Jazz Packages Best Call & Internet 2023 (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Are you looking for the best telecommunication packages? Look no further than customized daily Jazz Packages. Jazz is the most popular communication source in Pakistan, with over 72 million subscribers. It was initially introduced in the country under the brand name “Mobilink” in 1994.

 After 21 years, it was rebranded as Jazz in January 2017 and has become the most renowned communication company in the country. It is a growing global subscriber base network. Jazz is widely recognized for its reliable network and offers. 

It provides a wide range of uninterrupted packages, including multiple calls, SMS, internet, social media, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube packages. All these packages are available at affordable prices. You can enjoy various package combinations that suit your needs.

Time-Based Jazz Packages

There are multiple types of jazz packages:

  • Jazz Monthly Packages
  • Jazz Weekly Packages
  • Jazz 3 Days Packages
  • Jazz Daily Packages

Jazz Monthly Package Prices

Jazz monthly packages are suitable for those who require a reliable means of communication on a regular basis. This is particularly beneficial for job holders who are often away from their homes and need a consistent connection with their family members. 

Additionally, business owners can benefit from these monthly packages as they want to stay connected with their customers. These packages encompass various communication methods such as calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, offering users convenience and flexibility.

Package NameTime DurationJazz CallsJazz SMSJazz DATAJazz Other NetworkPackage Price
Monthly Super Duper30 days3000 Minutes3000 SMS12 GB DATA300 other network call minsRs.868 (incl.Tax)
Monthly Max30 days3000 Call mins3000 SMS40 GB Data500 minutesRs.1215 incl.Tax
Monthly Social Plus30 days300 Jazz call minutes1000 SMS10 GB Data50 MinutesRs.260 (incl.tax)
Bemisaal Offer 130 days1000 Jazz minutes1000 SMS3 GB Data30 MinutesRs.87 (incl.tax)
Bemisaal Offer 230 days1000 Jazz Minutes1000 SMS3 GB Data30 MinutesRs.87 (incl.tax)
Monthly YT&Social30 days500 Jazz Minutes500 SMs15 GB (Social)50 MinutesRs.390 (incl.tax)
DG Khan Monthly30 days2000 Jazz minutes4000 SMS5000 MB data200 MinutesRs.350 (incl.tax)

Jazz Weekly Package Rates

Jazz 3-day or weekly packages are commonly utilized for short-term communication needs. These packages are particularly suitable for individuals who cannot afford long-duration packages. They are often preferred by laborers and villagers who require temporary communication services. Opting for these packages can help them save money while fulfilling their communication requirements.

Name of packageTime DurationFree Jazz call packagesFree Jazz SMS PackagesFree Jazz DATA packagesFree Jazz other networksPackage Rate in PKR
Weekly All networkWeek1000 call minutes1000 SMS3GB internet90 MinutesRs.260 (incl.Tax)
Weekly Super Plus7 Days5000 Call minutes5000 SMS10GB Internet120 MinutesRs.345 (incl.Tax)
Supper W.Bundle8 AM – 6 PMUnlimited6000SMS12GB Data160 MinutesRs.145 (Incl.Tax)
Weekly Super MaxWeek6000 Minutes call6000 SMS30GB data150 Other MinutesRs.400 (Incl.Tax)
3 Day -Max Offer3 days1000 Jazz minutes1000 SMS1GB DATA10 MinutesRs.60 (incl.Tax)
Give-A-Bundle3 Days100 Jazz minutes100SMS1GB gift Data10 MinutesRs.35 (incl.tax)
Chenab Plus weekly7 Days1000 Jazz minutes1000 SMS10GB Data100 MinutesRs.174 (incl.tax)

Jazz One-Day Package Costs

Jazz or Mobilink daily packages have great value. They offer a solution to your communication needs for a single day, saving your money. If you are looking for a one-day communication source, here is a list of available packages.

