Ceiling Fan Price Today In Pakistan Accurate List 2023

Electric fans are essential home necessities. The people in tropical areas cannot live without them, as they are widely used during the summer season. They are needed by people regardless of their wealth or poverty. Ceiling fan price varies due to multiple factors in Pakistan.

Ceiling fans are essential for ventilating your room, and no one can live without them during the summer season.

Royal Ceiling Fan latest Price in Pakistan 2023

Royal Fan is a Pakistani-based industry initiated by Rafiq Engineering PVT LTD in 1957. This electric industry is popular for its electric home appliances. The company’s important products include washing machines, room coolers, and superior-quality fans. Below is the latest rate list of ceiling fans available in the market.

Royal Ceiling Fan ModelRoyal Ceiling Fan Rate list
Royal Smart OrnamentRs. 16,999
Royal Garnet Hi-StandardRs. 17,188
Royal PassionRs. 17,465
Royal Emerald Hi SpeedRs. 17,795
Royal Deluxe 3 Star EnerconRs. 17,905
Royal Energy SaverRs. 18,126
Royal RegencyRs. 18,126
Royal Noble FanRs. 18,236
Royal Crown 56 inchRs. 18,346
Royal GalantRs. 18,346
Royal RegalRs. 18,457
Royal Deluxe Imperial FanRs. 18,567
Royal ValorRs. 18,787

 GFC Fan Latest Prices Today in Pakistan 2023

GFC is a popular Pakistani company known for its electric home appliances. Its multiple electric products are available in the market. GFC offers various types of electric fans, rewinded with either copper or silver. Silver rewound fans have a lower price range, while copper rewinded fans are more expensive. The price list of GFC fans includes:

GFC Ceiling Fan ModelsGFC Ceiling Fan Rates in PKR
GFC Ceiling Fan Model KarachiRs. 7,775
GFC Ceiling Fan 36 inch (Karachi)Rs. 8,779
GFC Ceiling Fan Nabeel ModelsRs. 8,900
GFC Alpha ModelRs. 8,995
GFC Monet ModelRs. 9,095
GFC Falcon & Mansion ModelsRs. 9,095
GFC DeluxeRs. 9,100
GFC PerfectRs. 9,345
GFC Crown & Marvel ModelRs. 9,395
GFC Classic & Delta Ceiling FansRs. 9,495
GFC Platinum & Marvel PlusRs. 9,595
GFC Aluminum AlloyRs. 10,129
GFC Superior QualityRs. 10,199
GFC AC & DC DeluxeRs. 10,340
GFC Energy SaverRs. 10,529
GFC Kingdom ModelRs. 10,550
GFC Delta Copper 56 inchRs. 10,999
GFC Ravi Plus Solar Fan (AC/DC) & 60 VoltRs. 10,999
GFC Crystal Antique Ceiling FanRs. 11,575
GFC BraveRs. 12,900
GFC Vintage Model Ceiling FanRs. 13,680
GFC Glamour ModelRs. 14,380
GFC Model SpringRs. 15,450

 Pak Fan Prices Today in Pakistan 2023

Pakistan United Fan Company is also popular for its electric products. This type of fan features an electric motor, three blades, a hanging pulley, and a capacitor. Copper rewinding is more expensive compared to silver rewinding. Usually, the company provides a warranty on copper-made materials. Even copper scrap has a higher price compared to silver scrap. The price list of Pak Fans is given in the table.

Pak Fans Model (Ceiling)Pak Fans Rate in PKR
Pak Fan Deluxe (High Speed) with Max AirRs. 7,795
Pak Fan Deluxe Plus Copper Wire (Warranty)Rs. 9,999
Pak Fan CrystalRs. 10,199
Pak Fan Deluxe AC/DC (Copper Wire)Rs. 10,399
Pak Fan Floral AC/DCRs. 10,700
Pak Fan EleganceRs. 12,050
Pak Fan AwamiRs. 12,430
Pak Fan Ornate PlusRs. 12,533
Pak Fan Elite Plus 56 inchesRs. 13,245
Pak Fan Smart PlusRs. 13,245
Pak Fan Pride PlusRs. 13,975

  Price list of Some Other important Ceiling Fan Brands in Pakistan Today 2023

Some other significant companies are manufacturing their products in the market. The price list of some popular ceiling fanb rands is provided in the table.

Product NameCeiling Fan Price in PKR
Sufi Ceiling Fan 56 inchRs. 4775
New Asia Ceiling Fan 56 inchRs. 4999
Shahbaz Asia FanRs. 5949
Voldam European Ceiling Fan (Decorative design)Rs. 7500
Rico Innovative Ceiling FanRs. 8295
Wahid Deluxe Ceiling Fan KhyberRs. 9500
SK Ceiling Fan Deluxe with Full Copper WireRs. 9699
Indus Supreme Ceiling FanRs. 10000

Types of Ceiling Fans based on Current

There are two types of ceiling fans available in the market based on the current they operate on: AC and DC ceiling fans. Some ceiling fans possess both characteristics, known as dual AC and DC fans, which can be operated with both AC and DC.

