowerRahi Tractor Rate in PKR
SR-550 Model 55-HPRs. 726,570
SR-650 Model 65-HPRs.813,150
SR-75 Model 75-HP Rs.1,063,400

New Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Belarus Tractors are most powerful and ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Due to these reasons, their prices are high. The latest rate list of New Belarus tractors is given in the list below

New Belarus Tractor Price
Belarus Tractor ModelsPrice in Pakistani Rupees
Belarus 510 Simple (2021) Rs. 4,800,000
Belarus 510 Simple (2022) Rs. 4,900.000
Belarus Draft control (2021) Rs. 4,800,000
Belarus Draft control (2022) Rs. 4,900.000
Belarus Air Compressor (2021) Rs. 4,850,000
Belarus Air Compressor (2022) Rs. 4,950,000
Belarus 80.1 A/C Cabin (2021) Rs. 5,700,000
800 Simple Tractor (2021) Rs. 5,300,000
800 Special Model (2021) Rs. 5,600,000
512 4WD Model (2021) Rs. 5,500,000
820 Simple Model (2021) Rs. 5,700,000

New IMT – Bull Power Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

IMT Bull power tractors are also available in Pakistan. The prices of this type are not very high. The latest rate list of the IMT Bull power tractor is in the following table

New IMT - Bull Power Tractor
IMT Bull Power Tractor ModelsPrice in Pakistani Currency Rupees
IMT Bull Power-549 (50HP)Rs. 1,905,000
IMT Bull Power-549 S (50HP)Rs. 1,905,000
IMT Bull Power-565 (60HP)Rs. 2,235,000
IMT Bull Power-565 S (60HP)Rs. 2,235,000
IMT Bull Power-577 (76HP)Rs. 2,860,000
Bull Power-585 (85HP)Rs. 2,910,00
Bull Power 585 4WD (85HP)Rs. 4,075,000

New Euro Ford Tractor Price 2024

New Euro Ford is the latest cheap tractor specially manufactured for small farmers. The rate list of Euro Ford tractors is given here. 

New Euro Ford Tractor Price
Ford Tractor ModelsFord Tractor Rates in Pakistani Rupees
Ford 3850 Model Tractor (50-HP)Rs. 1,090,000
Ford 4560 Model Tractor (60-HP)Rs. 1,190,000
Ford 5880 Model Tractor (80-HP)Rs. 1,560,000

Ursus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

The Latest Price of Ursus tractors is given below. 

Ursus Tractor Price
Ursus Tractor Models with Horse PowerUrsus Tractors Rate in PKR
Ursus 2812 Tractor Model 50-HPRs. 650,000
3512 Model 60-HPRs.700,000
4512 Ursus Tractor Model 5-HPRs. 1,100,000

YTO Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2024

The Latest Price of YTO tractors is given below. 

YTO Tractor Price
YTO Tractor ModelYTO Tractors Rate in PKR
YTO EX-800 2WD (80HP)Rs. 2,490,000
YTO EF-804 4WD (80HP)Rs. 2,250,000
EF-800 2WD (80HP)Rs. 1,720,000
EF-604 4WD (60HP)Rs. 1,850,000

Dewan Tractors Price in Pakistan

Dewan Tractor ModelsPrice in PKR
Dewan TractorComing Soon

GM Tractors Tractor Price in Pakistan

GM Tractor ModelRate list  in PKR
GM Tractor Coming Soon

Tractors Buying Guide in Pakistan

If you are considering buying a tractor, here are some significant buying guides to assist you. Firstly, determine the appropriate size and model of the tractor based on your budget and workload requirements. Additionally, consider the following comprehensive guides:

  • Determine Your needs
  • Power & Size
  • Drive Types
  • Transmission 
  • Engine Type
  • Brand & Reliability
  • Test & Compare
  • Price & Budget
  • Warranty & Support
  • Reviews & Recommendations

If you take into account all of these guides while purchasing a tractor, you will ensure that you get your money’s worth. It is also important to check for some precautionary measures when buying a well-known tractor.

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Tractors Companies in Pakistan

Multiple tractor companies are working in Pakistan. Some notable companies include:

  1. Millat Tractors Limited
  2. Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited
  3. Orient Tractors
  4. Fiat Tractors
  5. Belarus Tractors
  6. IMT Bull PowerTractors

The Potential of Tractor Business in Pakistan

There is a significant potential for the tractor business in Pakistan, driven by several important factors, including:

  • Agriculture-dependent Economy
  • Large Agricultural Sector
  • Increasing Mechanism
  • Govt. Support & Incentives
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Export Potential 
  • Replacement & Upgrading
  • Developing Construction Industry

Some significant sectors where tractors are used widely in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Use in Agriculture
  • Use in Construction
  • Use in Transportation


The prices of Tractors depend upon power and models, General price ranges from 20 lakh to 48 lakh (lac)

Massy Ferguson 4WD 85 HP price is Rs. 4,282,000

Massey Ferguson 2WD 260 price is: Rs. 2,350,000

The price of Belarus 800 is Rs. 5,300,000 in Pakistan.

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