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Loha Scrap Rate

Iron (Loha) Scrap price in Pakistan changes periodically. Like seasonal products, its prices fluctuate randomly. The high demand for raw materials increases the value of iron and metal scrap.

It is important for those who are connected with the scrap business. The updated information about the market rates of different types of scrap indicates the market trend of scrap. In this research article, we discuss iron scrap prices, plastic scrap rates, and battery scrap costs.

The iron or Loha scrap business is the backbone of the economy of undeveloped countries. Its recycling minimizes the extraction of the primary iron ore. Such discarded or unwanted steel, iron, and plastic, play a vital role in the production of new materials.  Scrap processing also reduces the consumption of power and energy.

Iron Scrap Price / Loha Scrap Price Today in Pakistan

Metal Scrap ItemPrice / Weight
Daigi Bora Scrap’s latest rateRs. 85 – 95 / 1KG
Daigi Loha (iron) ScrapRs. 90 – 100 / 1KG
Toka Machine Scrap RateRs. 95 – 105 / 1KG
Used Power Supply Scrap PriceRs. 240 – 260 / 1KG
Mix Iron or Loha Scrap latest rateRs. 120 – 130 / 1KG
Used Ghee Tin Dabba ScrapRs. 60 – 100 / 1KG
Steel Pipe/iron Pipe/ Loha PipeRs. 180 – 250

Benefits of Iron Scrap and Factors that Affect the Rates

Iron scrap has its own value in its multiple shapes and sizes. It comes in the form of pipe, sheets, rods, and Saria. The scrapers make a bundle of iron with a special machine for industrial use. Its rates differ due to its multiple shapes and sizes. The pressed form of iron has the maximum rate because its transportation and handling are easy.  Ferrous Scrap is used to make steel and iron products. Pakistani ferrous scrap contains near about 0.03% carbon.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Recycling Industry
  • Steel Production
  •  Collection and Processing
  • Economic Impact


  • Challenges
  • Transportation

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