Honda 125 Price In Pakistan Latest & Accurate List 2023

Honda is one of the most popular bike brands in the world. Its users are  increasing not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries around the globe. The Honda 125 Price  in Pakistan has significantly increased due to the devaluation of the Pakistani currency, the Rupee.

These days, it is hard to find a perfect bike like Honda  in Asia. People have become accustomed to using such comfortable bikes, and Honda has no rival in terms of quality because of its excellent reputation. Consequently, the demand for Honda motorcycles has increased exponentially.

In the past, Vespa Scooters were also popular among people, but they were mainly used in flat areas. However, one of the great qualities of Honda motorcycles is that their speed remains consistent, whether riding on flat or mountainous terrain.

If you are looking for the latest and updated price of the Honda 125 motorcycle, you can always find precise and accurate prices here. You can see the exact motorcycle rates at a glance.

Product NamePrice
Honda 125 Kick Start Bike PriceRs. 2,29900
Honda 125 Self-Start PriceRs. 2,75900

If you don’t have sufficient funds, you can purchase a Honda 125 bike at an affordable price through the Honda 125 installment scheme offered by Meezan Bank of Pakistan. 

The Honda company initiated motorcycle manufacturing in Japan under the name Atlas Honda. It has gained a high reputation due to high-quality products. A majority of Pakistani people prefer Honda motorcycles for short-distance trips.

A Honda bike comfortably accommodates two passengers. It has an average petrol consumption of approximately 50 to 55 kilometers per liter. Some notable specifications include

Technical Specification of Atlas Honda 125

Honda Engine Specification4 Stroke + OHV + Air cooled
Starting ManualKick Start
Final Drive MethodRoller Chain
Bore and Stroke Measurement56.5 * 49.5 mm
Transmission of Bike4 Speed & constant mesh
Size of DimensionL*W*H = 1912*735*1026 mm
Petrol Capacity & Honda Mileage9.2 liters
Reserve Petrol Capacity2 Liters
Seat Height measurement764 mm
Ground Clearance size132 mm
Wheel Base size1204 mm
Size of Tire at Front side2.50 – 18 (4PR)
Size of Tire at Backside3.00 – 17 (6PR)
Suspension Front SpecificationTelescopic Fork (103 mm Travel)
Suspension Back SpecificationSwing Arm with 68 mm Travel
Weight Exact100 KG
Honda 125 Price In Pakistan

Honda 125: The Rising Star 

The Honda CG125 motorcycle is considered one of the masterpieces among all the bikes of its time. It is widely used by Asian people. Its price does not depreciate quickly, which makes it popular among consumers. Undoubtedly, it is a rising star in the field of riding bikes or motorcycles.

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan: Historic View

Since the beginning of 2018, the Pakistani rupee has been continuously devaluing, leading to increased inflation in every aspect of life. Honda motorcycle prices have also reached their maximum levels. As a result, it has become extremely challenging for ordinary people to afford the most reliable motorcycle. Please refer to the table below for the rates over the past five years.

2022OctoberRs. 185,000
2021JulyRs. 139,000
2020AugustRs. 129,000
2019AugustRs. 123,000
2018SeptemberRs. 114,500

Analytical Study of Honda 125 Price in Pakistan  

If we consider the past five years, the prices of motorcycles have witnessed a tremendous increase. This rise in prices is not just a historical memory; it raises an important question: Why have their prices increased significantly within such a short period? Now, let us examine the factors contributing to the increase in prices.

Increasing Factors of Honda 125 Bike Price in Pakistan

The first significant factor is the devaluation of the Pakistani currency in comparison to the dollar. Do you know the reason behind the decreasing value of the Pakistani rupee? The main cause lies in the political and economic instability prevailing in the country. Pakistan’s debt is increasing while savings are diminishing. This situation has led to a lack of confidence among investors.

Inflation has adversely impacted the stock exchange, and politicians are not ready to bring their investments into the country. Money laundering is another prevalent issue in Pakistan. Despite all these factors contributing to price increases, people continue to purchase motorcycles manufactured by Honda Atlas Company. The popularity of these motorcycles is due to their numerous exceptional features.

Honda 125 Price In Pakistan

Honda CG 125 Best Features

Customers adore Honda motorcycles for their advanced technology, durability, and reliability. Honda scooters offer several noteworthy features, including:

Engine Performance

Engine performance is a crucial aspect for all types of riders. Honda offers a diverse range of bikes, including adventure bikes, sports bikes, and cruiser motorcycles. People are highly satisfied with the performance of Honda motorcycle engines. Regardless of the journey, Honda motorcycle engines handle it with exceptional capability.

