Solar panel price in Pakistan Latest Price List 2023

Solar panels or photovoltaic panels (PV) convert sunlight into electricity. The solar plate contains interconnected solar cells. All these cells are made up of semiconducting materials like Silicon. Due to silicon solar panel prices are high in Pakistan. These panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. One can convert this DC into AC simply by using an inventor. 

Solar energy is the best way to get the renewable energy resource. Scientists are focusing on this power source because it significantly contributes to cleaning our environment. The price of solar panels depends upon the quality, size, and power efficiency. In the given article, we will closely discuss the rates of different varieties of photovoltaic panels globally.

Rate list of Solar Panels Price Range (10K – 20K)

Unlimited solar companies are working in the whole world. Their quality and cost value vary from region to region. The price changes due to many factors. In the area where Silicon is abundant, the price of Solar panels will be low. High electricity prices also increase the demand for solar panels, a significant price-changing factor. Here is the latest rate list of normal-range solar cells for domestic and commercial use.

Solar Brand NamePrice List
Ring Solar Panel10899 PKR
Wyze Labs Solar11799 PKR
9 Watt (Voltic System Solar)14299 PKR
Solar Panel Germany 150W – 170W14999 PKR
Eufy Cam Solar panel Cost15299 PKR
seraphim solar panel42250 PKR
lg solar panel price40620 PKR
panasonic solar panel price39500 PKR

Price changing Factors

Multiple factors are involved in the changing of rates. Quality, size, and capacity are the main factors. The list of some significant factors is as under.

  • Quality of Solar
  • Size of Solar
  • The capacity of Solar power
  • Solar Panel Type

Best Solar Panels in the World for Commercial & Residential Purposes

Many solar companies are working in the market. It isn’t easy to select the best one among multiple varieties. Follow some simple steps; you will never lose confidence when purchasing. Physically visit the solar company’s warehouse, read the customer’s reviews, and analyze the feedback. These simple steps lead you toward the best selection. Here is another price-indicating list available for your convenience.. 

Brand NameEfficiency / CapacityRate list
Canadian HIKU7 MONO PERC660 WattRs. 66000
JINKO Mono Solar panel535 – 545 WattRs. 53500 – 45500
Max power Solar Panel340 – 400 WRs. 34000 – 40000
SUNMAXX (5year Warranty)170 WRs. 17000
TRINA Solar Panel Price450 W – 485 WRs. 45000 – 48500
ASTRONERGY Solar Panel price335 WRs. 33500
JA Solar Panel Price range330 W – 335 WRs. 33000 – 33500
JINKO Solar Panel Rate330 WattRs. 33000
Longi Mono Solar panel cost540 WattRs. 54000
Gaga Solar panels (DCH)540 WattRs. 45000
Inverex solar panel price180 WRs. 48500
AE Solar (German)250 WattRs. 34250
risen solar panels price270 WRs. 27000

Electricity Alternative for Home, Offices, and Commercial

Electricity billing is a monthly burden. Install solar systems if you want to get rid of the monthly payment. Calculate the monthly units and decide on a suitable power-generating system for your home. Power generation according to the units list is given below.

Capacity of the Solar SystemElectricity Utilization / Month
1 KW100 to 120 Units
3 KW300 to 350 Units
5 KW500 to 600 Units
10 KW1100 to 1200 Units
15 KW1700 to 1800 Units
20 KW2300 to 2400 Units

Top Solar Panels Available in Pakistan

Pakistan is a growing economy in the world. It exports and imports a lot of materials in the world. There is a wide variety of solar panels available in Pakistan. Quality, brand, and prices change accordingly due to multiple factors. Some solar panel brands are given as.

JA Solar Modules

This renowned solar company offers different types of solar panels. Its latest modules are the Standard module, double glass module, Bifacial mono PERC, Half-cell module, etc. Their efficiencies and quality vary from module to module.

Types of Solar Panels

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • Thin Film Solar Panels


  • Ongoing Free Energy
  • No Greenhouse Gases
  • Off Grid with Solar System
  • Electricity Budget Savings
  • Environment Friendly
  • Minimize Load Shedding
  • Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels


  • Weather Dependence
  • Space Requirement
  • Energy Storage Challenges


The total installation cost of a 1 KW solar system with the best quality ranges from 70,000 to 150,000.

The price of solar systems varies due to differences in quality and size. The average cost of solar per watt is 85 – 150 Rupees. So, calculate the rate according to the watt. 

It depends on the size, efficiency and quality of solar. The minimum price starts from 10000 and goes beyond 1 lac rupees.

Generally, one-ton AC requires 1200 to 1500 watts. It means 3 to 4 solar panels of 400 watts are required for a 1-ton Airconditioner. Similarly, if you want to use 500 Watts solar panels, you should install three panels for your AC. 

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