Take 5 Oil Change Price List 2024 & Updated ( Best Oil )

Every driver tries to run their car smoothly because no one can deny the importance of an oil change. Regular oil change makes it possible for your motorcar. But knowing which oil change provider is the best is very difficult. Here we will discuss the best brand and Take 5 Oil Change Price list closely.
There are multiple oil change service providers available in the market. The oil change rate is a significant factor in selecting the oil according to your budget. Best-quality oil service providers charge more than traditional oil-changing providers.
The most expensive take-five oil change rate is “Castrol Edge Extended Performance”. Its price is $84.99, while the traditional is the cheapest item menu at $5.97. If you want to know about the average menu price, that is $34.46.
The vehicle experts of this forum provide the most accurate possible data about oil change providers. Read this article fully and get the latest prices. Being a professional driver, take 5 Oil changes for your car for quick action. Affordable price is the second factor in the selection of this oil.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices Latest Menu 

Oil Change Services Market RatePrice / Quart
Take 5 Conventional(Traditional) Oil Change$5.97
Take Five High Mileage Oil Change$6.97
Take 5 (Synthetic) Oil Change $7.97
Take 5 Oil Change cost (Edge)$8.97
Mobil 1 Oil Change$9.97

Complete Rate list & Full Service From Take 5 Oil change

Variety of Oil Change ServicesPrice (5 Quarts)
Castrol Edge Extended Performance (Synthetic)$84.99
Take 5 Castrol Edge (Synthetic Oil Change)$76.93
Castrol GTX Magnatec (Blend Oil Change)$58.93
GTX Castrol High Mileage (Oil Change)$56.93
Castrol GTX Ultra Clean (Oil Change)$41.93
Quick 5 Minute Conventional (Oil Change)$41.93

Price Comparison Table Between Take 5 Oil Change Vs Other Providers

Everyone tries to save costs and get the best oil change service. Due to this reason, most people do research for comparison menus. Price comparison tables help to provide a wide range of costs and quality of oil-changing companies. Value and cost variation convince you you are paying for the best quality material.

Some oil change service providers offer extra services like filter replacement. This table gives you an exact idea of two types of menus between five different oil change service providers. The standard oil change price is cheaper than the full synthetic oil change price.

Price MenuTake 5Jiffy LubeValvolineMeinekeFirestone
Standard Oil Change $49.99$44.99$49.99$29.95$49.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change $79.99$84.99$89.99$69.95$74.99
Take 5 Oil Change Price List (1)

Take 5 Oil Change Variety

Take 5 Oil change service provider offers various oil menu prices. A quick 5-minute response is also a plus point for this company. You will feel convenient with affordable and quality oil-changing procedures. Such companies protect your precious time.

  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Conventional Oil
  • High Mileage Oil
  • Full Synthetic

Take 5 Services for Users

  • Stay In Your Car
  • Great Service
  • No Appointment Needed
  • Oil Change Service
  • Automatic Transmission Inspection
  • Free Air Filter Replacement
  • Free Radiator inspection
  • Wiper Blades Check-up and Replacement
  • Fast and Friendly
  • Diverse variety of Service
  • Best Quality Of Service
  • Available in all Location
  • Full Convenience

Partner Perks Discount System

To help local organization take 5 oil has discovered an awesome system called Partner Perks. This system provide discount to employees for every time they change the oil. It also provide $10% off for premium oil change. This is very helpful for community and make car care very affordable.

Take 5 Oils Contact Details

Contact Number: (704) 377-8855

Official Website: Click here


  • See oil grade from the engine oil cap. 
  • Car’s owner is also a source for the information of oil grade

It depends upon your car operation. You should change it before 1000 miles.

Absolutely oil changes enhance the efficiency of your car and consume minimum fuel per mile. 

The cheapest type of oil change is the conventional or traditional.

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