Fuel Efficiency

Obviously, everyone prefers a bike that consumes minimal fuel. The ability to cover a maximum distance on less fuel is a significant advantage of  Honda motorcycles. Such fuel efficiency proves to be a great money-saving feature, especially in the current era of inflation.

Build Quality

Honda Motorcycle Company’s robotic manufacturing method is renowned for its durability. One of the key factors contributing to their popularity is the longevity of their motorcycles. 

It is wiser to invest in a high-quality bike once rather than repeatedly purchasing lower-quality alternatives. Due to this commitment to excellence, people continue to choose Honda motorcycles. Despite their higher price, the demand for Honda motorcycles remains steadfast, as customers understand the value of a long-lasting investment that brings long-term enjoyment.

Innovative Technology

The Honda motorcycle company has integrated numerous advanced features into its bikes. The hallmark of its innovation lies in the excellent electronic systems and safety drives it offers. Additionally, Honda provides the best ride modes, effective anti-lock braking systems, and traction control for an enhanced riding experience.

Furthermore, Honda is taking the initiative to introduce electric bikes for its customers. The reputation and durability of these bikes will play a significant role in determining their prices compared to other electric bikes Prices in the market.

All the companies are shifting their motorcycles to e bikes due to high rates of petroleum products, kerosene oil and CNG

Some companies are also making CNG compatible Motorcycles for minimum price consumption. 

User Friendly & Comfortable

Riding a Honda bike is an extremely comfortable experience. The seat is designed to be both soft and firm, allowing the rider to sit comfortably for extended periods. Many cyclists appreciate the ease and ergonomic nature of the journey on a Honda bike, making it a popular choice among riders.


Honda offers multiple variations and designs. Some main diversity includes:

  • Adventure Bikes
  • Comfortable Cruisers
  • Sports Bikes

Safety Features

Honda 125 motorcycles are equipped with multiple safety features. They offer a front and rear brake system, providing additional safety measures. The chain garari set of Honda 125 motorcycles is known for its durability, surpassing that of other bikes. These motorcycles are fully optimized for various types of travel. Additionally, riders have the option to customize settings for the clutch, brakes, and race according to their preferences and needs.

Honda Resale Value

The resale value of Honda motorcycles is remarkably high. Many people are fond of purchasing Honda scooters due to their excellent reputation. Despite the presence of high inflation, the number of Honda customers are still increasing. 

Extensive Dealer Network

Honda has an extensive network of dealers, making it easy to find Honda dealerships in every city. Additionally, in remote or rural areas, some individuals are engaged in reselling Honda CG125 motorcycles, offering the best prices to cater the demand in those areas.

Honda 125 Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel is very important for a comfortable journey. The Honda 2023 model boasts a 9.2-liter petrol holding tank, which is a unique and larger capacity compared to its competitors. Additionally, it has a reserve petrol capacity of 2 liters, while other bikes typically have only 1 liter of petrol capacity in reserve. Due to this advantage, riders often choose the Honda 125 2023 model for longer distances.

Honda 125 Fuel Average & Mileage

In this era of inflation, everyone strives to purchase a bike or motorcycle that consumes minimal fuel. According to experts, Honda 125 consumes less fuel compared to its competitors. Personally, I have been using a Honda 125 motorcycle for both plain and mountainous journeys, and it has never let me down in any type of travel.

While other motorbikes have an average fuel consumption of 30 to 40 kilometers, the Honda 125 can cover a distance of 40 to 45 kilometers with a single liter of petrol. By using high-octane and high-quality petrol and regularly maintaining your bike, you can further improve your fuel efficiency.

Tuning and Service Effect on Fuel Average

Proper servicing and monthly tuning will contribute to a longer lifespan for your scooter or motorcycle. It is crucial not to overlook the importance of changing the filter, as it ensures the engine receives pure cooling air. Additionally, thorough checks should be conducted on the brakes, clutch, race, and Honda tires to ensure the long life of your Honda bike.

Latest Honda 125 Design Philosophy 

The outstanding design of the Honda motorcycle has enhanced its beauty. Many people are drawn to travel on it due to its exceptional design. When a motorcyclist sets out to make a purchase, they scrutinize every aspect closely, and the captivating design of the Honda motorcycle holds great appeal for riders.