1- AC Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fan is operated with the help of alternating current (AC). AC flows in both directions. Generally, AC ceiling fans are used in areas where electricity is available. If you want to convert DC into AC, you can use inverters. To change the current, use inverters accordingly. AC and DC have no significant impact on prices.

2- DC Ceiling Fans

DC is necessary for such ceiling fans as it flows in a single direction. This type of current can be obtained from sources such as solar panels, acid batteries, and dry batteries. DC ceiling fans are typically used in areas where electricity is not readily available. In remote areas, people often purchase batteries at higher prices to meet their electricity needs.

Price Difference between AC and DC Ceiling Fans

There is no significant difference between the rates of DC and AC ceiling fans. Generally, both types consist of three air blades. However, the main factor influencing the prices is the wiring material, either copper or silver. Ceiling fans rewind with copper wires are more expensive compared to silver rewind fans.

Types of Ceiling Fans by Size

Companies offer multiple designs of ceiling fans to cater to the diverse needs of customers. Typically, there are four types of ceiling fans based on their sizes. The size of the fan is another factor that influences the price of ceiling fans. Larger-sized fans tend to have a higher price, while smaller-sized fans are generally more affordable. The size of the fan is determined by the length of the blades. Some significant sizes include:

  • Ceiling Fan 36 inch
  • Ceiling Fan 48 inch
  • Ceiling Fan 56 inch
  • Ceiling Fan 60 inch

Types of Electric Ceiling Fans by Color

Ceiling fan manufacturing companies offer a variety of color schemes. People prefer using colors that suit the internal paintings of their rooms. The choice of colors can also impact the price of ceiling fans. Some popular colors for ceiling fans include:

  • White color
  • Gray color
  • Black color
  • Brown color
  • Cream color
  • Sky Blue color
  • Half green color
  • Dim yellow color
  • Cement color
  • Orange color

Types of Electric Fans

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Designer Series
  • Elite Series
  • Standard Series
  • TCP & Table Fans
  • Bracket Fans
  • Mist Fans
  • Pedestal Fans
  • Louver Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Circumatic Fans
  • Floor Fans
  • False Ceiling Fans
  • Solar Fans
  • Sogo Rechargeable Fan
  • Feidiao Fan
  • Orient Ceiling Fan
  • Belvin Fan
  • Beurer Fan
  • Tamoor Ceiling Fan
  • Saver Deluxe Ceiling Fans
  • Khurshid Ceiling Fans
  • Abdullah Ceiling Fans
  • Aqua False Ceiling Fans
  • Universal Classic Ceiling Fans
  • Remote Control Ceiling Fans
  • Waterproof Ceiling Fans
  • Sonex Ceiling Fans

Buying Guides for Electric Ceiling Fans

If you are looking to buy the best ceiling fan for your room, it is important to consider some important guidelines. These buying guides will assist you in getting the best value for your money.

  • Room Size
  • Ceiling Fan Size
  • Mounting Options according to the height of the room
  • Blades materials & their durability
  • Motor Quality 
  • AC or DC needs and current Availability
  • Airflow efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Controls & Features
  • Copper or Silver Motor
  • Style & aesthetics
  • Color, Size, and Shape of the fan
  • Customer Reviews
  • Brand Reputations

Advantages & Disadvantages


The ceiling fan is the most commonly used electrical appliance during the summer season. Some important advantages of ceiling fans include:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Affordable
  • Air circulation and Ventilation
  • Create a Cooling Effect
  • Used Round the Year
  • Peaceful and Comfortable environment
  • Eco Friendly


Apart from some significant pros, ceiling fans also have some drawbacks, which include:

  • Limited cooling effect
  • No useful for scattered space
  • Some safety concerns

Electric Fan Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

  1. Super Millet Fans
  2. Khurshid Ceiling Fan
  3. Al Razzaq Ceiling Fan
  4. Pak Fan Deluxe (Union Ceiling Fan)
  5. General Fan Company (GFC)
  6. Super Indus Electrical Industries
  7. Usman & Brothers Fans
  8. STARCO Ceiling Fans
  9. Five-star Industries
  10. Royal Fans
  11. Master Fans
  12. Rico Innovative Ceiling Fan
  13. Wahid Prime Ceiling Fan
  14. Voldam European Design Decorative False Ceiling Fan
  15. Time Star Ceiling Fans
  16. Sufi Fans (Ceiling)
  17. New Asia Ceiling Fan
  18. Shahbaz Asia Ceiling Fan
  19. Ornate 100% Pure Copper Ceiling Fan
  20. Super National Ceiling Fan (Copper)
  21. SK Ceiling Fans


There are multiple ceiling fan companies manufacturing their products. A copper-made ceiling fan is the best of all. 

Rs. 8000 to Rs. 13000 based on quality. 

The price of 2 by 2 false ceiling fan price range is Rs. 8500 to 13500


A ceiling fan is a necessity in every room of a home. There are multiple types of ceiling fans available based on size, color, quality, and price. When purchasing a ceiling fan, it is essential to consider some important buying guides. One crucial aspect is the quality of the motor, which should not be compromised.

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