Australian Open 2024 Tickets price and Complete details

Australian Open 2024 Tickets price: One of the biggest sporting events is yet to begin in January 2024. The Australian Open tennis will kick off at Wimbledon on Sunday, January 14th, and there will be a fierce rivalry between the players in the dream world of tennis, believed to end on January 28th, 2024. It is the biggest event in the world of tennis and the galaxy of sports. Every fan dreams of watching their legends live, playing, defending, and attacking their opposition, and making their mark in the list of stars that will be remembered for hundreds of years. It features men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Here we will discuss Australian Open 2024 Tickets price and other details.

Venues of Australian Open 2024

Australian Open Tennis 2024 will be held in Wimbledon at different Arenas, mainly including Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena and John Cain Arena. All these Courts have an upper roof, which makes it possible to continue the play even in the rain. Hence, these could be the best Arenas to decide the Champion of the competition.

Australian Open 2024 Tickets price and Details

Now, you can enjoy the Australian Open 2024 with new flavour and zeal within a smaller budget, as ticket prices include a lot of fun in the courts.

Australian Open 2024 Tickets price (

Rod Laver Arena Tickets:

This ticket includes the Rod Laver Arena day and night session, the unreserved John Cain Arena seats, and access to the 1573 Arena, Kia Arena and other outdoor Courts. This package also covers excellent food, drinks, fan activations, etc. Its basic price starts from AUD 69. However, the pricing varies with the importance of the day or match. The overall pricing details are given in the table. Its capacity is 15000.

DateSessionVenuePrice from in AUD $
14 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$99
14 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$99
15 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$69
15 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$79
16 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$69
16 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$79
17 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$69
17 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$89
18 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$69
18 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$89
19 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$109
19 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$129
20 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$229
20 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$159
21 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$119
21 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$119
22 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$89
22 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$139
23 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$89
23 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$219
24 Jan 2024DayRod Laver Arena$89
24 Jan 2024NightRod Laver Arena$219
25 Jan 2024 (women’s semifinal)Twilight Rod Laver Arena$199
26 Jan 2024(Men’s semifinal)DayRod Laver Arena$349
26 Jan 2024(Men’s 2nd semifinal)NightRod Laver Arena$549
27 Jan 2024(Women’s Final)TwilightRod Laver Arena$319
28 Jan 2024(Men’s Final)TwilightRod Laver Arena$749
Australian Open 2024 Tickets price and details

Margaret Court Arena Ticket:

Margaret Court Arena ticket offers day and night session there, John Cain Arena, and excess to other courts. Moreover, you can enjoy the game with fresh meals, drinks here in Margaret Court Arena. Basic ticket price starts from AUD $69.Its capacity is 7500.

DateSessionVenuePrice from in AUD $
14 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$69
14 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$79
15 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$69
15 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$69
16 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$69
16 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$69
17 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$79
17 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$79
18 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$89
18 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$89
19 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$109
19 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$99
20 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$129
20 Jan 2024NightMargaret Court Arena$99
21 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$99
22 Jan 2024DayMargaret Court Arena$69

John Cain Arena Ticket:

John Cain Arena ticket includes reserved and unreserved seating. You can also enjoy free entry to Kia Arena, 1573 Arena and other courts. You can also relish yourself with the beverages and foods in this package. John Cain Courts has a 10500 capacity. Its pricing starts from AUD 49.

DateSessionVenuePrice From in AUD $
14 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena $64
15 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena $104
16 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$64
17 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$69
18 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$69
19 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$82
20 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$87
21 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$74
22 Jan 2024DayJohn Cain Arena$49

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Ground Pass Ticket: 

Ground pass tickets are also available through which you can relish different facilities in different Arenas with a ticketing price ranging from AUD 10 to $99. You can also enjoy some drinks and foods though, which are limited but enjoyable. In this offer, some qualifying matches are also covered. Hence, you have ample opportunity to watch the stars of the galaxy, known as tennis, on the ground in Front of You.

Rod Laver Arena ticket with Dining and Tennis Experience:

You can also enjoy dining and experience tennis in Rod Laver Arena with a separate ticket, whose prices range from AUD 351 to $20700. The pricing mainly depends upon the type of experience, restaurants, individuals, and the importance of the day you attend. You can taste special foods and drinks and may experience a meetup with the stars. The restaurants include AO Stokehouse, Rockpool Bar and Grills, Penfolds Restaurants, and Fusion Feast. Check the official website for the best match and pricing. 

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