The Honda motorcycle was initially launched in 1992 and has since undergone numerous innovations. Its popularity has been fueled by the incorporation of the latest technological specifications. In 2012, the Honda motorcycle transitioned to the Euro 2 engine, signifying an important change. Furthermore, in 2019, the introduction of a new self-start motorcycle by the Honda company marked a revolution in the realm of new motorcycle models.

Honda 125 Colors

The Honda company offers two distinct colors for the 125 Model 2023. One is the red color Honda 125, and the other is the black color Honda 125. It is up to the buyer to choose the color that suits their preference. It is important to note that the color choice does not have any impact on the rates of the motorcycles.

Honda Ride & Handling

Honda riding and handling necessitate adherence to important instructions. The company provides a brochure containing instructions for services and handling. It is crucial to carefully read the booklet provided by Honda. Additionally, the company offers an initial free service for customers within a limited time frame. Dealers and customer care services are available in all cities of Pakistan.

Precautionary Measures

As we all know, motorcycles have only two tires or wheels and cannot stand without a stand. When starting out, it is necessary to learn how to ride a bike. The learning process may take up to one week. Mastering the proper technique of changing gears, having full control over the clutch and throttle, will make you an expert rider.

However, even if you become an expert rider, it is important not to overlook precautionary measures while driving. Any technical errors in the machinery can potentially lead to accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to follow important instructions such as wearing a helmet and avoiding high speeds on hard roads. Safety should always be a top priority.

  •  Use of Helmet
  • Avoid High Speed

Careful Drive in Mud & Sand

Mud and sand areas pose challenges for motorcyclists. After rainfall, mud areas become slippery, making it difficult for motorbikes to maintain traction. Similarly, controlling a scooter on a sandy road can be challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid high speeds when riding on soil, mud, or sandy surfaces.

Honda 125 Price In Pakistan

Buying Guides of New Honda 125

In the current times, Honda motorcycle prices are considerably high in Pakistan. Therefore, when you are in the process of purchasing a motorcycle, it is crucial to keep in mind some important guidelines. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to consult with an experienced rider for their guidance. However, you can rest assured as Honda has a solid reputation as an internationally well-recognized motorbike company. Here are some significant guidelines to consider:

  • Determine your needs
  • Research Models
  • Set a suitable budget
  • Visit Honda company’s official website
  •  Personally visit showrooms
  •  Test ride if possible
  • Maintenance Requirements for used motorbikes
  • Check all Advanced Safety Features
  •  Insurance & Licensing
  •  Check all accessories properly

CG 125 Competitors in Pakistan

There are many competitors of the Honda 125 motorcycle but all are not credible compared to Honda 125. Some notable competitors include:

  • Yamaha Motorcycle
  • Yamaha YBR 125
  • Deluxe Honda
  • Unique Motorcycle
  • Superstar Motorcycle
  • Yamaha four stroke Motorcycle
  • Suzuki 110 Motorcycle
  • Vespa Scooter
  • Afghani Honda Motorcycle
  • All China Made Motorcycles

Honda 125 New Sticker (2023)

The new model sticker on the Tanki and Tappa is almost the same as the previous year. However, a small change is the addition of the label “AKA NAWEE PATTI” on the Tanki and Tappa, which distinguishes it from previous models.

Honda 125 Self Start Bike Price in Pakistan (Today 2023)

In the beginning, we provided a comprehensive explanation of the prices. Additionally, Honda has also introduced a self-start motorcycle, which offers a more comfortable journey. The price of this self-start variant is 46k higher compared to the Honda 125 kick start model.

Advantages & Disadvantages


Motorcycles offer a wide range of benefits for transportation. Some significant properties of scooters includes:

  • Minimum Fuel cost
  • Affordability
  • Parking Convenience
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion
  • Fun & Freedom
  • Health Benefits


In Spite of many benefits, motorcycles also have some drawbacks. Some important cons of motorbikes include:

  • Limited Passenger Capacity
  • Exposure to Weather
  • Safety Risks
  • Riding Fatigue


The Price of CG 125 in Pakistan is Rs. 2,29900.

It depends on two conditions:1. Riding, 2. Maintenance, however, the average consumption of Honda 125 is 50-55 Km/Liter.

Shell Mobil Oil is the best for Honda motorcycles.


Honda has surpassed all other motorcycles in terms of reputation and durability. If you are seeking the best value for your money, Honda is the top choice. I understand that the Honda 125 Price in Pakistan is relatively high. However, it is important to consider your budget as a significant factor. If your budget does not permit you to purchase a Honda, you may opt for another brand within your budget range. Before making your purchase, be sure to review all the instructions provided above.

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