Package NameFree Call MinutesFree SMSFree Jazz dataTime durationPackage Price
WhatsApp Offer65 MBs1 DayRs. 1.5
Jazz Super F&F P.PriceUnlimitedUnlimited250 MBs1 DayRs. 956
Jazz Free FacebookUnlimited1 Day0
Jazz Daily SocialUnlimited1800 SMS10 MBs1 DayRs. 9.6
Jazz Punjab PackagesUnlimited1000 SMS250 MBs1 DayRs. 12
Jazz Sindh Supper Data5000 MBs1 DayRs. 15

Jazz Monthly Call Package only for 55 Rupees

Jazz voice infinity offer is a very cheap call package. Enjoy a lot of calls with your friends and relatives with a minimum budget. Package details are given:

  •  Package Name: Voice Infinity Offer
  • Price: Rs. 55 only
  • Subscribe Code: Dial *710#
  • Unsubscribe Code: Dial *710*2#

Jazz Incentives for Infinity Offer

This monthly package has a lot of benefits. After the subscription, you can avail following free advantages:

  1. 115 Free Jazz Minutes
  2. 600 Other network Free minutes
  3. 250 MB free WhatsApp
  4. Subscription Cost: Rs. 63 (including Tax)

How to Check All Jazz Packages

  • Check Remaining SMS:  Dial #2*101*
  • Jazz Package Remaining Call Minutes: Dial #110*
  • Jazz Balance Checking Code:  Dial #111*
  • Jazz Advance balance 2023 code:  Dial #5*114*
  • How to check the internet Data of Jazz: #2*1*114*
  • Mobile internet Setting codes for Jazz 2023:  Send “Internet” to 7342
  • New Sim Lago Offer Warid/Jazz Code 2023: #551*
  • Check your unknown Sim Number Code 2023: #99*
  • Jazz Balance Share code 2023: Dial *100*Number*#

Share balance facility for

  • Jazz to Zong
  • Jazz to Ufone
  • Jazz to Jazz
  •  Jazz to Telenor
  • Jazz to Warid
  • Jazz to Mobilink
  • Jazz to other networks


Proofread version: Mobile networks offer numerous benefits for users. You can access online content from anywhere without the need for transportation resources. You can engage in discussions without the need to physically travel to a specific location. 

Physical visits to showrooms often come with higher costs, as you may need to purchase expensive e-bikes or motorcycles. Additionally, vehicle rentals can be expensive due to the rising prices of CNG, kerosene oil (price), and petroleum products. Some significant advantages of wireless communication include:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Virtual Connection
  • Wide Coverage
  • Flexible Communication
  • Internet Access
  • Enhanced Communication Benefits
  • Mobile Banking & Digital Transaction
  • E-commerce
  • Free Emergency Services
  • Continuous Evolution


  • Addiction
  • Coverage Limitation
  • Health Consideration

Jazz Golden Numbers are available according to the choice of users

Yes, Warid golden numbers are also available, for this purpose you should visit Warid or Jazz Frnochize.

Call 4444 helpline

Avail 1000 minutes of calls and 1000 MBS Facebook only with Rs. 55 for 30 days.

Dial *506# and get a weekly Super Max Offer.

Mahana Bachat Offer with Rs. 99. Subscribe to Easypaisa Bundle Bash and avail 4GB Internet, 300 Jazz call minutes, 2000 SMS, and 40 minutes on other networks.

Jazz monthly Premium offer for the whole month is Rs.868. (all services of calls, SMS, Social media, and internet available for 30 days)


All communication networks, such as Jazz, offer a globally connected and comfortable life. This means of communication has greatly facilitated our lives, allowing us to access everything online from the comfort of our homes. Stay connected with the entire world and access global price information. Check the prices of everyday commodities such as sugar (price), as well as the prices of electronic materials. You can also stay updated on the prices of construction materials such as bricks (price), cement (Price), marble tiles (Price).

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