Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets Price and Comprehensive Details

Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets Price; The biggest multi-sports event will be held in Paris from Friday, July 26 2024, to Sunday, August 11 2024. However, Technically, the games start on July 24, 2 days before the opening ceremony. Some preliminary games of football and Rugby 7s will be held earlier. This Olympics is considered more exciting this year due to many innovations added by the beauty of France’s most historical and splendid city with its ancient landmarks.


In 2024 in Paris, the 10500 athletes will fight for medals in front of 9.7 million expected spectators in 41 different competition sites. 329 events in 758 sessions will be held for 28+ four additional sports. Most importantly, for the first time in the history of the Olympics, the opening ceremony will be held in the open air in the Seine, a river that flows in Paris. It is expected that 600,000 spectators will join the ceremony, ten times larger than any stadium worldwide. You can be lucky to watch all these parades and other things as the tickets for the upper quay are free. You had to buy tickets to watch the magic ceremony in the lower quays. Also, one notable thing is that four new sports for the first time in Olympic history will be played in Paris. In addition to climbing, skateboarding and surfing, breakdancing will also be held this time.

Ticketing Limits

You can buy only 30 tickets for the summer game from one account. On the other hand, based on the importance of sport and session, an account can buy up to 4 tickets. In most cases, you can buy up to 6 tickets per session. It depends upon the importance of the session and whether you are eligible to buy 4 tickets or 6 tickets per session.

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Ticketing Guidelines

At first, you have to buy a single ticket to register in a draw. The first phase of buying a single ticket draw time ended on April 20 2023. If you missed it, there is no need to be worried. The second phase started on May 11. Once you register in the draw, you will be given the time slot to buy official tickets and choose the best session for you and your family. You will receive an email today before your time slot starts. So, the one important thing you have to do is check your inbox daily. In the email, you will get the link that redirects you to the official ticketing website, where you have to add the tickets to your carts, and then you can pay for them. Your tickets can be confirmed through email. Finally, now you are among the spectators who will relish themselves in the beauty of Paris.

Seating Categories

There are various seating categories given below:

  • First categories: It usually refers to the preferable seats, mostly in the grandstand, Lounge or box, with various services like the facilitation of catering.
  • Other Categories: Other seating categories include A, B, C, D and E, respectively, according to price and facilitation. The “A” category provides an excellent view of the sport. You can choose a plan according to your financial status and interest in the game.
  • Seating for wheelchair person: Being immobile can’t restrict you from doing what you love. There is also a wheelchair zone for such a person, and separate tickets are available for such a person so everyone can enjoy the biggest sporting event in the world.
Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets

Where to buy the tickets

There is only one official website to buy tickets to be involved in the biggest sporting event There is no other site for buying tickets.

Reselling Tickets

If you remained unlucky and did not buy a ticket, you need not worry. In the summer, the Paris Olympics will launch the reselling platform for those who missed the first opportunity but want to be a part of it. So, you have to stay tuned. Also, If you want to sell the ticket for any session you are not interested in, you can sell it through that upcoming Platform.

Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets Price according to session

You can approach the ticket price according to the session and seating plan here. Remember, these all are from the official source, so you can feel it is authentic.


Yes, In summer, the offOlympic’s official ticket site of the Olympics will launch a reselling platform where you can sell the tickets you don’t want.

Yes, the Olympics will launch a reselling platform where you can buy a ticket if you missed the first opportunity to buy tickets.

Yes, In the Seine River, you can watch the opening ceremony on the upper quays for free. But for the lower quays, you have to buy tickets.

For the first time in history, the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2024 will be held in the open air in the Seine river that flows through Paris other than any stadium.

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